To fight monsters, we created monsters.

Jazmine Becket hasn’t had it easy. After her dad left and her oldest brother died, she joined the PPDC at the tender age of 17 - as a mechanic, after being knocked back as a Ranger for reasons she tends to hide.

Then when she’s 21, her brother Raleigh comes walking back into her life when he arrives at the Hong Kong Shatterdome, where Jaz and her J-Tech friends are running repairs on the world’s last Jaegers. She’s not pleased to see him, the older brother who abandoned her after Yancy’s death.

But if they’re going to defeat the kaiju, they have to work together. That means Jaz accepting Raleigh back into her life, and even trying to get along with the world’s youngest ever Ranger, Australian hothead Chuck Hansen. Who, for some weird reason, seems to have taken an interest in her.

Avatar AU

Okay so I found this post about all of the types of bending and then all of the sub bending categories and I just CANT stop thinking about it

Lance is a water bender and an exceptionally good healer. Although he prefers ice rather than water.

Keith is a fire bender who is mastering jet propulsion(you know shooting fire out of his hands and feet like iron man and flying around) and lightning. 

Shiro lost his natural bending during his time with the Galra. His prosthetic arm is made of an unknown material that shows influence over fire and earth elements such as being able to penetrate the ground and cause cracks in the earth and being able to shoot highly concentrated heat out of his hand like a fire bender.

 Pidge is a metal bender which really comes in handy with creating their inventions and repairing tech. 

Allura is an air bender that specializes in spirit projection and hyper sensitivity(the ability to feel other energies besides her own). She is very in tune with the spirit world and other living creatures.

Coran is an air bender as well but focuses more on martial arts than bending.

Hunk is a earth bender who has control over seismic activity.(things like earthquakes and things like that.) He can create a suit of armor made out of the earth that completely covers his entire body and is extremely durable.

The Galra is a group of different benders who have found a way to genetically engineer benders into mindless super soldiers and have conquered most of the world. They’re like the fire nation but waaaaaay more dicky.


take a heart, take a hand | a raven&jackson modern AU for @fandammit​ in honor of her birthday!

When senior ER resident Eric Jackson suspects that something is desperately wrong with Arkadia County’s MRI machine, his boss and mentor Dr. Abby Griffin agrees. But an underfunded hospital barely has the repair budget for “suspected” errors, even if they may be putting thousands of under-insured patients at risk. So Abby calls in a favor with MRI repair tech Raven Reyes, whose leg she saved two years ago in Arkadia County’s own trauma bay, and who she’s been caring for ever since in whatever ways she’ll let her. 

Ever since his mother’s illness and death, Eric has dedicated himself to becoming the best physician he could be and using work as his emotional anesthetic. Sliding from a rough childhood into a rough young adulthood, Raven has coasted from bad relationship to bad relationship, fixing every machine that comes before her but never touching the damage she’s diagnosed in herself. 

It’ll take hundreds of hours to locate the breakdown in the MRI machine… what starts as a tentative partnership based on being two of ER Director Abby Griffin’s wayward strays quickly blossoms into something more. And sometimes, two broken parts are broken just right to fill each other’s gaps. 




I took a chance on a cheap refurbished Asus USB Blu-Ray player on eBay for us in an upcoming project and could not even get it to power on out of the box, so I ripped it apart.

Me, sitting between two doors

Another student: hey can you tell me where tech repair is

Me, wearily: One door leads to student advisory. The other, to career services. You can ask at the front desk, but one of the secretaries speaks only in lies; the other, only in truths

The other student: Okay but actually I’m looking for tech repair

Me: There Is No Tech Repair


Ok, so for now I have:

The Leader: Self-explanatory. Only one with a full set of limb enhancers for heavy weapons use, squad extraction via helicopter-hand and reaching things on the top shelf.
Gem location: hand. She won’t tell which one though.

Maps: General exploration, scouting and area mapping. Two explorer drones. Constantly misjudges distances and stuff though, pretty bad at her job. Often ends up in some ditch with the rest of her squad.
Gem location: Haven’t decided yet.

