How we organize our ET tubes now.

I recently read that they should be kept in a drawer or cabinet to lessen contamination, and stole the idea to use empty paper towel tubes cut into sections and labelled with sharpie to keep everything orderly from a Facebook post. (The ones in the FB post were also decorated all pretty, but I don’t have time for that, unfortunately) Much easier than trying to find one on our wall holder, which always seemed to be in a state of chaos no matter how often I tried to straighten it!

Tech Witch Tip

Turn on the flashlight of your cell phone, lay it down flat, and rest a translucent crystal over the light to charge it. If you plan on working with a specific crystal during a spell or ritual you can put this somewhere within your space if you cast circles


It’s so easy to forget about a form of cleansing that is so relieving and fulfilling. Phone cleansing!

🌟-Clean off the screen, pop off the case and clean it out. Before you do this, trace a cleansing sigil on the screen with your finger then wipe it off.
🌟-Charge any sigils you keep in the case.
🌟-Pop it on the charger, let it charge to 100%. Additionally, making a cleansing sigil your lock screen for this.
🌟-Upload your photos and delete them. Or go through and delete the ones you don’t like.
🌟-Clean out your contacts. You don’t need that random person’s number anymore.
🌟-Get rid of ALL of those bubble notifications. All of them.
🌟-Rearrange your apps.
🌟-Unfollow/unfriend people on social media who you dislike, their content isn’t your thing anymore, or are downright toxic.
🌟-Change your wallpaper! It’s time for a new background.
🌟-Delete those apps you never use, they’re just wasting space.
🌟-Go through your notes, only keep the things you need.
🌟-Get a new phone case!
🌟-Narrow down your music selection to the things you actually listen to, add a couple new songs.

To tie in our ET tubes we use old IV lines threaded through the ends of 1cc syringes. They’re much easier to remove than gauze, and we can disinfect them along with the ET tubes for reuse, reducing waste. We store them on this hook so they’re always within easy reach.

angeratee  asked:

Hey I saw that you recently passed the PCTB, congrats! I was wondering how you prepared for the exam? I'm not sure where to start. Also, did you use any books or apps? What was the hardest part? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for your time!

Hey there angeratee ! 
((: Actually I’ve been a tech since mid 2012, but thank you for the congrats!! It still means alot yknow?!

I don’t mind all of the questions because I was someone who asked questions when I was in school - I’m still learning as well ! We never stop learning, so never stop asking questions!!! 

Well first off — I dedicated an entire week to study just about everything that I thought was gonna be on the national exam, even stuff that was almost uncalled for. 

Safer than sorry I thought. 
After dedicating about a whole week to study — I dedicated another week to fun. 
I completely blotted out anything relating to pharmacy out of my head for a week. 
Went to see a movie, hung out with family and a couple of friends at the library. Went to the arcarde — i legit forgot about the test for a whole week ; because lets face it. 
If you’re spending 8 - 16 months in school to be a pharmacy tech and they cram all that info into your brain — why continue to cram and cram ;; youre gonna burn yourself out, yo. and thats no good. 
If you burn out — you’ll end up feeling pooped, exhausted and unable to think. 
you dont need that — so party it up or just have fun the week prior to your test when you schedule it. 
After that, when its 2 days prior to the test i did a quick look over the material, not intense study, just like a quick review. 
And the next day ( day before the test) I didnt think of the test again. 
The key is to keep yourself fresh in the material without over doing it. 
You dont wanna burn out man ! 
So after doing nothing pharmacy related the day before the test, the day of the test I do another brief review before taking it. 
And don’t feel bad, it’s ok to be nervous! 
I was nervous as HELL until I hit the submit button and the computer popped up with a green passed sign lol. 
I used the books I got from school, but mainly I used the internet (ehow was my website that I refereed to alot) 
I like the internet more because there are so many ways to do the same thing — so there was a variety ; not just what a text book told me, yknow? 

I’d say the hardest part is the day of the test, when youre trying to remain calm. 
The best thing to do when you walk in the cubicle room is take a good look at the people around you — and realize they are all there to test as well. They are in the same position as you, so no one is special or anything. 
Theres no need to be distracted by them — and you’re not proving a point to anyone but yourself and the national board of pharmacy. 

No one else cares about your scoring, except you know family and friends — but the people who are there, nah . 
Theres no pressure on you but the pressure you put on yourself. 
So for those 2 hours, dedicate yourself solely to that computer screen 
give it your all and CONCENTRATE.
Read the questions well andm ake sure you understand whats being asked.

the key is to understand — they throw phrases in there to throw you off and keep you sharp. 
You just gotta deduct what information is NEEDED and the rest can go in the trash. 
The hardest part for me, deary was making sure I didnt spend too much time on one question. 
I’m gonna give you one more point of advice for this test. 

