tech tools for me

Okay, ready to write

My sister surprised me on her way to work. She drove here and arrived just after I placed my order, so we hung out until her’s was ready. In the meantime, she threatened to get me cactus tea lights for my birthday (cute, but more appropriate for summer, so… nah) and I bought typewriter ribbon and a cat toy from amazon. Gotta love the era of smartphones. Letting me buy tools to use archaic tech from nearly a century ago from a coffee shop.

(They almost had what I needed at staples, but the typewriter ribbon wasn’t for my brand of typewriter and the matching brand of ribbon was only for a calculator.)

Anyway, I’ve got some stuff for 4.3 written during lunch yesterday, let’s hope it gives me a good enough starting point to kickstart today’s writing.

It’s the friggin’ 14th of October. I’ve got four days to write and edit two more scenes.

…there is something seriously wrong with me.

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