Netflix has signed a deal with YouTube star Miranda Sings for its first scripted series with a social media star.

Miranda Sings has more than 5 million followers on YouTube and averages around 1.5 million views per video, though that pales in comparison to the views on her bigger videos like Where My Baes At?, which currently has more than 17 million views.

Check it out here.
4 Female Engineers of Color Accepted a Major Start-up Award Last Night
With a shout-out to Beyoncé that a lot of Crunchies attendees probably missed.

4 female engineers of color from Slack accepted a major start-up award.‬

“The idea that diversity at companies improves the culture and the bottom line may be somewhat controversial, but all we know is we’ve got 9 percent women of color engineering at Slack — four of whom are up here tonight, in ‘Formation.’”

Explore a Virtual South Park in Oculus Rift VR (and on Mac/PC)

Via TechCrunch:

Looking to brush up their virtual reality skills, a team of designers going by the name of Tool has recreated everyone’s favorite quiet little mountain town for exploration with the Oculus Rift.

Now, before you dive in: remember that this is just a fun proof of concept — so it’s a bit simple, and there’s not exactly hours of interactive entertainment crammed in here. Once you’ve bumped into a few of the townsfolk and found Officer Barbrady rolling around in his cruiser, you’re pretty much done. (With that said: there’s at least one easter egg level hidden in there.)

Getting a proper map of South Park to base the geography on was something of a challenge, as the town’s layout has shifted around a fair amount over the show’s 247 episodes. For this case, the designers based their town on a mix what’s shown in the recently released South Park: Stick Of Truth game, and what’s visible in the overhauled, 3D intro that debuted in Season 17.

You can find the simulator for Mac and PC right over here.

The Virtuix Omni is a $699 device that allows you to walk through virtual reality while wearing a VR headset. It all starts by getting strapped into the harness safeguard thing while wearing special low friction shoes. It’s not actually a treadmill, it’s more of a slippery concave bowl of which you’re constantly running up the sides.

See TechCrunch reporter Lucas Matney in action here. 


FreeWrite, a smart typewriter that originally launched on Kickstarter as the Hemingwrite, is finally ready for the spotlight.

Last year at CES the company showed us a prototype, and we were impressed.

As a refresher, the device is a single-purpose computer designed just for writing. FreeWrite packs a E-Ink screen, full-size mechanical keyboard, and internal storage for over one million pages of text.

Check it out here. 

The 7 Drivers Of The $150 Billion AR/VR Industry

To hit true market scale, AR and VR will need to rapidly transition from 2016’s early adopters to 2020’s mass consumers by delivering against 7 key drivers.

Some are already in place, others are hard to do, a handful won’t be possible for 12-18 months, and a few aren’t on product roadmaps yet. These drivers will determine when and how AR and VR achieve their potential. Our Reality Matrix segments the market, positions early market leaders, and provides context for understanding the drivers. It’s worth noting that this is a snapshot at Q2 2015. Things might change a lot in the next 6 months.

Our matrix uses a few basic definitions:

  • Virtual: real world is blocked out (i.e. user can only see the virtual world and virtual objects)
  • Augmented: real world is not blocked out (i.e. user can see the real world and virtual objects)
  • Immersive: the drivers (see below) combine to trick the user’s brain into reacting as though it was a real experience
  • Ambient: one or more of the drivers doesn’t provide the same level of experience as Immersive (Note: this may be desirable, particularly for some Augmented Reality applications)

The 7 drivers: Mobility, Vision, Immersion, Usability, Flexibility, Wearability and Affordability

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Watch entrepreneur Grace Choi talk about her invention that is blowing people’s minds . Mink is the 3D printer for makeup that could change an entire industry.