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A Little Apprehension

Good morning Lou, or night. I’m not sure of the time difference between the States and Australia.

Anyway, 3 things I wanted to mention. First, I wanted to thank you for your response and encourgement via my rambling post the other night about my inability to sleep with a head full of Arrow thoughts. They just would not go away.

Second, because of yourencouragement, I’ve started the process of creating a blog page. I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. I am not very tech savvy when it comes to computers, (where is Felicity and Curtis when you need them.) But I am persistent. I hope to have the blog up and running in a couple weeks.

Third, I have to be honest I have a little apprehension about being male and putting my thoughts out there in a predominantly female forum. Silly, huh? My wife thinks it is. She asked me if my masculinity was threatened. No, that wasn’t what worried me. I grew up the only male in a family with 5 sisters and was privy to the female perspective whether I wanted it or not. My thought was—would anybody even visit my page. I don’t claim to be an expert on how women think and feel and act. But within that female environment I grew up in, and having been married for going on 28 years, I have a little clarity. And that clarity is—I don’t differentiate beween men and women, black and white, rich and poor, young and old, gay or straight. I only see people. So in that context, I am their equal and they are mine.

Sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there.  It’s the male in me. I feel like i just put out my resume to this fandom. The real main reason I decided to push forward on my blog is because I am a huge fan of Arrow and I want to be a part, a bigger part, of that experience.

So again, thank you for your input. By the way, I’m calling my blog Electric Chemistry. Like lightning in a bottle, Arrow has always felt that way to me.


Hi Gene, I’m thrilled to hear you’re going ahead with your blog, and Electric Chemistry is an awesome name. :D Setting up on tumblr is somewhat of a challenge, because it’s kind of a dick sometimes. I just out stubborned it. lol And I still can’t use work out half the functions like blocking people and following tags. Never mind. 

And as for your apprehension, I think that’s a normal thing. It’s like walking into a room full of strangers and feeling a little exposed. I think that’s a pretty universal thing, or at least it is for people over 20, who haven’t grown up with technology. I mean, growing up, we didn’t have a phone (land line I mean, mobile phones weren’t a thing when I was a kid) or a TV. And when we did get a TV, it was black and white, with two channels and Dad used us as a remote to change channels between the two. We grew up in a very small world. Our whole world was our family and school friends. And if you were really fancy, you had a pen pal from the other side of the world you wrote letters to every couple of months. 

Nowadays, you can reach out to hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. People all ages, sexual orientations and cultures. All with completely unique and different life experiences to you. And you are going in blind essentially. Hmm, not much of a pep talk so far, is it? lol I guess my point is that we’re all in the same boat. I just try and be as polite and kind as I can to people (not doing so well these days, but I do genuinely try every day), and that’s all I can do. 

I think it’s awesome having another male voice in the Olicity fandom. Sometimes it can get a bit oestrogeny in here. ;) Honestly though, any voice that is attached to someone who likes to analyse and consider what they’re seeing, rather than just continuously react is always a welcome thing in any fandom IMO. The thing with blogs is that just because you have a lot of followers doesn’t make you awesome, anymore than if you only have a couple makes you non-awesome. Like-minded people will usually find each other, and that’s where the real awesome lies. I’ll happily follow you when you’re up and running. I love listening to other people think. :D 

So, yes, I think you’re on the right track with things - people are just people. And people pick up that fact that you’re treating everyone the same, and respect you for that. You opinion is as valid as anyone else’s in the fandom, and I’m excited to hear what you’ve got to say about Arrow, as you have an obvious passion for the show, and that’s always the best place to be coming from. 

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Art School Stereotypes I’ve observed*


  • N e r d s
  • Unhealthily obsessed with video games, anime, Disney, or some sick combination of the three
  • One of the most sleep-deprived majors, but also surprisingly chipper (there are exceptions)
  • Instantly recognizable by their triforce t-shirts or Pokemon Go snapbacks
  • In spite of everything, they have the highest population of straight-edge asexuals
  • If you weren’t straight edge and celibate before, then prepare to be, because you’re about to disown all bodily urges and dedicate your life to drawing cartoon animals


  • Like Animation majors, but cooler and much better taste in fashion. A little less tech-savvy, though
  • Comic book nerds

Painting & Drawing

  • A friend of mine once said, “People who love animation go into animation. Then they realize it’s a ton of work and switch to illustration. Then they realize THAT’S a ton of work and switch into Painting & Drawing.”
  • Highest percentage of colorful hair and weird tattoos/piercings
  • grunge
  • Listen to music you’ve never heard of
  • Smoke a LOT, asthmatics beware


