Things Said In My Household But With Fairy Tail Pt.4
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> *At The Mall*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Don't do anything stupid guys.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *scoffs* How dare you accuse us of such vulgar intentions.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> I feel offended.<p/><b>Gray:</b> We would never. What are we 5?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Thats something i question everyday.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *Two Hours Later*<p/><b></b> *in the car riding back home*<p/><b></b> *dead silent*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Erza I know you're mad...<p/><b>Erza:</b> *staying quiet while continuing to drive*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Pls dont hurt us.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> It was Natsu's idea.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> WAS NOT.<p/><b></b> *the car stops immediately and causes everyone to lurch forward*<p/><b>Erza:</b> WHO THE FUCK SWIMS IN THE MALLS FOUNTAIN?<p/><b>Gray:</b> techically we were trying to get the money.<p/><b>Erza:</b> ...<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> we're so screwed.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Heys guys I kissed a boy today! :D<p/><b>AllThree:</b> *playing video games and not paying attention* uh huh, thats nice, good for you.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ...Im going on a date now.<p/><b>AllThree:</b> right, have fun, bring back some food.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ....<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Im pregnant<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *falls off the couch*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *drops controller*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *jumps up*<p/><b>AllThree:</b> IMMA KILL A FUCKER, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG, WHAT?!!<p/><b>Wendy:</b> April fools! <3 *skips away*<p/><b><p/></b> <b></b> ____<p/><b>Laxus:</b> Do you want ice cream?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *from upstairs* YES<p/><b>Gray:</b> *outside* I WANT VANILLA.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> GET ME CHOCOLATE. *somewhere*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> I WASNT ASKING YOU FUCKERS. so wendy ya want some?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Natsu:</b> i swear to god...*looks in the cupboard* gray you better not have..<p/><b></b> *wrapper noises in backround*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *opening poptart* What?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH HELL NO *jumps Gray*<p/><b></b> *CRASH*<p/><b>Erza:</b> *runs down stairs with a bat* WHO THE F-- *sees Natsu and gray fighting* ITS TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING . *starts hitting them with the bat*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *from upstairs* NATSU HELP..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> You better not be stuck in the catbox again.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *In Treehouse*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> WE ARE THE TREE KINGS<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ARGH MATEY<p/><b>Both:</b> ALL HAIL QUEEN WENDY.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Arent we getting too old for this?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> THROW HIM OVERBOARD<p/><b>Natsu:</b> RIGHT AWAY YOUR MAJESTY<p/><b>Both:</b> *pushes Gray out the tree house*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wait I ASK FOR MERCY.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *holding him over edge*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> hmm..NO MERCY.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *drops him*<p/><b>Both:</b> ALL HAIL OUR RUTHLESS LEADER. *insert Grays screaming*<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *When Wendy was Younger*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *shy* um Gajeel..natsu..gray..<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> yea?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> the house...*shys away*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> what about it?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> it's...*shifts*<p/><b>Gray:</b> it's?...<p/><b>Wendy:</b> On fire.<p/><b>AllThree:</b> WHAT?!!<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *At The Beach When they were younger*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> that was so uncool.<p/><b>Gray:</b> we worked so hard.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *crying* Erza, Gajeel destroyed our sand castle.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> hehehe<p/><b>Erza:</b> *throws gajeel into a trashcan*<p/><b>Erza:</b> there you go. That handles both our problems. <p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *Wendy as a toddler*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *filming Wendy and Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Is it recording?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yes idiot.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> okay wendy say Natsu.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Ewza.<p/><b>Gray:</b> SAY GRAY<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Ewza<p/><b>Natsu:</b> FUCK.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> fwuck ewza.<p/><b>Erza:</b> what the..who..?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natwsu and Gwray.<p/><b>Erza:</b> ...<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> * looks at them and throws shades on upside down*<p/><b></b> __<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *singing in the shower upstairs*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> god who's dying<p/><b>Gray:</b> I wonder how his cat puts up with his shit.<p/><b></b> *faint cat crying for help and scratching the bathroom door*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> s-shit.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *pale*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> what's up with you both?<p/><b>Gray:</b> E-erza's been ignoring us all day.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *turns pale* what the hell did you guys do ..<p/><b>Both:</b> WE DONT KNOW.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Erza:</b> *has earphones in*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *At Police Station*<p/><b>Erza:</b> *silent*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> what a relief.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Get us out.<p/><b>Erza:</b> you're so lucky we're in the police station otherwise you three would have been murdered. AND WHO DANCES NAKED ON THE ROOF OF TARGET?!<p<p/><b>____<b><p/></b> <b></b> Jesus.<p/><b> Part 5? :</b> </b> )<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Cursed Child Scorbus Rec List

This really has become more of an index than a rec list, with categories of: 

Full length chaptered stories, Series, arcs, collections and short chaptered stories, Atmospheric, poetic, ficlets and drabbles, Pre-slash, Fluff, Established relationships, Flangst, Dark Angst, Humor, Holidays, Coming Out, Smut, Fix-Its/Re-Writes, and AUs

Last time I counted there were over 200 fics on here!

Basically my requirements for this list are:
Is it Cursed Child compliant, in the CC universe or do the characterizations feel close enough to CC?
No disturbing side-pairings or themes (i.e. no dub-con, abuse, drug use, infidelity or major character death. Exceptions will have warnings.)
Is it decently written, easy enough to understand and not cringe-worthy?
Did it make me smile or feel things?
Have I actually read it?

