Material Heals Like Living Things

by Michael Keller

It’s pretty common to nick yourself while making dinner. You lose some blood. It hurts a bit, especially if some lemon or salt gets in there. But usually within minutes, the signs of automatic repair are evident.

Blood starts coagulating at the wound site. A clot forms to patch the injury, which eventually dries into a scab. Beneath, the body’s regenerative machinery is in full swing–regrowing damaged cells, hunting and neutralizing foreign invaders, and reconnecting cut links, vessels and fibers. Organisms can even recover from significantly more serious damage.

The same can’t be said for inanimate objects. There has been some success in the pursuit of self-healing materials, but that has only been shown for microscopic cracks and defects and certain films. Larger damage has required human intervention to make the fix. 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) scientists say they’ve taken a step in making polymer materials that can rebuild lost mass and repair themselves after suffering serious injury. Their work fixed holes that spanned 1.4 inches in diameter, which amounts to repairing damage 100 times the volume of previous attempts.

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3D printed robots teach themselves to move

Researchers at the University of Oslo’s Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN) group are building 3D-printed self-learning & self-repairing robots for future space applications like asteroid/planetoid mining.

Associate Professor Kyrre Glette:

“In the future, robots must be able to solve tasks in deep mines on distant planets, in radioactive disaster areas, in hazardous landslip areas and on the sea bed beneath the Antarctic. These environments are so extreme that no human being can cope. Everything needs to be automatically controlled. Imagine that the robot is entering the wreckage of a nuclear power plant. It finds a staircase that no-one has thought of. The robot takes a picture. The picture is analysed. The arms of one of the robots is fitted with a printer. This produces a new robot, or a new part for the existing robot, which enables it to negotiate the stairs.”

[University of Oslo] [via IEEE]

2009 Resurrection Eagle [9.8 lbs] :: flip pickups.

The guitar was previously wired so that the coil taps activated the bridge-side of each humbucker.  The player wanted a warmer single coil sound (coil tap on neck side), so the pickups were each rotated 180° (bass to treble).  I could have rewired each pickup but I did not want to splice in extra lead lengths.

Off-the-shelf materials lead to self-healing polymers

Look out, super glue and paint thinner. Thanks to new dynamic materials developed at the University of Illinois, removable paint and self-healing plastics soon could be household products.

“The key advantage of using this material is that it’s catalyst-free and low-temperature, and can be healed multiple times,” Cheng said. “These are very nice materials for internal cracks. This can heal the crack before it causes major problems by propagating.”

Other self-healing material systems have focused on solid, strong materials. However, the new study uses softer elastic materials made of polyurea, one of the most widely used classes of polymers in consumer goods such as paints, coatings, elastics and plastics. 

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So A Fun Find At Work A Few Days Ago

A par that was connected to a two-fer had been sitting at the work bench for a while. Don’t know when it got there, probably while I was working elsewhere. 

I take one look at the two-fer…

Ooooooookay, let’s take it apart to see what I can salvage from the connectors…

Well then! How far back did this thing fry?!


Not to mention, this whatever fried all of these connections also fried the lamp.

List of items tossed out:

- 1 two-fer (which apparently was an inherited item from a client that left it behind. No guarantee to how well it was maintained before we got it).

- 1 male SPG connector

- 2 wires leading to porcelain socket

- 1 porcelain socket

- 1 Par 64 MFL lamp

Alas, there weren’t any replacement porcelains, so I couldn’t complete the repair… =(

Avatar AU

Okay so I found this post about all of the types of bending and then all of the sub bending categories and I just CANT stop thinking about it

Lance is a water bender and an exceptionally good healer. Although he prefers ice rather than water.

Keith is a fire bender who is mastering jet propulsion(you know shooting fire out of his hands and feet like iron man and flying around) and lightning. 

Shiro lost his natural bending during his time with the Galra. His prosthetic arm is made of an unknown material that shows influence over fire and earth elements such as being able to penetrate the ground and cause cracks in the earth and being able to shoot highly concentrated heat out of his hand like a fire bender.

