Helpful Resume Tips:

And by that, I mean that I’ve been reading a lot of resumes recently, and there are several things that I see people doing constantly that are really grinding my gears. So, I’m going to vent about resumes for a minute. 


I don’t have time to put the pieces together of your .DOCX resume after it has been chewed up and spit out. You can’t trust that the formatting will remain the same, you can’t trust that they’ll be viewing the document on a full size screen. You can’t trust that they’ll have all of your fonts and what nots.


Don’t make me dig for your verbs in your descriptions. Avoid the passive voice. Don’t downplay your experience. 


Space is at a premium. If you have an education section that says when you attended and what your course of study was, then you don’t need a subsection under education detailing when you graduated and the types of courses you took. You’ve already covered that. And now you’ve made me read it twice. 


Unless they specifically asking for a CV, they’re not looking for much beyond your relevant experience. I’m not super interested in your two years as a barista if you’re applying to be an audio engineer. 


That helps your future employer to know what sorts of questions to have prepared when checking your references. And for the love of god vary your references. Try to avoid having several people that you worked with all together or more than one professor from your college.


Especially if you’re passing out a physical resume (like at USITT, SETC, or a cattle call). Keep it simple. Keep it short. Bullet points. Active, decisive sentences. Boom. Boom. Boom. Save the flowery shit for your personal statement. You can go into more depth for the interview. 

You should always wiggle the card reader on an ATM to avoid getting scammed

  • A Reddit user recently posted a photo that serves as an invaluable reminder to stay vigilant at the ATM.
  • The device pictured above is called a “card skimmer.”
  • They’re used by criminals to record debit card data in order to withdraw money from victims’ account.
  • These devices are often indistinguishable from legitimate card scanners, and thieves will place them over the real ATM card slot to steal customer information.
  • A simple, but effective technique to avoid credit card fraud at the hands of these skimmers is a quick wiggle of your card. Read more

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Witch Tip

just because the spell did not work the way yo thought it would, does not mean that it did not work at all. It may have worked in another way that you haven’t encountered, or even realized, yet

Tanmay Coding Tip #4

13-year-old cognitive coder Tanmay Bakshi is sharing his top tips for aspiring developers to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. Here’s what he had to say about keeping at it:

“Persevere. Don’t be afraid of errors! Errors are your friends. Why? Well, every problem has a solution, and once you find the solution to your error, you will never face it again, and you learn how to tackle similar problems in the future.”

Try coding with Tanmay, check out his tutorials →

There are 2 easy ways to keep your Wi-Fi from being hacked

Wi-Fi contains one glaring flaw: it’s vulnerable to hacking. Even if it’s secured with a password, proficient hackers can bypass your network and infiltrate your  devices. Fortunately, there are two simple techniques you can use to scare away potential cyber criminals.

Change your Wi-Fi SSID

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, but really it’s just a technical term for a network name.  When hackers are looking to gain entry into a network, they’ll most likely target these default SSIDs because it indicates the user either isn’t competent enough to change the SSID or simply didn’t care to — thus suggesting the network owner has their guard down. Altering your SSID is an easy way to ward away potential hackers.

Hide your Wi-Fi network

If you want to take additional measures to secure your Wi-Fi, you can hide your network from public viewing altogether. Start by entering the same “” number (or whatever number your router uses) to access the router’s basic settings. There should be an option to Enable SSID Broadcast, or it could be listed as Visibility Status or Hidden Wireless. Once you locate the appropriate option you simply need to uncheck this box and your Wi-Fi will be undetectable going forward. Read more

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I had to make a brief and simple “Basic Coding Guidelines” for the freshman seminar class I help teach, so I figured I might as well as upload it here while I’m at it! 

As a few notes, this is specifically tailored for the freshmen at my school in that basically all of them are taking an intro to MATLAB course that assumes no previous coding knowledge. This presentation is just focused on giving some stylistic guidelines and tips rather than on the subject matter itself. 

I’m also going to be talking through most of my points, so if something doesn’t seem right to you on the slide, there’s a good chance I’ll verbally address it.

That being said, feel free to send me a message at flickofthecode if you have any questions or concerns. :)

I need more witches to follow!