There are many stories, especially multi-chapters and WIPs, that I haven’t gotten around to yet, so this list is mostly made up of one-shots. It is my New Year’s resolution to read longer works. Feel free to add your recommendations in your reblog! Happy Holidays you wonderful little fandom! 

Note: I have categorized these fairly loosely. Some fics may fit into more than one category, but I don’t list them twice unless they are individual parts of an arc. The first section is uncategorized. They are a few of my faves, though I definitely have favorites in other categories like atmospheric and fluff, however these ones seemed slightly more complex and are a bit longer. So consider this category…

A Good Place to Start

*Best Mates- picascribit

“You deserve to be with someone who really likes you. Who thinks you’re brilliant.“

Scorpius grinned. “I’ve got you for that.”

One of the first Albus/Scorpius stories I read after CC, and still one of my favorites. This is Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc, but it is perfect as a stand-alone. The stories do get more mature.

*The First Date- rainystreetlights

“Still under the impression that you should have been the first to get a girlfriend eh? What can I say… Ladies love me.”

“Ladies tolerate you.”

‘One-Shot set in Albus and Scorpius’ sixth year at Hogwarts. When Rose doesn’t show up, Albus and Scorpius end up going on an accidental first date. Pure Scorpius and Albus fluff. Awkward conversations and a lot of strange situations’.

I love this so much. This author has seen the play and it shows. Her characterizations and dialogue are so spot on. So awkward, adorable and heartfelt!

*The Ball- torestoreamends

‘A ball is being held at Hogwarts to celebrate the end of fifth and seventh year exams. Scorpius has agreed to go with Rose, and Albus shouldn’t be as upset about that as he is. Dancing, fancy robes, obliviousness, and a small sprinkling of brotherly advice ensue.’

This is so gorgeous. Just her description of the robes slayed me. Read everything by torestoreamends!

*Seasons- starlightpeddlar

‘From the moment Scorpius and Albus get on the Hogwarts Express for their fifth year, things start to change. Albus starts to gain confidence both in the classroom and out of it, and Scorpius’ realization that he has greater feelings for his best friend threatens to leave him more alone than he’d ever imagined’.

Wonderful four chapter prequel to ‘Quietly’. Quietly is quite long and intense, but this is a nice getting together story, though it is still quite meaty and introduces important themes for the series.

*Put Your Guns Away Its Tea Time- frombluetored

‘Ginny Potter estimates it will only take three days into the Weasley-Potter family holiday for Albus to act on his feelings for his best friend. Albus estimates it will only take three days for him to die of embarrassment. And Scorpius, well. Scorpius is just glad to be there with Albus in the first place.’

I love this so much! The characters are so spot on and we get to see other Next Gen kids as well as all the grown up characters we love. Come for the Scorbus, stay for Ginny and the whole Weasley clan.

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Hi Sophie! I was wondering if you knew of some good enemies to lovers fics. The length or rating doesn't matter. Thanks for all that you do ❤️

oh my god yes, i have a few. not that it’s my favourite trope or anything

Enemies to lovers

  • Lightning Strikes the Heart [4/4] by @thebravestprincess. what can i say about this one? it has it all. it’s long ( this is how enemies to lovers is supposed to be. there is running in both directions. you’re gonna be exasperated at times but the resolution will be worth it
  • A Thin Line by @curiousthingdarkness​ Killian Jones and Emma Swan have at least one thing in common: their mutual hatred for each other. When a work assignment forces them to be around each other they discover that perhaps the lines between emotions are sometimes difficult to distinguish. (Modern CS AU) 
  • settle on down with me by @saramck​ Killian has a soft spot for blondes in yellow rain coats and cut-off jean shorts. Emma has a soft spot for punching country boys with dirty mouths.~7,000 words / Rated T
  • strangeness and charm and edit by @bluestoplights​  Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she was the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.
  • No Way In Hell and edit by @effulgentcolors​  Heartthrob Killian Jones and Hollywood’s ice queen Emma Swan are chasing their dreams, hating each other since before their first meeting and thinking they will just have to tolerate the other while the shooting of their latest movie lasts. But there’s some fine print on their contracts and it seems that they don’t know quite what they have signed up for, both on and off set.
  • Rack ‘em Up by @always-a-slut-for-pirates​   Emma and Killian are professional pool players that both live in Boston and frequent the same pool hall. Emma had always found him insufferable. But when fate forces her to get to know the man behind the cocky attitude she starts to question everything she thought she knew. 
  • Unfinished Business by @ive-always-been-a-pirate Having her bakery on the block adjacent to that stupid floral shop had always been so frustrating for Emma Swan. It was just her luck that the place’s owner, an arrogant Irishman named Killian Jones, thrived on pressing her buttons and making life as a small business owner so complicated. So what will happen when two stubborn people unexpectedly start mixing business with pleasure? 
  • Kindred Spirits by @captndevil​  Emma Swan hates Killian Jones - he’s arrogant and self centered but she’s stuck with him for the foreseeable future with them running in the same circles. What happens when she agrees to go camping with her friends, Killian included, and what will happen when she has to get in a car with him, alone? Modern AU. 
  • Crossing Party Lines by @onceuponajollyroger  Captain Swan, Modern AU: When Emma Nolan teams up with her brother’s best friend, and her personal rival, Killian Jones, to plan the ultimate surprise birthday party, Emma’s the one who is in for quite a surprise. 
  • Shut Up and Dance With Me by @passing-fanciful  The weather outside is frightful, leaving Emma and Killian trapped alone together in David’s New Hampshire cabin with a lot of unresolved feelings and no place to go. 
  • I Choose You by @mayquita  When Emma Swan’s brother and his fiancee decide to get married, she suddenly becomes the maid of honor. Although she is not very fond of weddings, her sister-in-law-to-be assigns her a mission, helping her with the wedding photographer’s choice. What she didn’t expect is that they are the ones who need to be chosen by the photographer, who turns out to be an insufferable Irishman. His name, Killian Jones.
  • Don’t Like You, Maybe I Do by @ahsagitarius
Living the Nightlife: Tips for surviving night shifts.