The tech: Repairs, building stuff and occasional hacking. Overworked and underpaid, grumpy and sarcastic, prone to having things blow up in her face. Pouch belt with all kinds of stuff.
Gem location: Upper right arm.

The sample collector: Collect all the things! Constantly hoards useless stuff cause she thinks it looks pretty and you never know when you might need it. Four collector bots minimum to help her out. Said collector bots often need repairs cause the samples collected turned out to be harmful. Responsible for a great deal of the tech’s stress.
Gem location: Navel.

Feel like I should have at least one more squad member, but I can’t think of anything. Will probably colour later.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'cuz you 5/5 stars

I actually really liked working as a freelance programmer while also pulling full time hours in tech sales/repair at RadioShack, but ended up quitting because the customer base is horrible and the pay is abysmal.

Nothing rankles me more than hypocrisy. I never hesitate to call it when I see it because it is stupid and illogical and hughly unfair. Unsurprisingly, that has won me very little favors.

Technically, I graduated high school at 16 at the end of 11th grade. I was on the recieving end of a lot of race-based and anti-lgbt bullying and effectively told my mother either let me graduate or let me kill myself because I wasn’t going back to that school and I knew she couldn’t watch me at all times long enough to keep me from making the choice myself. She believed me which is good because I was serious. Instead of starting college right away, I went to a career and tech school for a year to learn programming, then walked at graduation with my former classmates at my old high school, so my ‘official’ graduation date on my diploma is a year after my graduation date on my transcripts.

At said tech school, a partner and I won the regional and then state divisions for a programming contest, but we didn’t go to Nationals because she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend for a week and I was not allowed to compete without a partner. We had been offered a full ride to whatever programming college we wanted if we placed in the top 10, with estimations we’d be in the top 3 considering previous contestants from our class had gone 11th, 8th, and 3rd. She broke up with her boyfriend 2 weeks after we graduated. Still kinda annoys me.

I cannot be vegan and be alive at the same time, and I cannot be vegetarian and a functional member of society at the same time. My diet is almost entirely meat and grain with supplements and sugary things.

Thing I am 100% here for:

The technological disparity between Tatooine’s slave quarters and Coruscant. Because that had to be a hell of a culture shock. Tatooine is low-tech, repair-it-till-it-breaks-for-good, use what’s available, do-it-yourself practical. Coruscant is fashion and shine, use-and-discard, cutting-edge, mass-produced, automated electronic heaven.

Anakin, almost certainly, has a skill set that’s very rare on Coruscant. There was a single datapad/computer in a permanent mount in a small alcove set up like an office in Anakin’s home, some large, indistinguishable electronics and artificial lighting. That’s it, on the technological front. Depending on how far you want to take it, you could argue that Anakin might have only had sporadic access to indoor plumbing. He almost certainly knows about water-minimal preservation techniques like drying, pickling and smoking, (the place he and Shmi were living had some kind of dried or drying produce hanging from the ceilings) and at least a little about building and repairing the adobe/cob buildings like the one he lived in.

Anakin probably knows the basics of sewing, because thread is cheaper than fabric, and a little fabric cheaper than an entirely new garment. Speaking of expensive things, plastic. Plastic is expensive, and complicated to make - if you have access to any sort of plant material, paper is much easier to make. It’s very unlikely Anakin had easy access to flimplast as opposed to crude paper. Even less likely that he had regular access or reason to use datapads - he’d know how to write, but he might not be much good at typing.

Other fun things to consider: Anakin, immediately post TPM, rarely remembering the temple has lifts, and not being able to figure out which doors lead to them in any case. Anakin’s conception of medicine being dried herbs in paper packets and crude surgeries that help only slightly more often than they kill. Anakin eating things his peers call ‘completely unsafe to eat’ and him just staring at them, because it’s only been left out a measly two days.

