Standard Deck Tech: WR Humans

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we hop into standard with a deck that hasn’t seen much play, but is really interesting and powerful nonetheless: WR Humans. Mono-White Humans was a very strong deck when Origins was still in Standard and has lost quite a bit of play since then; with the new addition of a few cards, the deck is still viable though, even if it’s not a top deck. If you want a cheap & fun deck for a FNM this could be it! Let’s look at the cards.

Human Lord

Thalia’s Lieutenant is the backbone of the deck! Pumping up all your creatures while getting bigger himself, he can become a huge threat while being really cheap to cast. This card is just really really good in this deck and is what makes the deck viable.

Human Lord? 

While this is not technically a human, it sort of is at the same time. You make it a human and it turns into another Lieutenant basically; pumping everything up and just being super good. With a total of 8 lords your cheap creatures will get huge.

Thalia, Herself

Since since playing Thalia’s Lieutenant, why not play his superior? Thalia is really good since it slows down your opponent and punishes them for playing multiple colours while giving you a strong creature that will get pumped up.

Mama Chandra

While this card might not be an all-star in the deck, she provides some utility that brings another angle of attack. She’ll get bigger with the lords and will help get that extra damage through or shoot down some problematic stuff. She’s pretty neat.

Monkey Girl

Same goes than for Pia; she’s not an all-star but she does bring something unique to the deck. For both of the cards I’d only play like 1 or 2 because you don’t want too many but being able to get one down usually makes a difference.

The Boys are Back in Town

Bring out the cavalry and charge your opponent with some good old Hanweir beatdowns. This card is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good in the deck! The tokens it generates will trigger all your lords and it’s just a really good beater. Seriously, it’s really good.

The Smaller Boys

The rest of the creatures are all the very cheap creatures; Inventor’s Apprentice, Expedition Envoy, Thraben inspector, etc. all the 1cmc humans that will trigger your lords and become big beaters later on.

Keeping an Eye Out

Last but not least, the anthem of humans. This neat little enchantment just makes your stuff so big and so good. If you’re lucky enough to get 2 down your opponent will most likely not be able to do anything. If you curve out properly it’s almost impossible to deal with the tempo generated by this card an the cheap humans.


There you have it! A really cheap & efficient Human deck! I hope you enjoyed the deck tech as much as I did! If I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for a Modern deck tech!

some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 


Hey guys! A few of my friends have started a YouTube channel that will be full of delicious commander content. These are 4 of my good friends and I’d love to get their stuff out there.
This is their first video (2:02:52) and its all about showcasing the new Kaladesh & Aether Revolt commanders. Please give it a watch, or just a quick thumbs up, and let me know if there are any suggestions you have to see the channel move forward!

EDH Deck Tech: Norin

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This week we have something exciting! One of my favourite commanders, for being really original, Norin the Wary! The design of this card is so unique & weird and makes place for such a cool deck. The ability of Norin is odd enough that people are mostly unfazed by it; most of the time your opponents will just think “yeah whatever” and let Norin resolve; especially since you always play Norin on turn 1. Let’s see why you should play Norin and why he’s so good!

Making Use of the Blink

Since Norin blinks every time anyone casts a spell or attacks, he will blink OFTEN, like, very often. So you need to take advantage of that constant blinking. Genesis Chamber is amazing for that, every time a creature comes into play another token comes with it! With this card, Norin will provide you a small army of tokens!

Being Aggressive with the Blink

So, while Genesis Chamber provides you a bunch of tokens, those little 1/1s aren’t much use without something to give you the edge. Purphoros gives you that edge. Cards like Impact Tremors, Ogre Battledriver, Into the Web of War, Warstorm Surge & Pandemonium are all cards that will make your deck a force to reckon with by just putting little 1/1s on the field constantly.

Reusing those Triggers

Since the deck relies on creatures entering the battlefield, might as well have some good ETB effects on top of that! Playing cards like Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet will make sure that your creatures are always coming into play, providing you goo value from your Solem Simulacrum, Filigree Familiar, Duplicant, Fanatic of Mogis, Spawn of Thraxes, Inferno Titan, Stingscourger, Mindclaw Shaman & such!