I’m not talking about clinical skills; if you’ve gotten this far, you can do it. My tips about the techicalities of night shifts can be found in my Tips for New Junior Doctors post. Nope, it’s just hard to get used to night shifts at all. I’ve spent quite a bit of time chatting to various colleagues, and gathered a few things that seem to work for me, so this is a lost of suggestions which might help for those struggling to ease into the world of working nights. Not mandatory, by any means. I don’t really feel it’s a complete list, but I do feel like putting it out into the aether. If you have any tips, feel free to add to the list :)

In the lead-up to nights:

  • Sort out your life admin. On-calls don’t leave much time for other things.
  • Try to go to bed a bit later than normal. This is easier if you have a weekend or a day off before you start.
  • Let yourself sleep in late in the leadup to nights. The aim is to shift your body clock closer to when you will be on nights, so that you will feel less of a shock when everything flips.
  • Tell your friends and family you will be on nights. Anyone likely to text/call/whatsapp you during the day. Not to brag or whinge, but so they know that they shouldn’t disturb you, or sulk if you don’t answer!
  • Schedule any deliveries for the days before your nights, or only for times you know you don’t plan to sleep on your nights block. There is nothing worse than being woken up by a ring at the door halfway through your sleep. If you wake up it is harder to snooze off again.
  • Plan your ‘packed lunch’. Yup, 12 hour shifts are long, you WILL be hungry. Your doctors’ mess may not be well-stocked. The hot food and vending machines at your hospital may also be broken; always plan in advance; I spent my first night shift snacking on huge piles of shortbread because the machines were broken and there was nothing else in the Mess. Never again.

On the day:

  • Get as much sleep as humanly possible.
  • It may be easier to sleep in until late, then get up and go about your day before your evening shift sets in.
  • Or, some people prefer to get up at a relatively normal time, and take a nap in the afternoon preceding the night shift. There is no right answer.
  • Eat a good ‘breakfast’ before your shift starts. I usually eat ‘dinner’ in the morning (before bed), then ‘breakfast’ when I wake up (before work) then halfway through the shift when it is less busy (2-4am) I have ‘lunch’.
  • I feel it helps to set out the day pretty similarly to normal days, because it feels less jarring. Trying to eat at reasonably regular intervals also helps avoid that hypoglycaemic feeling of despair and not being able to cope. And the hangry rage.
  • I also pack snacks because long days are exhausting.
  • Don’t forget plenty of loose sheets of paper and your clip board, request forms etc.

The shift itself:

  • You will get a pile of jobs as soon as you start. The aim is usually to band to gether as a team to clear them as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that the person who handed over those jobs gave you all the right infromation.
  • Make two jobs lists: urgent jobs, and the ones that you ‘can do if you find a spare moment’
  • If you are lucky, it will become more peaceful around 2-3am.
  • If you are moderately busy, you will catch a breather around 4-5am as people stop wandering around or going to A+E.
  • You need to eat. If it hasn’t petered out by 2-3am, talk to your counterparts to plan breaks and cover each other.
  • You don’t need to have no jobs or patients on the list to eat or got to the toilet. If there are no urgent ward jobs, you can eat quickly.
  • If the patients waiting to be seen on the acute take have been triaged as low risk, are clinically stable, and have not been waiting long, having a cup of tea and a quick sandwich is not harmful. They will be monitored by your nurse colleagues. Just let your senior know so they can crack on with seeing patients.
  • You cannot look after patients to your best ability if you are exhausted, hungry, dehydrated or bursting to go to the toilet.
  • You never know when 30 people will turn up to A&E at once, or when 5 patients will fall on the wards in rapid succession. Take it easy when you can.
  • If it’s not bad on your take, help your ward equivalent.
  • If it’s not bad on the wards, check the A+E list for referrals and help your colleague clear patients.
  • Update the list whenever you have time.
  • If you don’t have time to eat but are feeling completely exhausted, a hot drink or some juice, or even a cup of water can work absolute miracles.
  • caffeine in reasonable moderation is your friend.

After the shift:

  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks after your shift.
  • …Unless you have a long drive ahead and need it for your safety.
  • Don’t drive long distances after night shifts. If possible, d not drive or cycle at all: you will be hugely exhausted and sleepy so are at particular risk of accidents.
  • Eat your ‘dinner’ when you get home, not long before ‘bedtime’. The postprandial effect may even help you drift off more easily.
  • No matter how awake you feel, go to bed, just as if it was night time.
  • Don’t get out of bed, even if you don’t feel sleepy.
  • If you wake up, don’t sweat it. It may be harder to get to sleep, but you can keep trying. Just stay in bed, don’t play on your phone or computer and you are much more likely to drift off.
  • Read about good sleep hygeine.
  • Don’t play on your phone; that will only kee you up.
  • Blackour curtains or a sleep mask are an absolute must.
  • Close your windows.
  • Put a note on your bedroom door/fridge/etc to let your flatmates know that you are working nights.
  • Explain to them that being noisy is the equivalent of you banging pots and pans around in the middle of the night for them.
  • Silence your whatsapp/text/ringtone. Everything that is not your alarm clock should be switched off.
  • Give yourself a good 7-8 hours of sleep. I always try to sleep more hours on nights than I do normally, by being stricter with myself. It actually means I barely feel sleepy on nights at all!
  • When you wake up, leave a good amount of time to eat and get to work.
  • Night shifts are 12=13 hours long usually. Even with sleep accounted for, if you don’t live too far away from work you still get a couple of hours to eat/watch TV/catch up with someone close/chill. Try to de-stress in that time.

