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how much do I love that Killmonger has no accent and just like fucking ran off to MIT and got pissed off listening to white boys wax poetic and jerk themselves off about technical advances while already being pissed off about shit back home and just fucking rolls up on the kingdom with his all my friends are dead hair and his black on black timbs eating a fucking chopped cheese like I’M HERE TO FUCK SHIT UP WHAT’S GOOD NIGGA

2nd Cloudreach. Still cold for the season, but not as cold as last year

It’s been a while, journal. Longer than I would have liked.

I don’t even know where to start. So much has happened since the last entry, and I don’t…

From the beginning, I suppose.

Sebastian found the people that orchestrated the coup against his family (and, by proxy, the whole damned royal house of Starkhaven). I shouldn’t be surprised by now that every noble house in Kirkwall is built over an ancient crypt, but so it went, and so I was, and by the time we finally dealt with the demon that had been feeding off the whole family I’d learned more about the Harrimans’ innermost desires than I’d ever wanted.

I need to talk to Sebastian about it, but he keeps saying Andraste has given him peace over the deaths and I haven’t yet found the most tactful way to call him out on his right and utter bullshit. Not that I’m known for my tact anyway, but I’m also still feeling very tender in my own grief. I’m not quite ready to take on someone else’s on top of it.

Am I even lying to myself now? I’m so selfish. Not an ear to lend him if it’ll make me take a single step out of myself, and I’m still blaming him for the suffering.

Get a grip. Talk to Sebastian before next weekend, and that’s all there is to it.

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On the whole @humans-are-seriously-weird idea.

What if it is our curiosity?  Not that it just drives us to keep going and going to see what’s out there but it drives our advancement as well.  No other species jsut goes, “huh.. I wonder what happens if you do this?”  It has pushed us to advance technically faster than anyone.  

…Wait, are you telling me that 500 years ago Humans were just starting to use Steam power?  That.. its not possible.   What are these creatures that they could go from hand powered forge to space travel in less than 400 years?  

It is why we are seen as such “kids”  Not only are we new to space, but we went so far so fast.  We are like the 12 year old who gets admitted to college, except that we are also practically impossible to kill and make friends with anything that doesn’t actively eat us.  And that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker either.    

And finally…  We have Stabby on board every ship.


He passed. He is now one level behind thistle!

The technical advances are inevitably driving us toward the grossest kind of materialism. And it will not be very long before the social system of bee life will become universal.

The individual will not be permitted to achieve great wealth and power; his privacy will be invaded in a thousand ways. He will be restricted in his efforts in every direction–will virtually disappear in the wave of collectivism which will sweep the world.

This materialistic tide can only be stemmed by idealism, which is a force tending to free what we call the soul of man from physical fetters. But although there might be periods of alternating dominance of these two principles–materialism and idealism–ultimately the materialistic tendencies will become dominating.”

—Nikola Tesla

(“Great Scientific Discovery Impends.” Galveston Daily News, Galveston, Texas, March 13, 1932, Page 11.)

Bachelor of Science in Physics: ✔

This marks the end of my studies in University of Tartu. My thesis was about stellar physics, but over time, I have become more interested in the Solar System bodies and I wish to research Mars from here on. There are exciting times ahead for space exploration as our technical capabilities are only advancing, and I can’t wait to be part of this field ✨    

Shout-out to my lovely friend, who modified my Pink Floyd t-shirt for graduation 😄