I need more witch blogs to follow, but I feel like a lot of content isn’t doable for me. So like/reblog if you post any of the following:

-Low budget witchcraft
-Witchcraft for people with ADHD or any other neurodivergencies
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-Tech witchcraft
-Incorporating witchcraft into art

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Looking for witch blogs to follow!

Since this is a new blog and I’m just starting out as a witch, I’d really like to find some more blogs to follow.

Reblog if you post about:

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Follow-backs are appreciated as well! I make custom sigils and emoji spells. Let me know if you’d like one made for you.


How to browse privately on your iPhone all the time 

To prevent people from digging through your search history or accidentally stumbling across a certain site, turn on private browsing. This is extremely easy on the iPhone: all you need to do is open the Safari app and tap the pages icon, which looks like two squares overlapping at the bottom right corner.

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Witch Tip

Do you like looking at the moon, planets, stars, or galaxies but not own a telescope? Do you want to learn more about our solar system, the Milky Way, or the universe in general? Go online and look at you local Astronomy Society’s website and see when they are having their next “star party”. A lot of these groups go out a few times a month to a park and bring their fancy telescopes and you can go and look through them for free, and ask any questions you want, they are always really nice and friendly. They also do these parties for important events like eclipses and meteor showers and such. 

How to automatically delete iMessages

You can set the Messages app to delete texts after a period of time. This will do wonders for saving space on your phone.

Head to the Settings app and select Messages.

Scroll down to Message History and tap on Keep Messages.

You’ll see a menu with three options.

By default, it’s set on “Forever,” but you can set the iPhone to delete messages automatically after 30 days or a year. 

But if you’re holding onto important messages, keep one thing in mind before you select one of these options

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm taking my PTCB this week and I wanted to know if you could tell me the math formulas, I'm not sure if I have all of it down or not and I'm nervous ):

OMG, you guys are surprising me with all of the pharmacy asks like omg I’m glad to be an advice article. c: 

oooooh ‘o ’ good luck, Anon !!! 
It’s only a 90 question/2hour test – you can do this and I believe you can! 

Welll it’s bee na while since I’ve had to actually do the formulas on paper but this is what I remember was on my test – 

For DILUTIONS its mainly cross multiplying – there are other ways to find the answer, but cross multiplying is the easiest way for me. 

[x] See this video for reference. just plug in the numbers you need (: 

Also with mixtures use the C1xV1 = C2xV2 equation 
[concentration1xvolume1 = concentration2xvolume2]

For flow rate, your basic equation to use is volume /divided by/ rate = time

Alligations are the tic-tac-toe of math problems, they use alot of percents and usually using a larger bottle/stock than whats called for – 

[x] here is a good video fir reference in how to plug in your numbers. 

Days supply is pretty easy — 
like for example, 

if a person is given a prescription for ferrous sulfate, and must take the medication 4 times a day for 10 days how many pills will be distributed? 

to find the answer simply multiply the maximum doseage for the day times how many days the prescription will last 
4*10=) 40 

and if the question is worded the other way around like, 
Peter is given a prescription for Crestor. He was prescribed 120 pills, and is instructed to take 4 a day. (qid) 
How many days will his prescription last if he is taking his medication as prescribed? 

If 120 is the maximum amount of pills Peter gets, and he takes 4 daily, divide 120 by 4 and you get the days supply of 30 days. 

((: Alot of it is simple math – but some of it is a little bit tougher. 
Just as I tell many people who ask about these things – if you are pretty confident in an answer ; do not second guess yourself. Because most times thats when you mess up.

if you have a strong feeling towards an answer you have then go for it – most likely , it’s right. 

Well Anon I wish you the best with your testing ! 
And I’m sorry if i didn’t seem to be much of help – i would have drawn out some examples myself but im a bit limited as far as my time goes – ive been dealing with alot of family things lol.
But these very videos I linked you helped me to assure that I was doing the right thing – and helped me pass the first time taking the test. 

((: I will be praying for your success ! You can do it !!!!

– koi


Want your Pokémon over 1000 CP? Here’s what it needs to be

Without 1,000+ CP Pokémon, chances of taking over and holding an enemy gym are pretty slim. Reddit user, Kyurun calculated all the CP levels Pokémon need in order to guarantee a CP over 1,000 in its final evolution (above chart). If that’s not helpful, there’s actually a calculator that let’s you put in a Pokémon’s CP and see how high it will be after it evolves.

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