@schooltrashers Calling Tech N9NE a Juggalo rapper is pure bullshit. You should respect Tech for the legend he is. His lyricism is beyond that of any Juggalo and if he was a Juggalo, then why would he collab with Eminem and call Em his favorite rapper? Why would he perform at the same show as Korn? Just because he raps, paints his face, and occasionally has dark lyrics doesn’t mean he’s a Juggalo. His darkest track is probably K.O.D and in that, he doesn’t rap about rape, murder, or sadism. The song is about rehabbing our society from exasperation. The reason he paints his face is because his best friend, Brian Dennis, who was killed in a crime of passion, painted his because of their ancestors from African tribes who painted theirs. He paints his face as a tribute to his late best friend. I will also say that if you’ve ever actually listened to a good bit of his music, you’d probably recognize him as one of the best rappers out there. I mean, does the line “Homie trust me nothing is worse than knowing you’re beautiful but you’re treated like an ugly duckling” sound like the words of a Juggalo. I think not. How about the line “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my SHIT, yes I’m fragile”? Or maybe “I’ll give my arm, leg, leg, arm, head if that means my momma get better, toughest thing is when someone who raised you is gonna forget ya”? Next time, research an artist before you call them a Juggalo. Please and thank you.



The thing I really like MGK is that he’s relateable. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or been through, he says ‘our struggles are all the same. Everything will come out okay, just keep going’.

I feel that’s why he’s able to speak to so many people. He’s genuine, he cares about his fans, and people that are struggling, and it shows.

Besides, whenever I see a rapper that is truly appreciative of his fans (Like Tech!) They already get respect from me.

EST is like family to him, and they have a big love for each other, just like Technicians.

I don’t know. I like the kid a lot. He’s real which is an accomplishment today in and of itself.