A special Jonna Lee dedicatory to conmemorate the birthday of the guy that,for my own birthday,made me a gif of PonPonPon with Kyary,Zac Efron and Nakata.

Im not that skilled,i cant make gifs cuz im POOOOOOOOBRE, *latino humor references* but here´s my tribute to the hipster hero that introduced me to Jonna Lee and many other artists and collaborated to bring classy back by hiding his face in nearly any pic on his selfies tag in order to raise an elegant mistery amongst his many fans.

it is ur bithday gurl

get your booze and your bitches and claim your right to party while covered in toilet paper and dancing around with furry faceless monsters in white buildings

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They might be talking about kill + the 9th single tho. I don’t they’re ready to release a song without a video, tbh. But that would be neat.


Either way, we have distributors posting details so we should have this confirmed in English soon.

If the 2 songs turn out to be just kill + post-kill song well oop sorry iamamiwhoami tag deal with my mistakes

techmus replied to your post: you have to hear the communication sample that’s going around. …we still have no idea what’s on the single other than SoL tho & we’re already like a week away till its release…


i hope that is just a sample and the final version will be a bit more…hardcore,if that is even the proper term.

I definitely dont want Perfume to go back to their first BEST album sound.

techmus replied to your photo: skullcandy vs Fanny wang

SkullCandy might be cool, but all of their headphones fail at audio quality, never buy one of those :/ dunnowhy’mtalk’nenglish

really? D:

*switchea al spanish,weon pobre*

no sabía eso!

Y yo que siempre quise un Skullcandy,te juro que me muero por uno,pensé que tenian buena calidad de sonido como de diseño.