If you have an answer, and it is one of the multiple choice answers available to choose — and you feel strong about it. 
Please stick with your first mind and go with your instinct. 
I think I would have gotten a better score if I didnt doubt myself halfway through the test due to anxiety. 

If you feel strong and confident about an answer, keep it and move on. 
B/C odds are, if you sit there and doubt yourself, you will end up changing your right answer to a wrong one. 

((: I wanna thank you for asking me for advice — like its heartwarming to be able to help other pharm techs out! 
If you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask me or anyone else~!!

Good luck and keep me posted on your results alright? 
I’ll be praying for your success!! ((: 


i have a folder of every unedited picture of a baby tapir smoking a cigar i’ve found on the deep web and it has grown so large i’ve had to buy an external hard drive just to store it.

every time i open the folder to look at the pictures my computer gets extremely hot and i don’t know what is causing it to run so hot, i’m not running any applications in the background or anything, do any of you tech heads have some tips to help with this problem?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm taking my PTCB this week and I wanted to know if you could tell me the math formulas, I'm not sure if I have all of it down or not and I'm nervous ):

OMG, you guys are surprising me with all of the pharmacy asks like omg I’m glad to be an advice article. c: 

oooooh ‘o ’ good luck, Anon !!! 
It’s only a 90 question/2hour test – you can do this and I believe you can! 

Welll it’s bee na while since I’ve had to actually do the formulas on paper but this is what I remember was on my test – 

For DILUTIONS its mainly cross multiplying – there are other ways to find the answer, but cross multiplying is the easiest way for me. 

[x] See this video for reference. just plug in the numbers you need (: 

Also with mixtures use the C1xV1 = C2xV2 equation 
[concentration1xvolume1 = concentration2xvolume2]

For flow rate, your basic equation to use is volume /divided by/ rate = time

Alligations are the tic-tac-toe of math problems, they use alot of percents and usually using a larger bottle/stock than whats called for – 

[x] here is a good video fir reference in how to plug in your numbers. 

Days supply is pretty easy — 
like for example, 

if a person is given a prescription for ferrous sulfate, and must take the medication 4 times a day for 10 days how many pills will be distributed? 

to find the answer simply multiply the maximum doseage for the day times how many days the prescription will last 
4*10=) 40 

and if the question is worded the other way around like, 
Peter is given a prescription for Crestor. He was prescribed 120 pills, and is instructed to take 4 a day. (qid) 
How many days will his prescription last if he is taking his medication as prescribed? 

If 120 is the maximum amount of pills Peter gets, and he takes 4 daily, divide 120 by 4 and you get the days supply of 30 days. 

((: Alot of it is simple math – but some of it is a little bit tougher. 
Just as I tell many people who ask about these things – if you are pretty confident in an answer ; do not second guess yourself. Because most times thats when you mess up.

if you have a strong feeling towards an answer you have then go for it – most likely , it’s right. 

Well Anon I wish you the best with your testing ! 
And I’m sorry if i didn’t seem to be much of help – i would have drawn out some examples myself but im a bit limited as far as my time goes – ive been dealing with alot of family things lol.
But these very videos I linked you helped me to assure that I was doing the right thing – and helped me pass the first time taking the test. 

((: I will be praying for your success ! You can do it !!!!

– koi

✨Calling Fellow Witches✨

I’m fairly new here and I would really love it if I could have some friends to interact with on here to share tips & to help one another out. Please reblog & or message me if you relate with any of the following ♡
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Even if you don’t know/like these things I’d still appreciate a message ♡


NCIX’s “Vesta G1.”

Case: Green Corsair Obsidian 650D
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 3GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 970 Six Core
Cooling: Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper
RAM: 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3
Power Supply: Corsair AX 850 80PLUS Gold
Boot Drive: Corsair P3 Series SATA3 128GB SSD
Storage Drive: Western Digital Black 2TB
Optical Drive: LG Blu-Ray Writer
LED Lighting Effects: Green
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

Simply amazing custom computer. Of course, it’s expensive but it kicks the shit out of anything Apple offers at a similar price point.

Witch Idea/Tip

combine cursing and image editing
i mean how many of us can find an image of a person we want to curse but can’t get and do not have a physical burnable copy?
but we can all use ms paint to draw mean ass sigils over someones pic then delete it and send it out into the void since the trash is just a digital firepit