Legacy Deck Tech: Phasenought

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week it’s time to talk about some legacy with a super sweet & original deck: Phasenought. I want to thank @island-delver-go for introducing me to this neat deck! It’s a really strong tempo build that barely sees any play but packs a lot of power and can compete with top tier decks in the competitive scene. Even though it relies on a somewhat fragile main strategy, it only takes up 8 slots in your deck, the rest of it is just a good tempo deck, so if your plan goes south you still have a reliant strategy going on. Let’s take a closer look.

Name of the Deck

Here you have your main win condition. Your goal is to play this on turn 2 and hope your opponent doesn’t have a way to deal with it. If they don’t, they’ll lose pretty much on the spot as there’s not much that can race against that kind of pressure, besides combo decks maybe. In most cases, if you’re able to resolve this, you’re going to win the game.

It’s Just a Phase

And here we have the other part of the “combo”. By using this neat charm, you get to ignore the Dreadnought’s triggered ability. You make your creature phase out and when it comes back into play the next turn it won’t trigger any ETB effect and will be allowed to attack, since that’s pretty much how phasing works (I really like that mechanic, hope to see it again someday). You won’t really be using any of the other effects of the charm, it’s really just to phase out your Dreadnought.

Flexible Enabler

This card functions the same as the charm, making sure you can play a 12/12 with no drawback. The cool thing about Stifle is that it has more use to it. Sometimes if you Stifle your opponent’s fetch land on turn 1 they’ll concede on the spot; or even countering Tasigur’s activations, Stone-Forge’s ETB effect or even stop Storm decks altogether! It has quite a few uses and is a good car in any tempo deck, even more here.

Tempo Route

That’s really it for the whole Phasenought part, the rest of the deck is just a solid tempo shell playing around stuff like Delver. You get a really efficient creature for 1cmc that has an amazing synergy with the rest of the deck. This card is probably one of the most played cards in legacy and there’s not really any point of asking why, it’s so good.

Mandatory Brainstorm

I mean, you’re playing blue…you need to play some Brainstorm. The card advantage & selection is ridiculous with this and you get to shuffle away cards you don’t want with your fetch lands too, as well as set up a Delver flip by putting an instant on top of your library. The possibilities are endless!

Poor Man’s Brainstorm

While not being nearly as good as Brainstorm, this card still works really well in the deck and offers some good card selection for a cheap mana cost. You gotta dig deep in your deck to keep up the pressure and make sure to always have a healthy hand filled with answers! That’s what blue is all about.

Splash Removal

Technically you could play this deck mono-blue, but you might as well splash some red to have access to the best removal possible. This card goes really well with tempo decks as it can help you close off a game, as well as deal with annoying creatures. If you really don’t want to splash another colour you could just play some Unsummon or something but I wouldn’t recommend it. Bolt is just too good.

Recycle Man

Another case of “if you play blue, play this” with our friendly garbage man. Just re-use all your cantrips, as well as those sweet Lightning Bolts for extra value. You can also get some extra use out of those Vision Charm & Stifle to play some more Dreadnought!


Another reason to splash red is this card. Since the deck wants to cast a lot of cantrips & cheap spells, you can play a couple of these to have another win condition. It’s very hard to deal with a growing army of elementals, all while you’ll bury your opponent in card advantage. You could play white instead for Monastery Mentor & Swords to Plowshares, but I prefer playing red, it fits better the whole tempo strategy.

Please Use Protection

Your deck is somewhat reliant on a 2-card “combo” so you want to protect that strategy. Force is the go-to card to keep your stuff safe and I highly recommend playing it. This makes sure you can cast your Dreadnought on turn 2 and have it uncontested for long enough to win the game.

Extra Protection

Acting as another playset of Force, this card helps you protect your stuff to make sure you smash your opponent’s face with your 1cmc threat! It’s surprising how effecting Daze is in legacy, especially in tempo decks. It often counts as a hard counter without setting yourself back since your stuff is so cheap to cast, I really like this card.


There you have it for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did. Again, I’d like to thank @island-delver-go for introducing me to this deck since it’s super cool, very fun, and surprisingly powerful for a fringe deck. If I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for a pauper deck tech!

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How much of your art is self indulgent “I gotta see character in this situation”? How much of it is “I gotta drew tech deck jo”?

I’d say 20% of my art is  “I gotta see character in this situation,” the other 80% is “my friends said something stupid and now I’m drawing it.”