After nights:

  • You get days off! YAY
  • But getting your body clock back to normal will be brutal.
  • Personally, I recommend not sleeping through the day that follows your last night shift, if you can. This will leave you more sleepy when it is night time, and hopefully make it easier for you to go back to normal sleeping patterns.
  • If you must nap during the day, keep it short and set an alarm so that you don’t end up sleeping the entire day and lying awake all night.
  • Despite your best efforts, you’ll probably find that you feel more sleepy during the next few days, and find it harder to sleep at night. That’s common, and your body will eventually settle back.
  • Practise sleep hygeine as best as you can, to settle into a normal pattern quickeer.

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Yay! Questions! First, how do the paladins adjust to piloting given their new limb configurations? (Holes in seat for tails, I can't remember if foot pedals are a thing or not etc). Also since Lance breathes through the gills on his ribs I'm assuming he has to wear specialised clothing to keep them clear, does he get upset about having to ditch his jacket? (Being a memento of earth and all) On a similar note do any of the paladins have major sensory issues to overcome? (You mentioned Keith- (1)

(2) (and his hearing but the mer people made me think of tropical fish so does Lance have problems with the cold? Does Pidge have to worry about overheating? DOES HUNK GET A HORSE BLANKET/COAT?!?) Do any of the paladins have particular worries/fears about returning to earth since their transformations? (I can sort of imagine Shiro being afraid of any of them being taken away for ‘study’ given his history with the Galra and his last run-in with the Garrison)? - EvoAu Anon

Thank you for the asks~!! <3<3 


1: Lance has his seat removed in Blue’s cockpit because his hover bracelets keep him floating so he doesn’t really need to “sit” until he takes them off (he has a REALLY good sense of his surroundings now and can operate blue upside-down if necessary. Keith has to have a hole cut in for his tail and Hunk also has his seat removed. 

The cockpit is small so he typically stands, but he’s sturdy enough that he has to be hit HARD and TOSSED IN CIRCLES before he’ll lose his balance. 

2: Lance’s shirt was specially made by the combined efforts of Coran, Hunk and Pidge. Without it, Lance would suffocate unless submerged in water (though he can breathe both salt and fresh water). Lotor found this out the hard way:

Lance does NOT have to get rid of his clothes actually, so long as the clothes are loose enough that they do not constrict his middle, he can breathe fine, because Pidge made it really so it’s good. 

3: Ah sensory issues….. Shiro was completely out of commission for a while when he started to change because he can hear people’s thoughts, so for a while he was COMPLETELY out of commission. 

Keith’s eyes do not see in the same spectrum entirely so reds are extremely nice to look at because he can see 3 additional reds so of the paladins, he had the MOST sensory overload techically as his sight, hearing and smell all advanced beyond what they were as a human. Lance’s sense of smell is heightened a little but it;s not significant enough to cause him trouble and he thought it more fun than overwhelming. Lance’s vision is much more dull on the colour hue when he is outside of the water. 

Pidge’s core temperatures are constantly monitored by her cells (and self diagnostics) so she will not overheat, however if she were to come across a computer that is extremely advanced (more than the castle ship) and tries to connect with it, there is a significant amount of feedback that CAN cause her to loop and sort of short circuit. So she will literally just STOP and sort of fall over if that happens until her systems perform an emergency reboot. 

Hunk is unfortunately very nervous or at the very least, anxious. He sleeps in a mass of pillows and blankets because he needs the comfort or he feels antsy, which is why he has to run every morning. Centaurians are skittish and startle easily (Lance and Pidge take up the opportunity to scare him by making loud noises by him at times). I think it would be SUPER CUTE if he had a horse blanket… I think he would be flattered when he goes to the Centaurian planet (Allura knows where it is) and all the Stallions and Mares think he;s just so attractive and sweet and give him all kinds of fancy garb (they have a lot of draping clothes and wear a lot of tail accessories).

4: Last but not least….. yes. Shiro does NOT want them to go back to Earth any time soon; he is very protective and afraid for his teammates. He knows what would happen if they all went back like this- they would be experimented on for sure and as someone who HAD been experimented on, he CANNOT let that happen to the others. No one should have to go through that.

Lance is devastated when he realizes this, and it takes him a while to figure it out because he’s generally been having SO much fun. But when he does realize that he can’t go back to earth he shuts himself up in his room for a week and Shiro has to go and comfort him. 

Happy Birthday! Raphael x Reader.

