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So I've gotten pretty good at this tznius thing

Allow me to share my wisdom!

Decide what your rules are. The rule-of-thumb is collarbones/elbows/knees, but there’s a lot of wiggle room here. Do you want your necklines to go to your collarbones, or past your collarbones? Do you want your skirts to cover your knees all the time, or just when you’re standing? Are you going to cover the rest of your legs/feet? Are there certain colors you want to avoid? Ask about your community minhag (your rebbetzin could be a great resource here), but ultimately go with your own comfort level.

Do not throw anything away. Seriously. Not your pants, not your bikinis, nothing. There are going to be days when you want to wear jeans around the house, if not outside, and you mustn’t deprive yourself of that privilege quite yet. On top of that, most tops and some dresses can be salvaged with the proper shells, and you want to keep as much as possible.

Get a variety of skirts. I live in Colorado, where the weather changes hourly, so I need to be prepared for snow in May and 70-degree temperatures in January. Maxi skirts are good for hot days. Pencil skirts are good for windy days. Get something good and heavy for when it’s cold, but wear something shorter if it snows.

Sports are hard. If you do a sport, it’s gonna take you a while to find an appropriate outfit for it. You’ll probably have to order online, because most major athletic outfitters don’t carry tznua skirts appropriate for exercising. But you can get leggings, socks, and long-sleeve tech shirts at your local athletic store. Also: somebody please tell me where you can get a tznua swimsuit for a reasonable price, because I really need one.

Build your wardrobe slowly. Two shopping days a year used to get me all the clothes I needed and more, but those days are gone. Now, I can spend all day shopping and not find anything at all. So it’s going to take a while to build yourself a tznua wardrobe. Be patient! Go shopping for a couple hours at a time on a semi-regular basis, and don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything. No stress. There are no deadlines here.

Tznius is everywhere. Good news: you can shop at the same places you always have! You’re just going to be looking for different things. I promise you this: all clothing stores carry tznua clothing. Every day is different, and success is not guaranteed, but persistence will grant you tznua clothing from stores you already like.

Check for slits. Pencil skirts often have slits in the back to help you walk. Sometimes they’re sewn up for you, but sometimes they’re not. Furthermore, sometimes non-pencil skirts have slits that you don’t notice until you put them on. Before you buy anything, try it on to make sure you’re comfortable with it. If you need the slits to walk, keep them! If they’re unnecessary but you like them anyway, keep them! You can always take it to a tailor if you change your mind.

Feel free to add anything, or correct me on something I got wrong. I’ve seen a few questions on this recently and I wanted to help y'all out.


#1 I am amazed by my legs. They may not look the way I want, but they will carry me 26.2 tomorrow.

#2 Tumblr lunch! We were so caught up chatting and oohing and aahing over Andy that we forgot to take a picture with iwatchtheworldoutside so you get breatherunlive, fivefootsomethingsweating, and me. Fantastic company and always lovely when everyone is just as awesome in person as they are on the interwebs. 

#3-5 Long sleeve tech is the “free” shirt for the marathon. I purchased the other two. I don’t wear a lot of pink, but I like this one so much, I’m wearing it tomorrow. Sorry for all the stupid faces (but not really).

#6 Flat Ryan is ready. And Real Ryan is a bundle of nerves (see #5).

#7 Marathon nails. Accent nail is my attempt at the Dallas Marathon logo. They’re far from perfect but I was able to get it on the first try (last year I think it took me a few tries per ring finger). Perhaps last year was foreshadowing so getting it the first time is a good sign…?

I rewatched The Spirit of the Marathon tonight and I was crying two minutes in. There were random other times I just stated sobbing. Tomorrow, I’m going to be a shit show of tears…perhaps at the start, the finish, and every time I see one of my people. So many feels.

I’ve dedicated each mile to someone and I’ll keep the list with me. I think it’ll really help when I hit the wall.

18 weeks of training and I can barely wrap my head around the fact that it culminates tomorrow. TOMORROW.