A ‘Three-Eyed TV Monster’ created by Ulises Sanabria which permits simultaneous two- and three-screen viewing, 1961. - Photographer: Francis Miller, LIFE magazine.                                                                                                                                                                 

In another universe the rain is always warm and we dance in it as kids without our parents ever yelling and in another universe you break her heart and not mine and in another universe I tell you to go fuck yourself instead of spitting bullshit apologies down your throat because I mistook love for selflessness and you mistook love for causing pain


Particle Man on television!


AOTS series finale – the secret ending.

What ever happened to Anime Unleashed???


Anyone remember the programming block on TechTv [now known as G4] called Anime Unleashed? It was a block dedicated to airing anime that dealt with technology, science fiction and futuristic themes in order to keep with the channels technological atmosphere; providing us with titles such as Last Exile, Boogiepop Phantom, Gad Guard, Gatekeepers 21 and R.O.D. the TV just to name a few.

Well according to the little information I dug up on the internet, G4 in its “INFAMOUS” transformation to being a more male oriented network, took Anime Unleashed off their network in 2006, but continued to air brief commercials in some sort of “expected to return” fashion.  

However, that never materialized and the programming block was quietly cancelled due to reasons unexplained; even 5 years later.

Now I have come up with a bunch of theories as to why this may have happened. First of all, if could be that management at G4 didn’t see Anime Unleashed as a good fit in its new male oriented schedule. Or, they may have lost the broadcast rights to some of their anime and never bothered to renew it. It can even be that the Anime Unleashed block didn’t quite pull the ratings [which I doubt is the reason].

Now Anime Unleashed was no Toonami, but it served as a nice addition to popularizing Japanese anime such as the weird and SUPER CONFUSING series called Serial Experiments Lain or the daring and fan service filled series of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. It also came at a time when Toonami was starting to lose its appeal due to the increase of mediocre anime and non-anime affiliations.

Like everything last good thing in the world since the ending of 2006, Anime Unleashed was lost in the shuffle for dubious reasons and basically KILLED OFF. I believe it would have been a very popular programming block in this present time had it been given the time to truly shine. Unfortunately such privileges were not granted and we lost yet another reason to actually watch tv let alone bother to pay for cablevision.


For this reason, I will always stick with the notion that 2006 was the last good year in living life. After that everything basically went to HELL which includes music, movies, video games, entertainment etc. Now you will still get a few good things coming out from time to time but they are almost always lost among the mediocrity that seems to spread throughout society like a virus.   

Aaaand time for another rant

I’m just gonna say this right now and get it over with.


Now, you may say to yourself “Wait a minute sir, isn’t X Play still on the air?”

To which I would reply that it’s not even X Play, but a hollow shell of what was an amazing, funny, and informative program. I really wish I knew exactly what happened that turned G4 into “Cops TV” so my mind could be at ease. X Play was a HUGE part of my childhood with all the brutally honest reviews and hilarious skits, but now it’s become mindless and boring. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t gotten rid of Adam and Morgan altogether as much as they’ve changed the show (as far as I know, they may very well have, I haven’t turned on G4 in years). I remember always looking forward to seeing what games got what scores each week, even if they were games I had absolutely no interest in, because even if the game was crap it would be hilarious to watch them tear it apart with the help of their bizarre and diverse cast of characters. But now, it’s dry, uninteresting, and not even worth turning on with some glimmer of hope for the way things used to be. It’s kinda sad that it basically turned into everything that one of their best skits, “Serious Sess,” was mocking.

I suppose I should stop myself now before this turns into a dash gobbler…

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In memory of Jack Kirby’s wife :^ P