Raphael was never quite sure about his birthday.
Yeah, he liked it. He likes the presents his brothers would knock together and how Master Splinter would always find some way to get him a cake.
He likes being King Raph for a day, a day all about him. But it was also a day that made him think about certain things.
Like how he and his brothers didn’t really know thier birthdays. And the way thier faces would light up in envy whenever they saw some birthday party on TV, the really cool kind.
To Raphael, birthdays were another reminder that he could never be normal. Another long night staring up at the ceiling.
But this year? This year was going to be different. This year, he had you.
You had been bugging him all about his birthday, asking him questions about what he wanted presents and party wise. To be honest, Raphael really enjoyed all the attention.
What turtle wouldn’t?
And now that the big day had come and gone, he had to say that he was really pleased.
He’d been given presents galore (scary movies that Donnie refused to watch, a stack of comics Leo and Mikey had managed to save, and parts for his bike from Casey), had a dinner with his family and friends (pizza from his favorite place, pepperoni and chili peppers the way he liked it), and had walked around feeling like a King.
Mikey had even tried to make him wear a gold foil crown (in the end, only you could get him to wear it in exchange for a kiss).
But as the day winded down, Raphael found himself getting a little worn out from all the attention. Sneaking off from the laughter and loud chatter, he leaned back on the couch, enjoying everyone’s voices in the background.
And there was his favorite voice.
The turtle turned, looking over to see you smiling at him.
“Hey, tiger. What ya doing here?”
“I was going to ask you the same question. The party’s in there.” you saud, nodding over your shoulder.
“Think I’m all partied out…” Raph mumbled, leaning back on the beat up pillows.
“Really? You couldn’t even handle one more present?”
He perked up immediately, sitting up as you drew closer.
“I don’t remember sayin’ that.”
You laughed and handed him a present wrapped in red paper. Techically, two presents. A large one (Raph was certain it was a book from the shape of it) with a small red envelope tapped to it.
“Open it up.” You urged him.
Raphael smiled as you took a seat, watching the turtle open the little envelope. Only one thing was inside, which Raphael dropped in his palm.
A set of keys, silver and each with a little turtle charm on it.
Raphael glanced at you curiously but you only urged him to open the second package.
“It will make sense in the end.”
So he did, ripping away the red paper to reveal a large black book. A photo album in fact, he had seen ones just like it around your place. Raphael realized that a couple of the pages were already filled and he flipped it open.
In front of him were pictures you had taken with your old camera, pictures of an old cabin, white with a green pouch and door. Pictures of soft golden sand, of the sunset over the ocean, and little sea shells glimmering in the light.
“What’s this?” he finally asked.
“That,” you said, pointing to the cabin, “is my family’s old beach house. Which I thought we could have to ourselves for a week.”
Raphael stopped. And slowly smiled, staring at the photos.
“Seriously. It’s private and super secluded, most people outside of the family don’t even know it exists. What do you say?”
“Yeah…yeah! I mean, if Master Splinter will let me.”
“I already took care of that.” you replied.
“Y/N…this..this is…”
The turtle didn’t even have words but that didn’t matter. Raphael has always been a man of action.
Instead of stuttering his thanks, he pulled you into a big bear hug, holding your small body against his own. The very idea of it, of you and him in some tiny cabin all be yourselves…it was a dream come true.
It was the best birthday ever.

Tanz der Vampire songs rated by the amount of Herbert in them
  • Hey Ho Hey: 0/10
  • Knoblauch: 0/10
  • Nie geseh'n: 0/10
  • Got ist tot: 0/10
  • Wahrheit: 0/10
  • Einladung zum Ball: 0/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit: 0/10
  • Die roten Stiefel: 0/10
  • Vor Dem Schloss: Herbert has only one line, but he steals the entire show. The highlight of act one. Could use more Herbert though. 8/10
  • Totale Finsternis: 0/10
  • Carpe Noctem: Herbert's full potential for this scene is sadly squandered. He's there, but not front and center. 6/10
  • Für Sarah: 0/10
  • Die Gruft: He's techically there, but he's. In a coffin. Points for Herbert nonetheless. 2/10
  • Wenn Liebe in dir ist: Oh my god. If you came to Tanz der Vampire for Herbert von Krolock, this is it. This is the song of the show. The best three minutes out of two and a half hours. Solid Herbert. Infinity/10
  • Ewigkeit: 0/10
  • Die unstillbare Gier: 0/10
  • Tanzsaal: Herbert may not have any speaking lines, but his gestures and facial expressions are everything and definitely are the highlight of this scene. 8/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit (Reprise): 0/10
  • Der Tanz der Vampire: Hell yeah Herbert dressed in leather and singing about taking over the world. 11/10
My Alpha Sequel

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“— do you care to explain this mess?” My father asks me his gaze raking over Hoseok and me with anger and a bit of hatred.

“It’s nice to see you too father.” I say in a cold tone. It’s not like I hate the bastard.. I would just rather not have him around. 

“Don’t fucking avoid the question.” He says to me and Hoseok tightens his grip around me laying his head on my shoulder right above the bite mark. My dad’s eyes rest on it and he lunges for him only to be knocked down by Hoseok’s father. 

They start to roll around fighting in my room and I groan looking at Hoseok. He looks back at me his eyes hardening. I get up throwing the covers off of me going into the closet finding a shirt as my room becomes a wrestling ring. I grab the dog whistle off the top shelf and walk back into the room. Everyone is pratically fighting and when I see Hoseok helping his dad fight mine I blow the whistle hard making all of them howl and break up the mess. You can tell how divided it is because my pack moves to my side and Hoseok’s pack moves to the other side of the bed.

“This is fucking ridiculous. Grow up.” I say to them all becoming a bit pissed off.

