techcrunch is drastically increasing the number of underrepresented minorities taking AP computer science, which started offering an advanced placement computer science principles this school year in partnership with The College Board, could more than..
By Megan Rose Dickey

Thanks, Techcrunch, for covering the incredible story of diversity in our new high school course, Computer Science Principles!

Yesterday, Google’s philanthropic arm,, gave 5,000 high school students across the country a chance to see the smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical. All of this was possible thanks to an $800,000 grant from the company, which worked in collaboration with The Gilder Lehrman Institute to cap off the students’ six-week unit on the founding of America with a matinée of the oft-praised hip hop historical.


Much in the way that the immersive qualities of Hamilton and the familiar style of the play’s hip hop soundtrack have made people empathize with centuries-old historical figures, Google is hoping that its virtual reality Expeditions program can cause students to more easily identify with historical events by taking on different viewpoints.

Alongside yesterday’s field trip, Gilder Lehrman is launching six new virtual reality tours on Google’s Expedition VR platform that brings students closer to the real life of the ten-dollar founding father.

The tours look at hallmark historical moments in America’s history, like the ratification of the Constitution, the Revolutionary War and the presidency of George Washington. The institute is also making a number of rare artifacts and documents available for online viewing on the Google Arts and Culture portal. […]



The Virtuix Omni is a $699 device that allows you to walk through virtual reality while wearing a VR headset. It all starts by getting strapped into the harness safeguard thing while wearing special low friction shoes. It’s not actually a treadmill, it’s more of a slippery concave bowl of which you’re constantly running up the sides.

See TechCrunch reporter Lucas Matney in action here.