harley had been working on some new coding for a client - something she had more time to do as the bookstore wasn’t giving her many hours anymore. although she loved the techincal part of coding, she hated running into bugs, as they stressed her out. the blonde was sat on a park bench, glaring at her laptop as she switched around the code. “why won’t you work!” she screamed at the laptop, closing it in a fit of rage. it wasn’t too busy in the park, but harley knew someone had seen her. “if you tell anyone what happened here, i will end you. and no one would believe you anyways.” harley said to the figure in front of her.

A Technical Guide to saving: What a diversified stock portfolio is, why you need one, and how to get it. Part 1.
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Don’t let this happen to your portfolio!

Over the last few weeks I have suggested keeping savings in a diversified stock portfolio and had a number of people ask me what this meant. In the next three post series I hope to shed some light on how to maximize your savings in the long run.

Part One: What is a Diversified Stock Portfolio.

Let’s start off by defining what a stock is. A stock is a piece of ownership in a company. Let’s say you go out on the stock market and buy one share of Bank of America for $6.00. You are now an owner of that company!  Let’s pretend that this represents 10% of Bank of America’s outstanding stock (I assure you, it doesn’t). If Bank of America makes $10 this year, your stock should be worth $7.00 at the end of the year, which is the$6 original value and one extra dollar (10%of $10).

A stock portfolio is simply just the stocks that you own.  When purchasing stocks, you should think of the old saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Some companies sell mutual funds, which is basically a small piece of ownership in a large number of companies. These make for an easy way to have a diversified stock portfolio without having to actually own every single stock.

Mutual funds offer three immediate benefits for you.  The first is diversification.  When you buy one mutual fund, it will hold more shares of stocks than you could ever buy on your own.  It does this by combining the money that you put in with the money that other people put into the same fund.  A mutual fund also offers professional management.  This way you have someone who really knows what they are doing taking care of your financial future.  Lastly, mutual funds are incredibly convenient.  These shares can be bought or sold at any time during business hours, which makes your cash very easy to receive.

Broken key board...

Ok so this is my lovely keyboard. I can’t get the enter key back on. First thing I tried was snapping it back on, that didn’t work. Next I put the pongs through the little slots that are at the top of the pad. I know this is part of fixing it. But that didn’t work only. Any suggestions on how to fix this?