First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP

Bucky Barnes adapting to the 21st century would include

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  • Bucky is more technically advanced than Steve
  • a couple of lessons and he knows how to turn on/off his laptop
  • closing his laptop too harshly and breaking it a few times
  • “Tony …”
  • “again? c’mon, Elsa!”
  • taping his webcam so no one’s able to see him
  • not being able to use his iphone with his left arm
  • getting angry at it
  • “c’mon, work you useless piece of metal, WORK!”
  • throwing it against the wall
  • getting scared when he sees Steve via Skype for the first time
  • “Steve, how did you get in there?”
  • “Are you okay?”
  • him googling really weird things, for instance
  • “how to use google?”
  • “why does Steve write lol when he sends me a message? thanks”
  • “is it safe to drink milk after the expiration date? thank you”
  • “how to know if someone likes you back”
  • “pictures of small brown puppies”
  • “what is a meme?”
  • “why does Tony call me Elsa?”
  • “Elsa pictures”
  • him googling himself
  • “pictures of kittens playing with balls”
  • “Wanda, what is a ball of sky doing here?”
  • “it’s a bath bomb, Bucky”
  • him being obsessed with bath bombs
  • always taking random pictures with his new phone
  • he also likes to take selfies
  • him being pretty big on Instagram
  • buying the weirdest stuff from Ebay
  • thinking that Netflix and chill means watching tv
  • “Steve, do you want to Netflix and chill?”
  • being startled every time Friday talks
  • him being into science fiction
  • reading all the Harry Potter books in 2 weeks
  • “Steve, stop taking pictures of me”
  • him being into tattoos
  • “why does she have a piece of metal hanging from her nose?”
  • “it’s a piercing, Buck”
  • him getting angry when fridge magnets stick to his hands
  • liking alternative music
  • having his own 8track account
  • being really happy when he’s told that people still listen to vinyls
  • getting irritated when he hears someone make sexist/racist/homophobic comments

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Hello~ uhm... can I request a headcannon about the Lords on how they will react if MC is ignoring them for a week because she has a new pet like kitten or puppy? Thank you in advance.

Technically this one came in after requests closed, but I’m just gonna… do it anyway… because i think it’s funny lol. Kittens all around!

- Nobunaga will pointedly ask the retainers around him if he should put out word that he’s looking for a new cook. Then he’ll try to exile the kitten (and fail miserably). He sulks. Loudly.
- What are you even talking about? The kitten likes Mitsuhide more than it likes you. Good luck.
- Yukimura is devastated. W-what is happening!? How can he defeat a tiny kitten? Saizo, help!
- Saizo kidnaps the kitten and demands dango as ransom. He does this multiple times a day. The kitten doesn’t mind.
- Masamune is slightly upset and feeling neglected… But he also likes cats… So he ends up petting the kitten together with you. It’s family bonding time. Group snuggling and napping ensue.
- Kojuro is Jealous. Plus cats hate him. He can’t even talk to you without the kitten scratching and hissing at him (and he has the wounds to prove it). Tries to be mature about it, but ends up telling Shigezane, hey, there’s a REALLY cute cat at my house, you should come visit (and maybe take it away). You agree sadly. He suggests having a baby instead if you really want to take care of something.
- Hideyoshi bribes the kitten to stay on his shoulders, so you end up trailing after him… He’s pleased.
- Inuchiyo is also Jealous but doesn’t know what to do about it. Begs Hideyoshi for help but gets laughed at. You’re oblivious. He contemplates getting Mamechiyo to chase the kitten around, but realizes it’s a terrible idea.
- Ieyasu threatens to drown the kitten if you don’t bring him his daifuku right now. Tadatsugu tries to run interference for you, but only ends up losing more hair. You and Ieyasu both sulk. Tadatsugu is sad.
- Mitsunari shoves a pile of books at you and tells you that if you’re going to have a pet, you need to learn how to take care of it. The cat scratches up one of his books and he throws a giant fit.
- Shingen approves of cats and likes to see you happy. If he wants attention, he will definitely let you know. He’s also happy to hang out and pet the kitten and eat snacks with you. Has fun suggesting increasingly inappropriate names for it.
- Kenshin is getting the prettiest accessories for that lucky kitten. Will just follow you around and flirt with you relentlessly until you cave if he feels neglected (while Kanetsugu screams in the distance because none of the work is getting done).

Figments for Dummies

Written by RS

Please do not attempt to complete the same things as seen in this book.Traveling to these locations are very dangerous, and often deadly.


What is a Figment?

    -What is their purpose?

    -Figments and their Host

    -Figment Strengths

    -Figment Weaknesses

    -Final Form

What is the Void?

    -Void Dimensions

    -Void Regeneration

How do Figments Glitch?

What is the Figment Council?

    -How Did They Become a Council?


