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Essentially, he could create another version of himself anywhere nearby, while the old version could stick around long enough to distract or attack you. If that wasn’t scary enough, there was an report of him holding a grenade in his hand as he repeatedly duplicated himself, with his short lived duplicates acting as suicide bombers.

…well then. So much for spatial-temporal dislocation!

Oh, and if he teams up with Bakuda, he can replace those grenades with her super-tech bombs!

Topping it all off, Oni Lee’s wiki page had a similar red warning box to the one that Bitch/Hellhound had on hers, minus the bit about his public identity. From what they knew about him, authorities had seen fit to note him a sociopath. The warning covered the same essential elements: exceedingly violent, dangerous to approach, should not be provoked, and so on.

Yeah, I’d say. This guy could wipe out a city by duplicating überbombs all over the place!

Though allegedly, he’s also a bit of a scaredycat without Lung’s support. There are somewhat mixed messages going on here, and they might be meant to show how dangerous the Mozart Gang is.

I glanced at his picture. His costume consisted of a black bodysuit with a black bandoleer and belt for his knives, guns and grenades. The only color on him was an ornate Japanese-style demon mask, crimson with two green stripes down either side. Except for the mask, his costume gave off the distinct impression of a ninja, which just added weight to the notion that this was a guy who could and would slide a knife between your ribs.

If he teleports, his original self stabs you, and he lets go of the knife, does the knife still disintegrate?

…If it doesn’t, then he has the ability to permanently duplicate items too. It makes more sense for everything that goes along with the copying to disintegrate when the time is up.


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Panasonic Lumix CM1

Today, we present to you another addition to the hybrid crowd: recently announced during the Photokina show in Germany, Lumix DMC-CM1 by Panasonic is an Android smartphone and a connected camera packed inside one versatile and futuristic-looking device that should soon find its way to mass production lines.


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