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Holy crap the new format is -so- much better. I actually went through and re-read the whole comic in celebration, because I could actually -read- it all without having to open it up in a new tab, or burning my eyes out to see past the fuzziness! Thank you so much for the change! ❤️

Again, many, many apologies to all of you who had to endure all the fuzziness and squinting caused by the old format! I’m not tech-savvy and felt really horrible that it was fuzzy…I’m just glad George was able to fix it! 

Definitely opening in a new tab still is the end all, be all solution if worse comes to worst…but Im so glad some people dont have to do that anymore;;; 


So, the other night, I accidentally stepped on my headphones, and broke off the jack of them inside my laptop. I tried and tried to get it out, but it didn’t budge, at all. I tried using glue, paperclips at angles, straws, screwdrivers, you name it. I even had some more tech-savvy friends look at it, and they all came to the same conclusion: It’s stuck in there for good, unless I want to fork over a few hundred dollars to pay for a professional to look at it, and possible even more to buy a replacement. To be blunt, my laptop isn’t worth that much, but I also don’t WANT to buy a new one. I’ve got too much on this guy, transfering it would be a pain. 

However, there is 1 thing I can do that wouldn’t cost too much: Buy a bluetooth speaker. The one I’m looking at is this one, it’s only $20, can have headphones plugged into it, and has a USB adapter so I don’t need any special extras. 

But I don’t….. have $20 to spare right now. 

So, I’ve decided to offer some special commissions!  Prices and examples under the cut! 

Or, if you’d like, I’d also be willing to do shiny hunts in Pokemon Moon for a small fee, just PM me for more info! 

If you’re unable to donate, please spread this around! I’d really like to get this problem fixed ASAP! 

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Imagine Edward Waking You Up

      She awoke to Edward wrapping an arm around her stomach before he gently pulled her back against his warm chest. A sleepy smile spread across her face; even though she wasn’t a morning person she loved waking up like this. Especially when Edward had just woken up himself; his blond hair tousled, heavy eyelids drooping over his blue eyes, and his adorable sleepy voice; all which left him looking like a sexy mess.      

       “Good morning.” She mumbled as she turned over to look at him.

       He smiled lazily, “Mornin’.”

       She slipped her hand around the back of his neck as she pressed a kiss to his lips. He happily leaned into it, cupping her cheek to hold her mouth to his. As they pulled away Edward looked at her, a smile twitching at his lips. “What?” She asked, chuckling awkwardly.

      He shook his head, “You’re so beautiful.”

      Before she could give any protests he began kissing her once more, passionately, sliding his hand down her body until it came to rest on her hip. She let out a content sigh as her fingers twisted into his hair while he dotted hot kisses down her neck. He slipped an arm under her arched back and gave his attention to her chest, taking extra time to kiss and nip each breast, causing her to moan quietly. He flashed her a quick smile before kissing his way down her midriff, slowing his descent to a torturous pace. She groaned, wiggling underneath him. He smiled as he pressed one last kiss to her belly before kissing his way back up to her mouth.             
     “Get up.” He whispered in her ear.

     She groaned, “You’re such a tease.”  

      “There’s more to come, Sweetheart.” He purred before winking at her.


Requested by @mashtonmental: Hey! Can I request a Steve x Reader and it’s a chill day at the tower and everyone is relaxing and reader is wearing like shorts and a tank top… basically not a lot because it’s hot as hell and she’s enjoying a popsicle which leaves Steve in a compromising situation getting turned on.

Warnings: Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, and Alcohol Reference.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: I altered the request a bit, but I know everyone won’t complain! Enjoy! x. T

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

          The air conditioning in the tower broke the day before New York saw its hottest temperature of the year. Tony just so happened to be dealing with personal business overseas with Pepper and, for security reasons, wouldn’t allow anyone to call someone to fix it. That left you and the Team to wither in the extreme heat and use up every electrical outlet there was.

           You were in a thin tank top and shorts, hair tied up in an effort to keep cool and to also keep modest about the fact that four other men were in the same room as you. You wiped at the sweat collecting on your forehead as you walked around the bar to the mini-freezer hidden underneath the counter. Natasha and Clint were seated on the barstools, sipping on ice water and quietly conversing.

           “If you’re looking for what’s left of the rum,” Clint said, “You can thank Barnes for drinking it.” He peered over the counter at you and the glass in his hand moved with him as he shrugged at the look you gave him. Natasha’s lips were curved into a smile at the exchange.

           “It’s two in the afternoon, Clint. I’m not looking to get scolded by Captain Smartass.”

           Clint chuckled and tipped back the remaining contents of his glass, the ice clicking against his teeth. He set it down before turning in his chair to gaze at the soldiers lounging on the couches, foreheads and necks glistening with light sheens of sweat as they talked and laughed. Steve sat closest to the fan propped on the side table and drank out of his water bottle, grinning at something Sam said.

           You leaned on the bar-top and tore open the white wrapper of a popsicle, frowning at the type it was. You removed the wrapper and held it up, seeing Clint trying to hold in a chuckle and Natasha just shaking her head.