The study of something as mysterious and elusive as Figments was no simple task. They are a secluded, reserved, distant species that has little to no connection with human earth. The entire forefront of their existence is experienced only in passing glances, and this is why it took almost five years to gain enough intel to truly understand a Figment’s purpose and personality.

As someone who has been fascinated with the mind, it was not surprising that I achieved a natural connection with the Figment world almost immediately. Their style of life was intriguing and strange, and no human before had ever attempted to accept them beyond their own subconscious thoughts. I decided to pursue the opportunity to learn more about them in depth. However, the road was dangerous, each location feeding me new trials and threats.

That is the reasoning behind the basis of this book; to offer everyone insight of the incredible story of the Figments within all of us, without having to risk life and limb. I hope that this inspires you to make communication with your inner mind, and respect and love the thoughts you receive.


What is a Figment?

This question is the most commonly asked to anyone that I happen to come across. What exactly is a Figment? Although there will never be a direct answer, as a Figment’s job can range to hundreds of different paths and choices, the basic duties from Figment to Figment tends to remain the same.

A Figment is a developed mirage of the human subconscious. They are nonphysical beings, born and residing within the mind at different stages of a human’s lifespan. They take the appearance, voice, and natural ticks and habits of their host, with only small attributes and differences showing they are not exact twins to who created them. They are not demons, spirits, ghosts, gremlins, monsters, or apart of the imagination. They are, quite literally, entities of the mind.

They are ageless and are not restricted by time. Figments who were developed upon the birth of the first walking humans still remain today.

Every living human who has the ability to think and understand their own subconscious has Figments. No human, however, is exactly alike. Each Figment is particularly tailored to their host’s desires, appearances, and personality. Each Figment will respond differently to certain emotions, and each Figment will work differently with each host.

What is their Purpose?

What is it that they do? Well, as stated, many Figments find secondhand jobs and abilities that can range as much as human jobs do. However, each of them have the same major responsibility to their host. Figments claim, protect, and delegate the use of their host’s emotions, using them properly in order to keep their host healthy and working properly. Each human has a multitude of separate Figments for the purpose of different types of emotions.

For example, Darkiplier, or Dark, claims all of Mark Fischbach’s dark emotions. His anger, sadness, grief, regret, loneliness, sadism, etc. Wilford claims his more light and sexual emotions. Libido, joy, curiosity, impulsiveness, etc. Googleiplier claims his more meticulous informative side. Knowledge, understanding, technical advancement. When a human must feel a certain emotion, happiness, grief, anger, regardless, it is the Figment’s duty to provide said emotion to the human mind. In doing so, the Figment themselves must also feel this emotion, for it to be properly transferred.

Figments and their Host

On occasion, by their host’s approval, a Figment may come to the “surface” and control their host’s body. This usually occurs through extremes of a certain emotion. It is most common to see dark figments claim control of their host for small segments of time. When there is overwhelming grief, the dark Figment may take over to properly dispose of the sorrow. All of this must be with consent to the host for it to occur.

Figments are most naturally tied to their host. It is uncommon to see a Figment far from where their host roams. However, on few cases, large surges of  power, usually stirred by anger and hate, spike their energy far beyond natural standards, and because of this, become separate entities that are allowed to manifest into physical beings when they receive enough energy to do so. They are still, however, able to regulate their host’s emotions. “Darkiplier” from Mark, and “Antisepticeye” from Sean, are examples of this.

Figment Strengths

    Invincibility is the major upside to a Figment. Death is impossible, as in technicality they never live. Even when their Host passes on, they do not fade away, but instead remain in the Void, waiting for another Host to arrive or simply working their own solitary job for the Council for the rest of their existence.

    Anything that has ever been produced by the mind can be produced by a Figment with merely a gesture. They are extremely powerful figures, that claim control over the Void, and can produce third dimensional objects with their own will and energy.

    Their amount of energy surpasses anything I have seen before, and they can conduct elemental attacks on opponents, in order to severely wound them, or kill them if they are mortal.

    Figments have no need for food and water, as they have no working organs that need to be fed with nutrients. Figments also do not sleep, but instead meditate when their energy begins to drain. They can last for several weeks before needing to meditate, if they use their energy smartly.