We Need More Creatures!

Since you want a lot of creatures coming into play, you might as well go the token route! Krenko is amazing at that, creating a crazy amount of tokens over & over again! And since you’re playing Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet, you might as well play cards that come into play with tokens, like Myr Battlesphere (which is insane with Genesis Chamber), Pia & Kiran Nalaar,  Mogg War Marshal, Beetlback Chief & Siege-Gang Commander.


This is not necessarily the usual way to go with the deck, but since you’re playing a bunch of goblin tokens generator, you might as well go the Goblin way on top of that, giving your deck another angle of attack. Listing all the good Goblins would take forever, so really you should just look up tribal EDH, Legacy or Modern goblin decks and pick what you want; but cards like Moggcatcher, Goblin Matron, Goblin Chieftain, Goblin King, Goblin Recruiter, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Bombardment (paired with Goblin Sharpshooter) & Quest for the Goblin Lord all come to mind as great Goblin cards, but there are far more good cards. 

Combo Win

If you’re in the type of meta that plays combos & stuff you should always have one too, just in case. If you don’t want to combo off you can just use the individual cards separately as they are playable, and if you’re in a pickle you can combo off for the win. Playing Kiki-Jiki with Zealous Conscript can make you an infinite number of ZC and you can attack everyone for lethal. But, I mean, Kiki is just a value machine & Zealous can be VERY good even by itself.

Keeping a Plentiful Hand

As a red deck, especially filled with small stuff, you will get empty-handed fairly quickly. You need ways to keep your hand full and cards like Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Magus of the Wheel, Skullclamp, Memory Jar, Wheel of Fate, Dragon Mage & Chandra Ablaze are good ways to keep a grip full. Your opponents sort of benefit from it too, but having to discard their hand can disrupt their game plan and it will most likely benefit you more.

Bigger Threats

Since most of your creatures will be 1/1s, granted that they will deal damage when coming into play, you still need a little something more. Cards like Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Gauntlet of Might, Eldrazi Monument all take your small creatures and turn them into massive threats, also you get some nice extra mana out of it!


It’s all fun & games, playing creatures & stuff, but you still need something more; answers. You don’t need that many, but it’s nice to have an option to deal with problematic things. Since you’re playing Red, those answers can often just aim at your opponents face too. Cards like Blasphemous Act, Chaos Warp, Incendiary Command, Vandalblast & just any XR burn spell could do it; I have a soft spot for Bonfire of the Damned. Thunderous Wrath is pretty good too, especially if you have ways to manipulate the top of your library.

Various Effects

Here are some cards that are very good to include but don’t have a category to go with; stuff like Sensei’s Divining Top & Scroll Rack to filter your draws, cards like Sol Ring, Ruby Medallion & Mana Vault/Crypt to ramp, Panharmonicon to have some more triggers, Goblin Welder & Feldon to reuse cards from your graveyard (paired with Wurmcoil Engine for extra value) & Dualcaster Mage for a surprise answer to control players. There are more cards, but I just wanted to mention these ones.


I’m not a fan of this strategy, I talked about Goblins earlier as I think it’s a better direction than Chaos, but most build of Norin I’ve seen don’t really play Goblins, and they tend to embrace the Chaos cards; stuff like Confusion if the Ranks, Warp World, Grip of Chaos, Planar Chaos, Possibility Storm & all. It makes for a more crazy and weird deck and makes unique games, but I feel like the deck loses so much by doing so and could be just a GOOD deck instead of being a “LOL RANDOM” deck. That’s just my opinion though, so instead of Goblins, you can play Chaos if you want; the rest of the deck doesn’t really change.


There you go, all you need to know to make a Norin the Wary deck! So, as I said, you can either go the Chaos or Goblin route, but the rest of the deck stays fairly similar. I really love this deck and it’s by far my favourite Mono-Red deck as it’s more interesting than a straight-up Purphoros deck or Krenko deck, it’s sort of a mix of both! If I missed anything let me know! I’ll see you guys next week for another deck tech, which should be Standard!