“Grow up? You grow up. I mean look at you. Running around sleeping with Alpha’s who killed your mate. They hate us. You betrayed us.” My father says and I feel a slap in my face from his words. I face him full on my anger rising more.

“If I seem to recall.. You fucked more then once. Even when you was with mother. You mark every single fucking girl you can and half of them were human! I slept with Hoseok before Jackson and after him. He helped me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Besides your not even my real father. He is.” I say pointing to the man leaning against the wall besides Jhopes father.

“I left that pack to be with you and Jackson. The deal was-”

“THE DEAL WAS that you wouldn’t have contact with anybody from their side. And you did it!” He shouts at me and I roll my eyes.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! I TRIED AND EVERY TIME WE CAME IN CONTACT THEY ATTACKED US! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN IT HAPPENED!?!” I ask the old bag and he raises his eyebrows looking at Hoseok.

“You attacked her?" 

"She needs an Alpha.” Hoseok says as camly as he can. But I can see his body shake.

“You know what.. Your absouletly right. That’s exactly why you get to hear the good news today.” My adopted dad tells me and I look at my real dad who looks down with sadness and regret.

“What is he talking about appa?” I ask my real dad and Jackson’s dad slaps me making me glower at him as Hoseok climbs off the bed only to be stopped by my dad.

“Your going to marry Mark. He was the closets to Jackson and he has asked to have you as a bride. And we also reached a deal that as long as Mark becomes your Alpha we will not have anymore war with Hoseok and your former pack.” He says and I drop my mouth open.

“YOU CAN’T MAKE ME MARRY HIM!” I shout and I feel the elders look at me in shock.

“Is it because you want to marry Hoseok?” Jackson’s dad asks me and I look down touching my bite mark.

“You want to marry the man who killed your husband? I knew you were a traitor but I didn’t know you were a back stabber as well.” Jackson’s dad say and I look down shaking my head.

“It seems she betrayed us all.” Hoseok says looking at me. I laugh a hard laugh nodding my head.

“Your damn right. So I’m going to betray you all once again. I’m not marrying anybody. And I don’t want to be in either pack. Last night was a mistake.” I say to Hoseok who looks like I’ve slapped him. 

I thought I would get off that easy but I didn’t. My adopted pack kicked my ass and literally dragged me back to our headquaters. Hoseok wanted to intervine so did my real father but they held them back so they had to watch. I was bloody and bruised when Michelle spotted me. She took me from the elders and walked me to a room that had a big round table in it. 

“They found out?” She asks me as she starts to lick my wounds and I nod my head crying softly. 

“Don’t feel bad. They caught me in bed with Jungkook.” She says softly. I look at her and we both laugh how ironic. 

“We are such rebels.” I say and she nods her head agreeing.

“We have a meeting.” Mark says coming in the room and grabbing my hand. 

I go with him and there is the other pack in another room waiting for all of us. I see Jhope with his arms around a brunette and I bare my teeth as he looks at me. His expression unreadable but I see his eyes drift down to me and Mark’s hand. I hold onto it tighter and Hoseok tenses up. Mark tells them of the wedding and we discuss the deal between the two packs. No one looks happy about it.

“Ugh you smell like him.” Mark says dropping my hand. I smile widely dragging a nail up his arm slowly letting blood leak out.

“Don’t be smart boy because your my omega. Keep fucking with me and I will make you smell like death.” I say and he whines softly nodding his head. 


Over the next few months that passed my sexual fustration has been on a whole new level. It doesn’t help that we have to train with each other so I’m always seeing Hoseok’s sweaty body. I miss his touch. My bite mark is still on my neck so when I wear tank tops to workout I always catch Hoseok’s eyes lingering on that spot making me weak. Mark started watching my house twenty four seven. He tried fucking me on the full moons when I went into heat but I threatened his life. We were getting no where. Everything is just complete hell. 

I’m sitting at my wedding party with Mark and Michelle. Tomorrow I have to get married. I dread every bit of it. I look at my dad who smiles at me softly beside Hoseok. I love the fact that despite me leaving my first pack and joining Jackson’s he never hated me. He always had my back. He’s a good man. I just hate that I ever hurt him.. Or Hoseok..  

“Nice dress.” Michelle says to me trying to make conversation.

“I feel like a piece of meat in this thing.” I say pulling the short red dress down. It barley comes down over my ass and it is sleeveless with a low dip in the front.  

“Techically you would be dog chow.” She says and we both snicker only to be shut up by my adopted father. 

The whole night is a buzz kill. I danced with Mark. Watched Hoseok grind against the girl. He starts kissing her roughly and I tense up bitting down hard on my teeth hating that he’s acting like this. I get up and go outside after my anger gets the best of me. I see the full moon rise and realization dawns on me. Hoseok is going into heat tonight. 

Michelle comes outside looking for me and we talk for a bit before Jungkook comes stealing kisses from her. He proudly shows me the bite on her inside thigh and I blush tracing over the mark as she shivers and claims she didn’t beg. We know that’s a lie. I shiver as I look at my phone noticing that it’s midnight. 

“Where is Hoseok?”

“He left already he started getting a fever.” Jungkook says softly. 

“Yeah his play date looks pissed that he didn’t want to be with her tonight.” Michelle says and I drop my mouth open.

“He didn’t?” I ask in shock and kookie smirks as I try to explain myself.

“First off shut up we all know you still want him. And second off he only did that to get back at you and to let Jackson’s dad think he was over you so that he could stop the wedding.. But it didn’t work.” Jungkook says with a pout and I bite my lips looking at them both.