Figment Weaknesses

    Figments are forced to remain in the confines with which they are developed in. They are unable to venture freely on earth.

    All Figments bend their will and powers to the Council when the time is needed to do so. They follow the basics of authority, and because of this, must often subdue their powers and stand down from what they desire to do.

    Each Figment’s duty first comes to their Host, as their instinct. Their Host is basically their captor, as the Figment is unable to make their own decisions or take their own desired path until the Host has passed on.

    Figments are unable to choose which emotions to feel. Whatever emotions they are assigned is the scope of what they can express. For example, Darkiplier from Mark Fischbach is unable to feel happiness, as he works with all of Mark’s negative emotions.

Final Form

    Every Figment has a Final Form, a final stand of defense. It is basically the human version of Hulking Out, as severe anger, or physical stress from pain or wounds, causes for this Final Form to emerge. This Final Form is the most dangerous form that can be seen from a Figment, and almost always involves a death of anyone in close proximity.

    Each Figment has a different type of Final Form dependent on their Host and themselves as a personality. The Final Form completely warps the Figment’s original body, and they transform into some type of unearthly beast, with possessions of powers and utilities never seen on earth before.

    The only way for a Final Form to end is when the Figment completely drains themselves of all of their energy, and is more or less forcefully transferred into meditation, what humans would equal to “blacking out”.

What is the Void?

    Each and every Figment, no matter how powerful or developed, are forced to the confines of the Void.

The Void is, essentially, the realm of human subconscious. Your thoughts, your inner desires, everything that makes you who you are, resides within this space. It is limitless and timeless, it contains nothing and everything in the same sense. It remains tucked in the fourth and fifth dimension, unseen by humans, and the Figments cannot see earth in that same way. It is a black chasm of eternity, and everything that is within it is purely formed from the mind. Everything that has ever been thought, every piece of knowledge, and whim, is stored there in the black canvas around.

The Void is claimed as the native homeland for every Figment. They are developed here, they reside here, and they remain here. No earth creature is known to be able to claim the Void as their habitat. Humans, as the most prime example, are completely incapable of handling the harsh dimensional warping of the Void. As it resides in the fourth and fifth dimension, third dimensional bodies become slowly dismantled, atom by atom. If a human remains in the Void for approximately five minutes, they will receive a rash close to the sensation of a sunburn. If they remain for an hour, they may begin to lose smaller digits like fingers and toes. A day’s worth of time in the Void would cause a human to literally disintegrate.

On occasions, mutterings of Abstracts have been known to accept the dimensions and are therefore able to live in the Void despite not being natives.

Void Dimensions

The Void has always been relatively stable. It’s beyond the natural bounds and physicalities of the earth, so there is no real possibility for its destruction. It isn’t limited by time, or air, or living beings, or the lifespan of said things. It is controlled by the human mind, which is a marginally unchanging, controllable place.

Many people are confused on what the fourth and fifth dimension really entails. It refers to the addition of time and space, that is, three spatial dimensions, and one time dimension for a fourth dimension, or three spatial dimensions and two time dimensions for a fifth dimension.  As far as science is concerned, there is a possibility of 10 separate dimensions of space, treating time as a 3rd dimensional space and the sum total gaining to infinity.

Void Regeneration

I have discovered that injuries within the Void are never permanent for a Figment. Although when a Figment fights a Figment, it may be painful, there is never death. No matter what you harm, or what you lop off, the ligament or bone, or flesh, or whatever may have been attacked will always heal itself back. It’s the subconscious mind reforming the representation of what it envisions the Figment to be, if that makes sense. If the Figment was missing an arm, it would be a misrepresentation of what the subconscious mind identifies. It will simply just reappear into being, no special glitching or regrowing required.

How do Figments Glitch?

This is another common question I see, and I think it is based around the fact that a famous Figment named Antisepticeye is capable of glitching and teleporting the entirety of his body from one section of the Void to another. There is misconception that this is a normal occurrence for the majority of Figment kind. However, the truth is that very select Figments are able to harness this ability.