Modern Deck Tech: Holiday Ho-Ho-Harmless Offering

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Hello & welcome to this very special Modern Deck Tech! Since this weekend is Christmas, I thought I’d do something in the spirit of the holidays; and what’s more holiday-like than giving away presents? In this case it’s cards we’re giving away to our opponent, and whether or not they enjoy the presents is not really important. Let’s dive into it and explore this fun deck!

Gift Giving

Harmless Offering is exactly what its name says, sort of. You offer an harmless card you control to your opponent, what could go wrong? It’s all in good spirit, right? You can also play Bazaar Trader if you wish to have even more gift giving going on, and if you want to make the deck in Legacy you have access to Donate

Gift of Immortality

Immortal Coil is, imo, the best gift you could offer; it’s an easy combo to set up to win the turn you donate it. Pair it with some Relic of Progenitus or Nihil Spellbomb to make sure the graveyards are empty and BAM you win on the spot.

Demonic Gift

This is also a very good gift option since you start out by getting really good value and then donate it away for your opponent to lose. Drawing some extra cards, draining some life while killing off a creature & making your opponent discard their possible answers. If hey don’t have a counterspell or enchantment removal you’ll win on the spot! 

More & More Gifts!

The 2 previous gifts would personally be the only gifts I’d play in the deck, since it’s really tempting to play a lot of targets but you end up losing to fast decks since you’re not interactive enough. Though there are a lot of other options if you want to diversify. Bronze Bombshell is pretty cool since you can straight up deal 7 damage to your opponent. Lich’s Tomb is also pretty neat, acting similarly to Immortal Coil; if you deal enough damage they’ll end up sacrifice all their permanents, including the Tomb and lose. Abyssal Persecutor is pretty good as well, making sure you don’t lose along the way. Aggressive Mining is a pretty funny gift that prevents your opponent from playing any lands, so that’s a thing! Also, if you want to branch out into Legacy you can play Illusions of Grandeur & Disillusions of Mediocrity, which are super fun to play!

Gift of Removal

Even though the deck is a fun gift-giving experience, you still need removal spells. Terminate is amazing, as well as Lightning Bolt. You can even play some Murderous Cut, but it goes a bit against Immortal Coil so I’m not too tempted by it; maybe some Ultimate Price or Doom Blade. You just need a bit of removal to deal with early threats.

Forcing Your Gifts

In a match-up where people will try to refuse your gifts out of politeness & with the help of counterspells, you need to be assertive and insist that they take your gift, with the help of your own counterspells. Remand should do the trick, though Cryptic Command, Dispel, Mana Leak or Spell Pierce are also nice ways to make sure your opponent accept your gifts!

Finding Your Gifts

Your gifts are probably buried somewhere in your backyard, so you need to dig for them. What best way to do that than some good old Ancestral Vision & Serum Vision? Just draw tons of cards and you’ll be sure to find what you need!

Gift of Friendship

What best way to deliver your gifts than asking a friend for help? Your good friend Snapcaster Mage is always there for you and will make sure you’ll give out your gifts in time. Give flashback to your Harmless Offering, Remand, Terminate & whatever you need to fulfil your holiday gift giving!


There you have it boys & girls, a good old holiday cheer wrapped in some sleeves! The example of deck that I just talked about is a Grixis Control shell with Harmless Offering as a win-condition, because I feel like it’s the perfect match of effectiveness & gimmick. Modern is a very cutthroat format and going all-in on Harmless Offering would often prove unwise as you’d lose before you could do anything; by adding the theme into a Control list, you make sure you have time to get to your combo; but if you wish to make it more fun and less serious, you can take out some control aspects for the other cards I’ve talked about! Here is decklist that I’d build with the cards under the cut! See you guys next week for another deck tech, and 

happy holidays to all of you! :)

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