The Chidori (千鳥, lit. “One Thousand Birds”) was created by Kakahi Hatake during his childhood, gaining its name when the channeling of strong lightning-based chakra in one’s hand produces a sound reminiscent of chirping birds. Once enough lightning-chakra has been collected, the user rushes at their target and thrusts the Chidori into it; the speed of the attack and the amount of chakra used enable the user to penetrate most defenses easily. During Kakashi Gaiden, a short flashback to Kakashi’s childhood that divides Part I and II of the series, the Chidori is revealed to cause a tunnel vision effect because of the speeds at which the user moves, leaving them vulnerable to a counterattack. Because of this disability, only ninja with a Sharingan eye can use the Chidori effectively, as the Sharingan’s ability to notice even the slightest details counteracts the tunnel vision. As a result, Kakashi is able to teach the Chidori to Sasuke Uchiha during Part I.


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Studied for 3hrs and 20mins. I woke up at 4am this morning, ate breakfast and started studying at 5am. I used the pomodoro techinique so I had 5 to 15minutes break in between. I actually did a lot. I reviewed some grammar, learned new 관용어/속담 and vocabs. I also answered some topik questions. I forced myself to wake up early and study this morning since I won’t be able to do that later tonight because it’s drama day (구그달 하는 날이라 ㅋ).


無敵ドリフトテクニック Invincible Drift Techinique

Another older video I enjoyed

what actually happened to the kunoichi after the war

sakura’s efforts in the fourth shinobi war are recognised worldwide. representitives from every village travel to konoha to meet with sakura to learn what they can from her. committed to improving medical techiniques and discovering more about them, she travels to the shikkotsu forest to train as a sage, as hashirama senju did many years before. combining her knowledge of hashirama’s medical ninjutsu, tsunade’s medical ninjutsu, as well as her own talent, she continues her master’s work of spreading awareness and teaching of the importance of medical ninjutsu throughout the ninja world, cementing her status as the greatest medical nin to ever live.

ino becomes a sort of living legend after using her mind transfer technique on obito during the war. her leadership and initiative were recognised by the members of the first division, and she is appointed to konoha’s head of intelligence soon after returning to the village. she carefully balances her time between her commitments to her new job, working at her father’s flower shop, and volunteering at the academy. ino’s greatest pride and her greatest commitment is that to teaching and supporting young kunoichi to fufill their true potential. ino can’t wait for the new generation of inoshikacho to come around.

recognised for her talents and prowess with ninja tools, tenten is the first of the konoha 11 to be promoted to jounin following the war. as naruto is pretty much the reincarnation of the sage of six paths, the sacred ninja tools are appointed to him, but naruto decides to instead elect tenten as his representative. tenten serves as a diplomat between kumo and konoha, learning whatever she can from the weapons specialists of the hidden cloud, as well as being responsible for the sacred tools. little girls everywhere look up to and want to as cool and and as strong as the legendary tenten.

hinata repairs her relationship with her father and, together with hanabi, work long and hard to change the dynamic of the hyuuga clan. hiashi finally recognises hinata’s worth as a potential leader of the clan, and offers her the spot. hinata declines, and decides rather to lead alongside her father, as well as other elected members of the clan. her time with team 8 has taught her that people in difficult situations work better when working together, and this new idea of clan leadership is slowly accepted by the hyuuga. hinata’s ethic of “strong like father, kind like mother” allow her to bring her clan forward into the future by leading with kindness, diplomacy, confidence, compromise and understanding. some time after the war, hinata herself travels to kumogakure and personally speaks with the raikage, finally addressing the issue of the tension between his village and her clan. the issue is resolved peacefully, and her clan and village finally recognise her worth.

karin leaves behind team taka, and intrigued by her new abilities and her connection with naruto, sets off to better understand her uzumaki bloodline. for the first time in karin’s life, she lives on her own terms, and she couldnt be happier. for her whole life she’s longed for finding that strong, warm, happy chakra, and as time goes on, she starts to see it in herself. rumours fly around of a fiery red headed woman in glasses, with bare arms covered in bite marks, travelling from village to village to learn about sealing techniques. her life is no longer in danger, and she finally has found something bigger than herself and those around her that she can finally devote her full passion to.

temari continues to be a invaluable asset to her village. she was commended for her leadership and bravery during the war, and after her return to the village, did not hesitate to get straight back to work. she continues to work as an ambassador for her village, working with shikamaru to manage chuunin exams and the like, but during this work she also devotes herself to learning new ways to improve how suna’s institutions are structured. temari, along with her brothers, dedicate the rest of their lives to improving suna’s education system, ninja registration system, foreign relations, military. future generations remember temari’s name as the woman who revolutionised suna and drove it to become a superpower of the great nations. most importantly, temari dedicates special attention to caring for the young children and orphans of the village. temari vows to make sure no child ever has to got through what happened with her little brother.