Figments’ forms of transportation are very different and dependent on their host and their own personality. Antisepticeye cracks and glitches because he is loud, energetic, and technology based. Darkiplier forms himself into a shadow-like mist and becomes almost transparent as he travels because he is reserved and mysterious. Googleplier, one of Mark Fischbach’s other figments, does a similar sort of transport as Antisepticeye, but instead follows a more basic, computer generated style of glitch that resembles a server shutting down.

But while their styles are original and hardly duplicated, each and every Figment uses the same dimensional jumping in order to get around. That’s right. Figments are indeed jumping through dimensions when they glitch, and this typically occurs through the third, fourth, and fifth dimension of space. While they are in the Void, jumping from fourth dimensions and fifth dimensions allows them to glitch and move quickly throughout the void. While in physical form, jumping between third and fourth dimensions allows them to travel through the physical realm easily with little trouble.

What is the Figment Council?

    The Figment Council is a collection of fifty Elder Figments. These Figments were the first fifty Figments to ever be developed, from the first dawns of time, and from their own experiences, have been seen as capable and trusted to oversee and regulate following Figments to ensure tranquility to both the Void and Hosts alike.

    Not one Council member is the same. Each one directs one of the major emotions that can be found in a Figment and Host body. For example, Council Member Adghad governs the emotion of sadness, and therefore communicates and regulates all Figments that possess such an emotion. Council Member Simil regulates and governs the emotion of happiness, and works with all Figments who claim happiness as an emotion.

    It is the Host’s main duty to assign emotions to each Figment, and they do so subconsciously by simply feeling the emotion for the first time. However, it is the Council’s duty to adapt, alter and rearrange emotions based on a Figment’s ability and obedience.

How did they Become a Council?

The Council was formed hundreds of years ago, at the first creation of the subconscious. It was started, at first, only by a few fleeting Figments who desired for peace between one another while spiteful rages for more power, and energy, and control began ripping the subconscious apart, and shattering innocent minds.

Those who desired for that same peace rallied with them to create a system of law. Those who fought against it were cast into darkness after years of war.

Over time, the influence of the Council began to spread and intensify. They were no longer a simple beacon of hope to keep each other sane, it became a governing society that justified their ownership over the others through their threats of what chaos would reign without them.

So, Figments bent their will to the Council. They allowed their emotions to be governed, decided, and controlled by those of an elder stature. They trusted in their purpose, everyone was given equal reign of their host, and for a long time, peace was the prominent source found in the Void. Figments began to trust in the Council’s word. They feared what would occur from rebellion.

Now, the Council creates regulations and laws for the Figments to follow to maintain order and tranquility throughout the Void. While there are no physical punishments for standing against their rules, it is a dishonor to rebel against their statements and would cause said Figments to be shunned from their society.

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hc for a stozier where stan gets wisdom teeth surgery and they put him on The Good Drugs???? this was haunting me last night i was literally up till one am thinking about it

oh my GODDD lmfao i’m in love with everything about this ??? ok here we go and i’m sorry for any inaccuracies bc … ur girl ? doesn’t have wisdom teeth alkhgalg