“I’m going to see him. Cover for me.” I tell them as I slip off my heels. 

I put them in my hand running into the woods shifting out to my wolf form. It’s been a while since I went to Hoseok’s house but I do still know how to get there. I sniff him following my nose as it leaves me across the old territory marks to my familiar home smell. I run deeper into the woods starting to smell a overdose of cologne as if a person put on too much and that’s how I know I’m close. Hoseok always smell that way when he’s in heat. When I shift back out I walk up the stairs open his door and shutting it back.

“Hoseok.” I call around the big one story condo. 

“Alphaaaa.” I coe as I walk around getting close to the kitchen. 

“J- FUCK!” I yell as he slams me against the wall kissing my lips in an urgent manner. 

He wastes no time pushing his tongue in my mouth as his hands roam my body pushing me harder against the wall. I whimper softly from his roughness not seeing this side from him that much. But then again I was only every once around him when he was in heat and that’s because he ripped me open. Shit..

Hoseok runs his nails down my arms as he sucks on my tongue occasionally biting on it. He wraps his arms around my back reaching the top of my dress running his nails down it shredding the red thing. I feel the dress fall down and I know better then to hope it’s gonna survive. He snaps my panties from me as I roam my hands over his body feeling his chest and abs under my finger tips. His hot body against my flustered one.

He breaks the kiss biting all over my neck sofly growling as he hurriedly takes off his pants and boxers lifting me up into the air grabbing my skin harshly and I whine throwing my head back. 

“H-Hoseok b-be gentle!” I whine but it falls on deaf ears as he roughly pushes into me. 

He wastes no time pulling out and slamming back into me over and over making my body slide up and down the wall. I smell fresh blood and I know it’s from him entering me. I moan loudly in pain and a bit of pleasure. I throw my arms around his shouler as I lean down biting into it trying to take my mind from the pain. Hoseok keeps drilling into me with inhuman pace as he breathes hard nipping at my neck. He tenses up thrusting erractically and I know he’s close. He doesn’t even say my name when he fills me up he just holds me close and I let his shoulder go. He puts me down and I slide to the ground whining a bit. I catch my breathe as he looks down at me and I grab my ripped dress and underwear.

“I guess I should go now.” I say softly standing up feeling a slight pain from the rough fucking. Hoseok’s eyes soften and he picks me up making me yelp. 

“Don’t go. I need you..” Hoseok says slowly closing his room door after he enters in. He sits me on the bed taking my ripped close from me and I look at him shivering when he leans in to look at me. 

“Despite me needing you. I was hoping you wouldn’t break rules. Your getting married tomorrow.” He says softly his eyes filing with tears.

“I’m always gonna break rules for you.” I say mournfully throwing my arms around his shoulders and he kisses my lips deeply and much gentler then the first time his first wave of heat passing off of him. 

“Take me.. Do me like it was our first time all over again.” I say softly and he grins laying me down as he lays over me. 

“If I recall.. The first time I marked your neck as I fingered you. And then I played with your breast until you were drooling. And then when I started to eat you out I went so slow you cried and I also remembered I played with your ass with made you flustered and hot. And then when you were at the brink of releasing I let you go and you shook for nearly five minutes. And then I let you suck me off until I filled your pretty mouth with cum. And then I fucked you with your feet pressed beside your head. I pounded so hard into you that when I grabbed the headboard and pulled and it, it broke and fell to pieces.” Hoseok says raising up a bit and I nod my head moaning at every word. 

“I want a repeat.” I say to him and he nods his head wasting no time.

He starts out slowly sucking on my neck just like the first time. Making sure angry red bruises where on my skin. He then slowly trailed kisses down to my breast taking the left one in his mouth. He sucks it slow and soft flicking his tongue against it ever few minutes as he slides two fingers into my pussy moving them slowly. I groan throwing my head back wondering how the hell can he contain his hormones so good.

He breaks from my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one in his mouth pressing his fingers against my spot slowly. I drop my mouth open drooling as he continues to tease me and suck at my nipple rolling his tongue around it. He lets it go watching me before he slowly trails kisses down my stomach marking it again. He pouts softly when he sees where Mark hit me in a fight we had. 

“He hit you?” He asks me his anger rising. I don’t answer I just look off trying to avoid it.

“— did he hit you?” He asks me again louder this time and I bite my lips still not answering. 

He growls curling his fingers hard against my spot pounding his fingers inside me fast and hard. It’s too much for me to take when he adds his tongue to my clit sucking it fast and harshly. 

“YES YES YES HE HIT ME HOPE!” I cry out and he pulls away slipping his fingers out of me. He places them at my mouth and I suck them looking in his eyes that tells me ‘later’. 

He slides his fingers out of my mouth opening my legs pressing both of them against my asshole. He slides his tongue in my pussy as he starts to finger my ass slowly. I whine rocking my hips down against his fingers as I start to play in his hair shivering from every touch. His tongue wiggles until it reaches my spot but he keeps the same slow pace and I groan starting to get mad as he scissors his fingers inside of my ass. 

Hoseok looks up at me pulling his lip back over his teeth letting my see when he slides his canines across the slides off my pussy lips and I cry out shaking hard. 

“HOSEOK STOP IT!” I cry out and I hear him hum as he starts to go a bit faster flicking and pressing his tongue every where inside of me. I feel myself start to tense up and I curl my toes letting my eyes close as I feel the pit of my stomach flip. Hoseok pulls back and I shout curse words at him writhing under him on his bed. 