So A Fun Find At Work A Few Days Ago

A par that was connected to a two-fer had been sitting at the work bench for a while. Don’t know when it got there, probably while I was working elsewhere. 

I take one look at the two-fer…

Ooooooookay, let’s take it apart to see what I can salvage from the connectors…

Well then! How far back did this thing fry?!


Not to mention, this whatever fried all of these connections also fried the lamp.

List of items tossed out:

- 1 two-fer (which apparently was an inherited item from a client that left it behind. No guarantee to how well it was maintained before we got it).

- 1 male SPG connector

- 2 wires leading to porcelain socket

- 1 porcelain socket

- 1 Par 64 MFL lamp

Alas, there weren’t any replacement porcelains, so I couldn’t complete the repair… =(


Mastery, Lollar & Novak :: 2013 Squire Telecaster [8.7 lbs]

A Squire Tele that recently got decked out with a new Mastery Bridge (and string tree), Lollar Special T pickup in the neck and a Curtis Novak in the bridge.  Quality hardware like this takes a mediocre budget guitar and ups it’s feel and tonal response considerably.  She’s strung with DR Pure Blues 11-50.

Pickup and bridge install video:

No signal :: Partscaster Fender Tele [7.4 lbs]

A relic’d partscaster Tele with a history of random signal loss in for a while-you-wait repair.  This has been through a couple other shops in the area and ended up on my bench for an emergency fix last week.  I did the usual checking of all connections by eye, with a meter, reflowing suspect joints and physically stressing connections while the guitar was connected to an amp.  I even checked the resistance of both pickups to make sure there wasn’t a broken coil.  Something I did ended up fixing the no-output issue, but I don’t know exactly what was the cause.  Not exactly the most reassuring of repairs, but I made sure to shake, prod and bang on the guitar as much as I could before it left with the player.  Good thing it is a relic!

Note that the fix got the player through the gig so now only time will tell if whatever fix I did will last.

So three years ago my friend brought me a badly modded Fender Super Six Reverb that he found in his dad’s garage, who had probably picked it up at a yard sale. It had been pulled from its original unit (just the head unit and the reverb tank) and put together inside a makeshift cabinet DUCT TAPED together.

We brought it to my favorite local amp repair tech (big shoutout to Rootbeer Audio in Philly) and he cleaned up the guts and recapped and retuned it and got it working again.

Fast forward a bit and here we are. Finally just about finished. Built a new solid pine cabinet for it and wired it to two 12" Jensen speakers. It’s loud. It’s mean. It’s honestly Stevie Ray Vaughan in a box.

Hopefully he doesn’t want to stay with this grill cloth but we’ll see what he comes up with this weekend.

Give me a shout if you are local to South Jersey/Philadelphia and you have a similar project you need help with.

Real talk: Poe and Rey being the most supportive and enthusiastic metamours ever and always complimenting each other on their skills and accomplishments (when they’re not gushing about Finn)

Poe who helps hone Rey’s piloting (so she can fly anything) and Rey who teaches him tech repair (so he can salvage everything)

Rey who’s sensitive to Poe’s recent losses in the Resistance, who can sense when he needs space and when he has too much of it.

Poe who guesses it’s pretty overwhelming for your entire world to change in a couple of days, who knows just the right amount of new foods and places and information to give.

Finn is their fixed point and Finn loves them both tirelessly, endlessly and selflessly.


Custom bridge for an underset neck :: 1961 Guild M-65 ¾ CW [4.7 lbs]

A long time ago, someone sat on this guitar at a party and broke the neck joint.  The owner decided to repair it himself, but under-set the neck slightly.  The bridge I am replacing here is a tuneomatic that was too tall to get the strings down enough for decent action.  A new low profile rosewood bridge was fabricated to compenste for the low neck angle. I ended up inlaying a carbon fiber beam though most of the bottom of the new bridge for rigidity. The single P90 on this guy is nasty (i.e. awesome). And yes, another unfortunate casualty of the hardware store refinisher.