  • stan is a late bloomer. the rest of the losers got their wisdom teeth out around the standard age (15-17) and he never even once felt pain for it ??? 
  • but u know he joined in on recording them saying stupid stuff while high on The Good Drugs 
  • but he just ?? never got them and assumed he just didn’t have any wisdom teeth (after reading up on them and seeing that it’s possible for some people not to have any, and that these people are technically more genetically advanced than those with wisdom teeth)
  • don’t EVER judge a book by its cover :) :) :)
  • he started getting gum pain around graduation but ignored it because it honestly wasn’t that bad that he was concerned (and he’s not a fucking hypochondriac like eddie, who had assumed his own gum pain HAD to be cancer. it wasn’t. it was wisdom teeth. anyway)
  • it persisted on and off for a while until it came to a blow at the end of his first semester at university that forced him to go to a dentist upon arriving back home in derry and scheduling a quadruple wisdom teeth removal 
  • the thing is the day of the surgery is literally only three days after getting home and the only other loser in derry is richie (everyone else is still doing exams). which isn’t a problem except neither of stan’s parents will be around to drive him to and from the dentist so he has to ask richie, and stan has a massive fucking crush on richie tozier
  • so he’s ??? high key terrified he’ll say something while he’s loopy to the point that when he’s sat in the dentist’s chair ya boy is LITERALLY like “you know you don’t have to put me under if you don’t want… for scientific research” and the dentist is like “research says that’s probably a bad idea” 
  • count back from 100 … 99 … 98 … 97 …
  • …. “96 … 95” really loudly and the nurse has to tell him the procedure’s over
  • richie’s already laughing from his seat and he gets up to help stan walk after stan refuses the wheel chair because he’s a “big strong man … like a california condor”
  • richie’s helping stan down to the car and stan’s still fading in and out a little and he absentmindedly touches at his lips because there’s something in his mouth and richie watches the shadow fall over stan’s face with so much fucking amusement
  • “they stole my fucking teeth” “well … you don’t get to keep them, stan the man” “but i’ve had them for so long…” and richie entertains him with an elaborate plan on how they’ll break in later and avoid all the red lasers and steal stan’s teeth back so he can give them a proper burial
  • richie’s already got his vlog camera set up on the dashboard to record the drive home; stan falls asleep for about ten seconds and richie looks over at him and says “hey stanley if my wang is longer than the great wall of china and i’m your favorite out of all of us don’t say anything at all” “………..” “thanks dude”
  • stan wakes up at the first stop light they encounter and starts stretching; he stretches his leg out but it’s not far enough so he opens the car door and sticks his foot out while richie is panicking like 
  • “close the fucking door stan”
  • “someone’s gonna hit the door close it right now stanley” “my foot is preeetttyyyyy” “yes it is but close the door before someone hits it”
  • stan starts fading in and out again but richie doesn’t want to let him sleep because of this comedic gold so he’s like “stan keep your eyes open” “i’m not falling asleep” “keep your eyes open stan” “i’m not falling asleep i swear” “keep your eyes open because if you close them and fall asleep the dentist said you’ll die stanley” “i’m not fall-” suddenly stan sits up alert as hell
  • they’re about five minutes from stan’s house and stan keeps whining about how bright it is and that he just wants to go to sleep but he can’t because it’s so bright. 
  • “richie turn the light off please” “i can’t turn off the sun, stan” “you can’t or you won’t, coward?” 
  • because of the drugs, he’s probably about to cry so eventually richie just tosses his hoodie over stan’s face and says “click” ……….. and hears a muffled “thank you” in response and has to concentrate so hard so he doesn’t fucking swerve off the road from laughing
  • fast forward and he’s laying next to stan in stan’s enormous fucking bed; he’s holding the camera above them hoping for some more comedic gold that he can edit into a hilarious fucking video later 
  • stan’s rattling off random bird facts and richie keeps interrupting him and eventually they get into a (very much one-sided) argument about whether or not birds are cool
  • “the KOOKABURRA, richie …. kookie kookie lend me your FEATHERS …” and he starts giggling and richie just deadpans “kookaburras are a myth perpetuated by the government to keep us placid” and stan suddenly stops laughing and just puts up the palm of his hand and says, “m’am, i believe you are too irrational to deal with” and then just pivots 180 degrees not facing richie and ignores him
  • and you know richie is fucking losing it again holding in his laughter and he taps stan on the shoulder, and stan immediately turns to face him and is like “may i help you?”
  • stan dozes off for a minute again but wakes up right before richie was going to stop recording and looks at him and says, dazed and confused and around a mouthful of gauze: “you’re my favorite and i love you”
  • richie looks back at him earnestly, lowkey touched as FUCK because stan wasn’t really the type to say stuff like this normally ??? and richie of course is taking this all super platonic and says back “you’re my best friend, stan the man”
  • and stan shakes his head and goes “i love you here” and points at his own heart
  • the air feels heavy then and warmth slowly spreads through out richie’s body; he feels overheated and swallows around a lump in his throat and stops recording
  • that all took about three seconds but it felt like thirty. stan falls asleep again and this time richie lets him sleep and starts pacing around stan’s house with a fidget spinner in each hand to avoid tugging his hair out. eventually, stan’s parents get home (stan is still asleep) and richie goes home
  • a week later and stan’s feeling better; he can brush his teeth again and his face isn’t puffed up like a chipmunk
  • the losers ask richie in the groupchat if he’s done editing stan’s wisdom teeth removal video yet (richie works at a local diner so it’s not too unusual that this video is taking a weird amount of time to heal) and he says almost
  • richie goes to stan’s house under the guise that he’s going to show stan the video first in case there’s anything stan doesn’t want in there
  • he shows him the video which is fucking hilarious and when it fades to black, stan thinks it’s over, but then another clip plays
  • it’s the clip of them lying in stan’s bed and stan confessing his feelings; stan can feel his heartbeat in his fucking ears and he thinks he’s stopped breathing 
  • the air gets heavy again, just like when it happened, and richie’s looking at stan, waiting
  • stan tries to deny it at first and make a joke as though it had been platonic but richie cuts him off and says “does your mouth still hurt?”
  • and stan goes “not that bad”
  • and richie kisses him :):):)
  • ( the video they show the losers originally wasn’t going to include that last clip but stan’s the one who says “fuck it, leave it in” and sends it to the groupchat )
Small But Mighty