 Pidge is a metal bender which really comes in handy with creating their inventions and repairing tech. 

Allura is an air bender that specializes in spirit projection and hyper sensitivity(the ability to feel other energies besides her own). She is very in tune with the spirit world and other living creatures.

Coran is an air bender as well but focuses more on martial arts than bending.

Hunk is a earth bender who has control over seismic activity.(things like earthquakes and things like that.) He can create a suit of armor made out of the earth that completely covers his entire body and is extremely durable.

The Galra is a group of different benders who have found a way to genetically engineer benders into mindless super soldiers and have conquered most of the world. They’re like the fire nation but waaaaaay more dicky.


Better Than New

Better Than New is a short film that introduces Patagonia’s new biodiesel, Worn Wear repair wagon and pays tribute to customers and repair techs who have kept our gear in use for over 40 years. Patagonia’s Reno Repair Department is the largest garment repair facility in the U.S. – completing about 30,000 repairs per year.

The Worn Wear Wagon is coming to a town near you. Check out the tour schedule here


Mastery, Lollar & Novak :: 2013 Squire Telecaster [8.7 lbs]

A Squire Tele that recently got decked out with a new Mastery Bridge (and string tree), Lollar Special T pickup in the neck and a Curtis Novak in the bridge.  Quality hardware like this takes a mediocre budget guitar and ups it’s feel and tonal response considerably.  She’s strung with DR Pure Blues 11-50.

Pickup and bridge install video:

4 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies | What the Stuff?!

Will a tablet and VR headset become the next must-have pieces for every Volkswagen mechanic’s garage? What happens when every car is a WiFi hotspot?


Custom bridge for an underset neck :: 1961 Guild M-65 ¾ CW [4.7 lbs]

A long time ago, someone sat on this guitar at a party and broke the neck joint.  The owner decided to repair it himself, but under-set the neck slightly.  The bridge I am replacing here is a tuneomatic that was too tall to get the strings down enough for decent action.  A new low profile rosewood bridge was fabricated to compenste for the low neck angle. I ended up inlaying a carbon fiber beam though most of the bottom of the new bridge for rigidity. The single P90 on this guy is nasty (i.e. awesome). And yes, another unfortunate casualty of the hardware store refinisher.


Ok, so for now I have:

The Leader: Self-explanatory. Only one with a full set of limb enhancers for heavy weapons use, squad extraction via helicopter-hand and reaching things on the top shelf.
Gem location: hand. She won’t tell which one though.

Maps: General exploration, scouting and area mapping. Two explorer drones. Constantly misjudges distances and stuff though, pretty bad at her job. Often ends up in some ditch with the rest of her squad.
Gem location: Haven’t decided yet.

The tech: Repairs, building stuff and occasional hacking. Overworked and underpaid, grumpy and sarcastic, prone to having things blow up in her face. Pouch belt with all kinds of stuff.
Gem location: Upper right arm.

The sample collector: Collect all the things! Constantly hoards useless stuff cause she thinks it looks pretty and you never know when you might need it. Four collector bots minimum to help her out. Said collector bots often need repairs cause the samples collected turned out to be harmful. Responsible for a great deal of the tech’s stress.
Gem location: Navel.

Feel like I should have at least one more squad member, but I can’t think of anything. Will probably colour later.

Guns For Hire - On Helmets

As promised, my headcanons (and some notes from Synne) about helmets in GFHverse and how people have adapted to living with them.

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  • Trends and fashions are shaped by helmets, due to the fact that they are so heavily integrated into everyone’s lives.
  • Protections start young with covered strollers and baskets with filtration systems to protect infants and toddlers until they get their first proper helmets.
  • Low end helmets are cheap and pretty much just well sealed, air filtered helmets with clear plastic visors. High end helmets come with things like targeting and monitoring systems, expensive apps, and lots of other bells and whistles.

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