           “Out of all the popsicles Tony could have hiding, he has a Rocket Pop…” You sigh, before you licked the top of the red, white, and blue popsicle. Natasha raised her brows and you shrugged, “It tastes like cherry.” You then walked back over to where you had sat across from Steve and Sam.

           They all looked up as you came back over and Bucky scooted to give you room. He pointed at the popsicle you had in your mouth and cocked a brow. “How does Captain America taste?”

           Your eyes widened and you punched his shoulder, glad it wasn’t the metal one as he chuckled and rubbed the sore spot. You couldn’t say anything as you had bitten off a chunk of the remaining red part; the flavor melting in your mouth and freezing your tongue. You huffed when Bucky kept laughing under his breath and Sam pointed at Steve before making an obscene gesture at you. This caused Bucky to almost spit out his drink.

           “You guys are unbelievable.” Steve glared at Sam, his biceps bulging against his chest as he crossed his arms. He shook his head and rested his eyes on you, a pleading apology in his gaze to make up for his friends’ behavior. You licked your lips and smiled softly at him, making sure he knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.

           You glanced over at Bucky who was smirking at you and said, “If you are so intent on knowing, then Captain America tastes great.” You then kept eye-contact with the metal-armed soldier as you wrapped your lips around the bottom part of the melting popsicle, slightly sucking on the raspberry flavor.

           Bucky looked away and stuck his tongue into his cheek, shaking his head. “Oh, you are such a tease…” He stayed nonchalant as he picked up his water and continued to down the rest of it, wagging the empty bottle in his hand before getting up. Bucky stepped around the back of the couch and tugged on your ponytail as he passed. “I’m going to order takeout.”

           “Make sure to get Chow Mein this—you know what? How about you go grab the menu and I call the place because you always manage to screw up our order,” Sam accused, rising to his feet and pointing a finger at Bucky. Bucky rolled his eyes and switched his route to go down the hall, leaving Sam to move over by Clint and Natasha.

           Sam turned and raised his voice, “Y/N! You want your usual?”

           You nodded at Sam and switched which hand held the popsicle as blue flavoring had gotten onto your fingers and began to run down your palm. You lifted your hand to your lips and licked the blue trail, sticking your index finger into your mouth to suck away the raspberry. A slight movement from across from you drew your gaze to Steve, who now had spread his legs and rest his clasped hands over his crotch, and you met his gaze as you let the last of the popsicle slide onto your tongue.

           He was staring at your mouth, his lips parted as you sucked the raspberry flavoring off the stick, and when you cleared your throat he snapped out of it. Steve shifted and pretended his nose itched as he made a face, a blush rising to his cheeks as he realized you caught him. You set the stick down on the side table next to you and leaned forward.

           “Are you alright, Captain?” You asked.

           Steve nodded quickly and struggled to find his words before he answered, “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Is it—is it hot in here? Or is that just me?” He quickly changed subject and looked anywhere but at you, causing a knowing smile to spread over your features.

           “Steve, the air conditioner has been broken for twenty-eight hours.”

           He wrinkled his nose and kept a hand covering his crotch as he lifted his fingers to scratch at his cheek. Steve pursed his lips and closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Right, sorry. J-Just got a heat flash or something…” He was sitting right next to a fan blowing in his face.

           You got up and took a seat beside the soldier, resting your hand on him and gently rubbing up and down the length of his forearm. Steve stared at where you touched him before meeting your gaze, his lips parting at the smirk you were giving him.

           You lowered your voice and said, “I know you’re lying about that heat flash, Steve… If you aren’t going to admit you got turned on by watching me, then I will.” He turned his head and you saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed thickly. You smiled and bent toward his ear, whispering, “I’m going to the bathroom. If you need any help I’ll be in there…”

           You then rose off the couch and traipsed towards the stairway leading to the lower levels, making sure you put a little extra sway in your hips as you walked. You couldn’t deny the feelings you felt for the super soldier and if he were willing to take your offer, then it would mean that you weren’t the only one noticing the sexual tension that had built over the past few weeks. You made your way down the staircase with your bottom lip taken between your teeth, hoping Steve would follow in your steps.

           You shut the bathroom door behind you and leaned against the sink, staring at your reflection in the mirror. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you felt jittery, anxiety settling into the pit of your stomach.

           Were you really going to bang Steve Rogers in a bathroom?

           It already looked like it so you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, seeing it was dyed a dark purple. You probably didn’t have long so you turned on the faucet and drank straight from the tap. You jumped when a soft knock sounded from the door and you quickly turned the sink off, gingerly opening the door to lock eyes with a blushing soldier.

           He scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat, “I’m here for—uh… I’m here for your help?”

           All worries left you as you grabbed the collar of his white t-shirt and tugged him into the bathroom. You crashed your lips against his and he made a soft sound, relaxing into your touch as you clutched him close. Steve pulled away, his nose brushing your cheek as he sighed, “I have been waiting for that.”

           You ghosted your lips over his and whispered, “Just kiss me Rogers.”

           He didn’t need you to tell him twice.

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Sorry if this is personal but how do your parents/parents in law feel about you making cc and posting sims as a kind of job?

They don’t really have an opinion on it because it’s not a job in any way, it’s a hobby. I don’t think they even really understand the concept of it all because none of them are particularly tech-savvy or even know what The Sims is lol