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Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @ghostpeppermint - featuring the voices of @hnilmik as Sombra, @totalspiffage as Widowmaker, and myself as Reaper! This strip speaks to me and my love of super spicy food, it really does.

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Successful Trans Women Talk About Leadership and Transitioning at the Office
Observations from accomplished trans women about power and leadership in the office
By Sacha Zimmerman

“Gender transition isn’t about gender,” said Ming. “It’s about literally making yourself a better person, because you know that’s a better you.” 

Please fire me. I was told by my boss that the instructional paper I had to write was too instructive and informative and therefore couldn’t be used. I had to rewrite it leaving out all the pertinent information.


WSJ “expert” thinks women in tech can solve sexism by pretending to be men

On Wednesday, Wall Street Journal leadership expert John Greathouse published the piece “Why Women in Tech Might Consider Just Using Their Initials Online,” and dropped some troubling advice on how women in the industry can combat gender bias. By suggesting that women “create an online presence that obscures their gender,” Greathouse is overlooking a much more valuable solution.

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Hack-A-Hair Dryer. 
Ingenuity and problem solving transcend gender. Yet only 26% of science and engineering jobs are held by women.
Designed to keep the noise level high around the need for more gender equality in the tech workplace; your task is to reimagine a hair dryer and repurpose it for another use. Because it’s not what people think of you that matters, it’s how you think. Via @ibmblr


How Rent-A-Minority went from a funny idea to viral phenomenon

Rent-A-Minority was born at NYC’s Stupid Idea Hackathon. “I didn’t really have a strategy around what I was doing, to be honest,” creator Arwa Mahdawi said. “I thought it was funny, I thought my friends might think it was funny, I thought maybe it would get a few views.” Soon the satirical site was everywhere — and most unexpectedly, affecting real change.

The workplace gender gap is even worse for women of color

Though the last couple of years have wrought a number of flashy initiatives aimed at increasing gender and racial equality at certain companies, men continue to own the lion’s share of leadership roles in the U.S. And while women at large are languishing in general staff roles, women of color are suffering in particular.

Black, Hispanic and Asian women hold just 3% of board director roles at Fortune 500 companies, according to “Barriers and Bias: the Status of Women in Leadership,” a new study from the American Association of University Women. That’s in part because few women of color can even snag a job at Fortune 500 company, where they make up 17% of the workforce. Once in, the number who rise up drops dramatically.

PayPal’s panel on gender inclusion didn’t plan to include any women

In the most grand illustration of mansplaining, PayPal planned an entirely male panel on gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. The tech industry has been lambasted for its lack of women. Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter have all publicly released diversity reports revealing roughly a third of all staff to be women. Here’s how PayPal responded to the negative feedback.

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