Just Student Witch Things

✨Enchanting pencils before exams

✨Cursing cruel instructors

✨Blessing the library before finals week

✨Making tarot cards out of cheap card stock during boring lectures

✨Doodling sigils on the corner of tests for good luck

witchy tip 🔮💫🍀💱🍀💫🔮

When you find a heads up penny on the ground, put it in your right shoe and it will bring you good luck. Sometimes if the day was really lucky I’ll even keep the penny in my shoes for a few days, but never for too long! The old energy could come back to bite you
However if you find a penny tails up, flip it over for someone else to find it and have a lucky day!


It’s so easy to forget about a form of cleansing that is so relieving and fulfilling. Phone cleansing!

🌟-Clean off the screen, pop off the case and clean it out. Before you do this, trace a cleansing sigil on the screen with your finger then wipe it off.
🌟-Charge any sigils you keep in the case.
🌟-Pop it on the charger, let it charge to 100%. Additionally, making a cleansing sigil your lock screen for this.
🌟-Upload your photos and delete them. Or go through and delete the ones you don’t like.
🌟-Clean out your contacts. You don’t need that random person’s number anymore.
🌟-Get rid of ALL of those bubble notifications. All of them.
🌟-Rearrange your apps.
🌟-Unfollow/unfriend people on social media who you dislike, their content isn’t your thing anymore, or are downright toxic.
🌟-Change your wallpaper! It’s time for a new background.
🌟-Delete those apps you never use, they’re just wasting space.
🌟-Go through your notes, only keep the things you need.
🌟-Get a new phone case!
🌟-Narrow down your music selection to the things you actually listen to, add a couple new songs.

Witch Tip

just because the spell did not work the way yo thought it would, does not mean that it did not work at all. It may have worked in another way that you haven’t encountered, or even realized, yet

~Techie Witch Tip~

…for sigils. Recently I’ve been keeping all of my sigils on my computer in a folder dedicated to just that. 

it then occurred to me that I could copy specific sigils and paste them to say, for example my work folder if I needed motivation. 

I just put the copy of the sigil (using the 4th pentcale of Mars for energy and motivation lol) in my personal work folder. I visualize the sigil charging all my work stuff and bringing me success. This would work well for school too. 

Low-Energy Witch Tip

A spoonie myself, I know dedication to deities and others can be extremely exhausting and stressful to keep up with. I always feel incapable of doing it “good enough” (there is no right or wrong way!!).

My solution? Pinterest! I have one board dedicated to each Theoi and use the things I find on Pinterest as offerings and a way to capture their essence. It is also great for discreet witches.

Here is mine, if you have/make one send me a message, I would love to see it!!

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I had to make a brief and simple “Basic Coding Guidelines” for the freshman seminar class I help teach, so I figured I might as well as upload it here while I’m at it! 

As a few notes, this is specifically tailored for the freshmen at my school in that basically all of them are taking an intro to MATLAB course that assumes no previous coding knowledge. This presentation is just focused on giving some stylistic guidelines and tips rather than on the subject matter itself. 

I’m also going to be talking through most of my points, so if something doesn’t seem right to you on the slide, there’s a good chance I’ll verbally address it.

That being said, feel free to send me a message at flickofthecode if you have any questions or concerns. :)

Witch Tip

Do you like looking at the moon, planets, stars, or galaxies but not own a telescope? Do you want to learn more about our solar system, the Milky Way, or the universe in general? Go online and look at you local Astronomy Society’s website and see when they are having their next “star party”. A lot of these groups go out a few times a month to a park and bring their fancy telescopes and you can go and look through them for free, and ask any questions you want, they are always really nice and friendly. They also do these parties for important events like eclipses and meteor showers and such. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm taking my PTCB this week and I wanted to know if you could tell me the math formulas, I'm not sure if I have all of it down or not and I'm nervous ):

OMG, you guys are surprising me with all of the pharmacy asks like omg I’m glad to be an advice article. c: 

oooooh ‘o ’ good luck, Anon !!! 
It’s only a 90 question/2hour test – you can do this and I believe you can! 

Welll it’s bee na while since I’ve had to actually do the formulas on paper but this is what I remember was on my test – 

For DILUTIONS its mainly cross multiplying – there are other ways to find the answer, but cross multiplying is the easiest way for me. 

[x] See this video for reference. just plug in the numbers you need (: 

Also with mixtures use the C1xV1 = C2xV2 equation 
[concentration1xvolume1 = concentration2xvolume2]

For flow rate, your basic equation to use is volume /divided by/ rate = time

Alligations are the tic-tac-toe of math problems, they use alot of percents and usually using a larger bottle/stock than whats called for – 

[x] here is a good video fir reference in how to plug in your numbers. 

Days supply is pretty easy — 
like for example, 

if a person is given a prescription for ferrous sulfate, and must take the medication 4 times a day for 10 days how many pills will be distributed? 

to find the answer simply multiply the maximum doseage for the day times how many days the prescription will last 
4*10=) 40 

and if the question is worded the other way around like, 
Peter is given a prescription for Crestor. He was prescribed 120 pills, and is instructed to take 4 a day. (qid) 
How many days will his prescription last if he is taking his medication as prescribed? 

If 120 is the maximum amount of pills Peter gets, and he takes 4 daily, divide 120 by 4 and you get the days supply of 30 days. 

((: Alot of it is simple math – but some of it is a little bit tougher. 
Just as I tell many people who ask about these things – if you are pretty confident in an answer ; do not second guess yourself. Because most times thats when you mess up.

if you have a strong feeling towards an answer you have then go for it – most likely , it’s right. 

Well Anon I wish you the best with your testing ! 
And I’m sorry if i didn’t seem to be much of help – i would have drawn out some examples myself but im a bit limited as far as my time goes – ive been dealing with alot of family things lol.
But these very videos I linked you helped me to assure that I was doing the right thing – and helped me pass the first time taking the test. 

((: I will be praying for your success ! You can do it !!!!

– koi

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NCIX’s “Vesta G1.”

Case: Green Corsair Obsidian 650D
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 3GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 970 Six Core
Cooling: Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper
RAM: 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3
Power Supply: Corsair AX 850 80PLUS Gold
Boot Drive: Corsair P3 Series SATA3 128GB SSD
Storage Drive: Western Digital Black 2TB
Optical Drive: LG Blu-Ray Writer
LED Lighting Effects: Green
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

Simply amazing custom computer. Of course, it’s expensive but it kicks the shit out of anything Apple offers at a similar price point.


Want your Pokémon over 1000 CP? Here’s what it needs to be

Without 1,000+ CP Pokémon, chances of taking over and holding an enemy gym are pretty slim. Reddit user, Kyurun calculated all the CP levels Pokémon need in order to guarantee a CP over 1,000 in its final evolution (above chart). If that’s not helpful, there’s actually a calculator that let’s you put in a Pokémon’s CP and see how high it will be after it evolves.

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Witchy Altar Idea

Can’t have an altar up all the time because you’re stuck in the broom closet/can’t for other reasons? Well! When everyone is gone (and you know they will be for a while), set one up. Light the incense/the candles, really go all out on your decoration.

Then film it. Say, just set your phone up in front of the altar and just film it for 5-10 minutes.

Save it on your camera or computer or whatever, and now you have a portable/discreet altar! It can be as large or as small as your screen size.

Bonus points: Do different themed altars for different occasions (moon phases, seasons, sabbats, etc.)