“It’s just like our first time.” He says in amazement and I curse mentally hating I ever said that I wanted him to do a repeat. 

I get on my knees taking his dick in my hand starting to fist it. I lick his tip watching him and he bares his teeth in a sexy way that makes me lick from the top of his dick to the bottom. He plays in my hair swipping it from my face as I lower my mouth on his dick starting to bob my head slowly. He moans out softly tracing his tongue across his bottom lip. He tucks it in his mouth as he starts to thrust his hips slowly into my mouth. I reach up trailing my hands down his legs as he rolls his hips faster moaning louder. He leans over slapping my ass as I hallow my cheeks letting him hit the back of my throat. 

I swallow around him and he groans shaking. He starts pulling harder on my hair thrusting his hips roughly into my mouth. I feel him throb as I lick over his veins and I can tell he’s close. I slide my mouth all the way down holding it at the base of his dick as I nuzzle my face into his pubic hair making him blush like our first time as he releases into my mouth. I swallow it all cleaning up the rest with my fingers and he smiles pushing me up until I’m laying under the head board.

“Are you ready?” He asks me and I nod my head slowly. 

He bites his lips lifting my legs until my feet are by my head and I hold them as he uses one hand to steady my waist and the other to guide his length inside of me. We both moan in unision when he fills me up. He lets me adjust this time before he pulls out and starts to slowly slam into me. 

“Anngg!” I moan out softly throwing my head back against his pillows watching him watch me. He starts to go a littler faster as he trails his hands up and down my legs making me shiver and curl my toes in pleasure. 

“So fucking beautiful.” He groans shutting his eyes throwing his head back and I watch the sweat trail down his chest. I watch as he creases his eyebrows as he concentrates on hitting the right spots inside of me. 

He leans down making me release my legs as he grabs my hands holding them beside my head. He slows back down rocking slowly into me and I moan licking his bottom lip. We kiss again and I slide my tongue across his incissors making him shake and arch his back as he continues to fuck me senseless. 

He lets my hands go breaking the kiss as he nuzzles his nose into the right side of my neck and he grabs the headboard pounding hard into me hips snapping roughly. He groans licking my neck as he grabs harder at the headboard. I press my legs against the sheets tracing my nails down his back making flesh markings. I smile in content and he growls looking at my expression. I can read mischeif in his and when I mumble no he leans down biting into my neck making me release a moan and cry of pain of he marks the right side of my neck. 

“S-STOP F-F-FUCKING DOING THAT!” I yell as he laughs and I moan as he starts to hit my spot shutting me up. 

The whole bed starts to move and rock as Hoseok continues taming my pussy his dick pulsating again as he gives me deep strokes making sure I feel him. 

“I-I’m close Hoseok.” I say to him softly and he pulls back licking my wounds after his soul searches mine for sometime. He throws one of my legs over his shoulder placing his forehead against mine his eyes watching mine as I tense up and shake under him. My toes curling again as my eyes start to get blurry and I know that I’m about to release. 

“FUCK HOSEOK!” I shout out cumming as I clamp my walls down on him and he growls out loud pounding into me harder.

“—!” He feels me up and I hear the ripping off the headboard. 

I blush as he slides some of the wood from my face knocking it off of the bed as he holds me laying his body on mine. He’s still heavy but since I’m a wolf his weight feels good on me. 

We fall asleep holding each other as we always do. He fucked me against every inch of his house until the sun came out and I was so sore and spent he had to carry my ass around. He fought Mark and made him step down from the marriage. Jackson’s dad tried to lay his hands on me but it didn’t work because my father kicked his ass. We decided to stay one big pack because I didn’t want to let either go. And yes I finally let Hoseok claim my pack as my offical Alpha.


gigolette88  asked:

Camp camp is not thaaath great, the animation somtime (a lot) bug, the chara desing are not that good, the voice acting IS really good tho, sorry to break you're dream but, if you try, i'm sure you could be as good at animation, and also, some joke's are pretty awkward, i'm not rude for you to like to show, i like it too, but let's face it, we need to see the Bad somtime

1. Smearings are often the proof of good animation. It also does amazing swinging animation and reaction to gravity and stuff, which is- agh, it’s so beautiful.

2. Camp Camp remembers stuff from previous episodes 

3. It’s cool and all if you don’t like it/hate it, but techically speaking saying something is a bad show when it actually isn’t is a lie, not an opinion? Like I know we all do it like “I hate this show, it sucks” but “I like it too, but let’s face it, we need to see the Bad somtime” is more like you believe that Camp Camp being a bad show is a fact. 


It’s really not. 

I cannot tell you how honestly refreshing Camp Camp is. I always used to get so frustrated at shows for not focusing on previous episodes and continuing that in future ones and instead just making a bunch of episodes for pointless filler to drag out the show. Camp Camp doesn’t do this. Camp Camp is amazing in that area. People change and learn and grow. Even the smallest things such as a note written in season 1 episode 2 carries all the way over to season 2 episode 1. A lot of shows I’ve seen don’t do this. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, right now, I do have a show I’m comparing Camp Camp to

So you can totally have your opinion - that’s fine. But Camp Camp isn’t a bad show. There is no way this masterpiece of continuity and beautiful animation can actually be considered a bad show. I just-

Honestly don’t see how that’s possible.

So, hate or dislike it all you want, anyone. 

Camp Camp is amazing

Also yeah, I could animate like that. Just give me, like, 5-10 years.