Slingshots can be made with few resources, just a y-shaped branch and rubber strings. Guerrilla fighters, who by definition are often poor and unable to access the most modern weaponry, have adopted this simple weapon and inflicted serious damage on far more technically advanced enemy forces. The Irish Republican Army and the Palestinian rebels, for example, have used slingshots effectively.

And it has been reported that Saddam Hussein, when faced with a likely US invasion, released a propoganda video instructing Iraqis on how to make and use the humble slingshot to defend themselves.

skylosofficial  asked:

I remember hearing from a couple of people that the prices for games have never increased and adjusted for inflation, and therefore they are technically cheaper today than 30 years ago. Is this true? And if it is, does that ever concern the publishers or developers? Do they earn less money from games now than in the past? I'm thinking if prices never adjust for inflation, wouldn't that mean games might eventually not be viable to earn money from? Sorry if my question is all over the place.

You are correct. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, using the Consumer Price Index, it would require spending approximately $192.72 today in order to buy the same amount of goods that $100 would have bought in January of 1990. Spending [$60 on a game in 1990 would be the equivalent buying power of $115.63 today].

Does this concern publishers? Absolutely. We earn much less per game sale today than we did in the past, and we spend much more to develop and market games today than we did back then. The big factor that you’re missing is the number of games sold. In 1990, selling 500,000 copies was considered a big hit. Chart-topping blockbusters sold a million copies. Today, we see the best-selling games getting numbers of 5-10 million regularly, and even failures can still move millions of copies. Two of the titles I worked on weren’t considered successes, but still sold over two million copies each. Diablo 2, considered to be one of the best games of all time, also sold around two million copies in its first year. The main reason that game prices haven’t needed to keep pace with inflation is that there are so many more money-spending gamers today than there were back then. As long as the number of game buyers continues to increase with the times, we can keep the price steady. We don’t get as much per game, but we sell a lot more games.

This brings its own set of problems along with it. The number of gamers continues to grow, but it’s grown in new fields - mobile and social gaming. Unfortunately, these gamers haven’t really transitioned into more hardcore gaming experiences. The number of console and PC game-buyers isn’t really increasing anymore, but the cost still is. Now that technology has improved to the point where we can see individual nose hairs, fingernails, and sweat droplets, it means we need artists to model those fingernails, animators to animate those nose hairs, and engineers to code the simulation of the sweat droplets running down the character’s face. Because the sales growth isn’t increasing like it used to, publishers are exploring other means of earning additional money past the initial sale. This is the driving force behind features like freemium games, microtransactions, paid DLC, loot boxes, subscriptions, season passes, etc. They are all ways to try to earn more money, because a strictly sales-based business model just isn’t cutting it anymore.

