tech shell

Some more concept art from A.I.P.D.

One of the things i had to do was figure out what was everybody’s role as a part of Rev’s team was in addition to how they get along with the cast. I eventually settled on Gale being the stereotypical “tech girl that stares at screens” you see on so many tv shows. My gripe with many of those shows is how utterly spacious, sleek, and clean their command centers are.

If you turned on the lights in this joint you’d see it’s practically a janitors closet. All the tech in there is second hand or stitched together from what they could get. Remember, Rev’s department is POOR compared to the scowlers. They make it work because of Gale. And since she’s a high grade android, she interfaces effortlessly with many older systems.

Gale was also given this role is because she isn’t built for fighting or getting into the many scrapes that Rev gets into. That’s Frankies job. She’s not like those human like androids you see on tv that are super strong for no damn reason. She has the strength of an average person. Even so, she helps out tremendously on cases.

The arm apparatus is a mix between the stuff you’d see in Ghost in the Shell as well as an art piece Josan Gonazalez. It has a rail system that allows it to move with Gale as she walks around the room and has telescoping parts to improve its reach and secure the connection. I also liked it being clunky to tell you that it’s kinda outdated.