In addition to this, because the price of games hasn’t risen, there are other side effects, like setting expectations for the game-buying public. The $60 spent on a launch PS3 title in November of 2006 would be the equivalent purchasing power of $69.40 in November of 2013 (when the PS4 launched), but people today still complain that they aren’t getting enough value for their money, despite their money being worth relatively less than it was and games providing more technically advanced features and higher fidelity content than before. All of the newer and more powerful hardware means that we can write code and create assets that takes advantage of that hardware. But we still need the people, time, and money to build all of that stuff, and that total aggregated effort is greater than previous generations. Before anybody tells me that gameplay trumps graphical fidelity, let me remind my readers that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is currently getting slagged by gamers in large part because, despite its great gameplay, it isn’t pretty enough. As much as we might like to believe that great gameplay would always be enough, it really isn’t.

I want to be clear here - I’m not blaming gamers for wanting more for their money. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with telling us what you want, or expressing displeasure at various business practices. I’m just trying to explain how it contributed to the situation we’re in. It’s not necessarily a negative or a positive thing, it’s just the reality of the situation. Publishers need to understand their customers if they are going to serve them and remain profitable, and this is our general understanding of them after looking at the data.

Ultimately, it’s a question of reaching equilibrium. Publishers are on an eternal quest to balance budgets and profits for growth. That means pursuing new business models like loot boxes and paid DLC, new technology to make developing games more cost-efficient, and basic things like being more judicious about game budgets and deciding which projects get the green light. The game-buying public is constantly evolving and publishers are constantly experimenting with the formulas in order to get ahead of the curve.

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The Government just passed the most extreme surveillance law in history – say goodbye to your privacy
This week a law was passed that silently rips privacy from the modern world. It’s called the Investigatory Powers Act. Under the guise of counter-terrorism, the British state has achieved totalitarian-style surveillance powers – the most intrusive system of any democracy in history. It now has the ability to indiscriminately hack, intercept, record, and monitor the communications and internet use of the entire population.

“The invention of print, however, made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and the radio carried the process further. With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end.”

1984 - George Orwell

Is Galra America?

So we know that the Galra are considered the bad guys right?
But we also know there was a point in time when they were close to Altea even to the point of interbreeding as evident by Lotor and the presence of Haggar suggests some Alteans emigrated to be part of the empire.
Now consider this.
What if the Galra didn’t start the war because their bad guys?
What is Altea was the space equivalent of the British empire and the Galra were America?

So what do we know about Altea?
It’s technically advanced and calls itself a peace keeping race. However they created the greatest weapon in the universe during what we can assume was a time of peace.
Why would they do that unless they needed the weapon to keep a hold of their own empire.
What is the Galra we’re part of that empire and the only reason they started the war was to gain their independence?
Even succeeding against the more powerful rulers like America did, then going on to become a super power.
The links don’t end there.
After the fall of Altea, the Galra rapidly grew in power quickly overtaking Altea in power and military force.
The Galra people follow Zarkon without question because he liberated them.
However like America what started out as a fight for freedom became all about power.
They invaded other planets and inslaved their native people, making them move around so that they could fight easily.
This can be seen with the Balmerans, they were a less advanced people who were taken over by the Galra yet ultimately were able to fight them off using their environment.
This seems similar to Vietnam and how the Vietcong used their environment to put manoeuvre and ultimately defeat American troops.

So…I guess those weren’t part of Peridot’s body? 

Honestly that makes a lot of sense. Granted, we don’t have a large pool of gems to compare to, but Peridot’s whole get-up was very different. I assumed that was just how new gems were made, but maybe it’s just new armor? Technical advancements that allow gems to do their job easier? I’m sure Pearl would love to get her hands on them and figure out what’s going on under the hood and -

well. Nevermind.

I’m rewatching some old s/u episodes, and you know what I miss so much? I mean, other than the older style of the show, obviously, what the heck happened to the Gems being mystical and mysterious? What happened to their magical girl vibes? I can forgive them getting rid of the mystery aspect since we got to know a lot more about them, but what happened to them, the temple, and historic landmarks functioning by what seemed to be magic? (I mean, L@rs even called them “witches” in the pilot.) They could’ve had Perid0t, a Gem from a now super technical and advanced Homeworld, try and see her history. Wouldn’t that have been so cool instead of JUST focusing on the techy alien aspect and completely forgetting about the magical themes?