  • Kinda stereotypical stoners or high level artsy kids, but not that pretentious 
  • Somehow even more conceptual and indie than P&D
  • Behind the ceramics building, there’s a sculpture garden of all the sculptures of students past. Every night, the campus closes at 4AM. They say it’s for security, but I say it’s because the sculptures all come to life at that point. I mean, think about it. The whole “spooky midnight hour” is so cliche, I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T stay up till midnight at least once a week. But 4AM? That’s the true witching hour. The hour that belongs only to the living sculptures (and architecture majors I guess)


  • Frankly, the least hygienic major
  • All the males and most of the females have a rank odor after being sweatily hunched over the steaming hot forges for too long
  • Might be stoners, but the chill, easy-to-hang-out-with stoners
  • Probably the most like a real family. I always walk by the Glass Studio at night and feel the breeze of warm air from their fire, catch a riff of tasteful classic rock, and hear the echoes of genuine laughter from within. It must be nice to have a home.


  • I dunno, I’ve never met one. They put on some sick gallery shows, though.

Graphic Design

  • In spite of Graphic Design as an art not being super emotional or indie compared to, say, Painting, the GD majors are probably some of the most tortured souls I’ve met
  • I used to be best friends/date a GD major and watched before my eyes as she was crushed by the world around her from Freshman to Junior year. Honestly I’m not sure if she still goes here. We don’t talk anymore, it’s too painful. I miss her, or rather, I miss the person she used to be. The person she used to be before Graphic Design.
  • I’m now roommates with a poor little GD Freshman, and I worry about her every day. Not as a lover like with the last one, but as a parent. What will happen to her? How long will she last? Cheyenne, if you’re reading this, run away while you still can.
  • Gets excited about fonts and kerning.
  • I don’t really know what kerning is.


  • Outdoorsy and nature loving hippies
  • The chillest major, I envy them
  • Photography IS hard work, don’t get me wrong, but come ON! You travel to a beautiful mountain spring, snap a few pictures, and call it a day
  • Never need to pull all-nighters
  • Seriously, I deeply respect Photography as an art and all BUT


  • Some of them are also outdoorsy and nature loving hippies, the rest are hipSTERS
  • “I don’t watch ‘movies.’ I watch Films.
  • Apparently they have something of a drug problem, i.e., half the class comes in stoned
  • My friend Chris said one of the film teachers plays Porno he made in class, I’m not sure if he was messing with me or not


  • Oh boy, Architecture
  • The coldest hearts of any major
  • The only nice Architecture majors are the first years. After that last final, something inside of them breaks. At that point they either crawl to a different major in submission, or become as sharp, straight, and lifeless as the buildings which they spend so much time designing
  • They literally do not sleep
  • Seriously, I was pulling an all-nighter last week (since the Architecture place is the only place open 24/7) and I swear to god there was an entire CLASSFULL of the Architects up and jamming from 10pm to 7am. I tried to sleep, but the Architecture majors just wouldn’t quit. Also, it was so cold there. So cold. Cold from the hearts of fifth-year Architects. I’m bringing my winter backpacking sleeping bag next time.

Industrial Design

  • Mostly foreign exchange students, especially Chinese, Indian, and Korean
  • I don’t speak Chinese, Indian, OR Korean so I can’t say much else
  • Vaguely like Architecture majors, only they appear to have a normal spectrum of human emotions 

Interactive Design

  • What is Interactive Design? Honestly I don’t really know. Like making Apps or some shmuck.
  • Tech
  • Graphic Designers who love themselves


  • Mostly female
  • Obviously they’re very very VERY nicely dressed
  • Calm, confident, but also have fun sides


  • Most of the textiles students I’ve met are just stop-motion loving Animators
  • I think the ones that aren’t are probably like grandmas that love knitting or something


  • Honestly I didn’t know this was a major until like last semester
  • The only furniture major I’ve met was this Norwegian dude who looked like a greek god 
  • We were once assigned to do a group project together but then he blew me off to go surfing so I had to do it myself. Seriously? Surfing???? Like I’d be mad but that’s a cool reason to blow someone off. Hell, I’d blow people off surfing if I had the easy life of a non-animation-major


  • “We have a writing program?”
  • They’re cool though
  • Get really excited about books. I’ve read only about three or four books so I kind of just smile and nod while they talk
  • Seem genuinely interested in other people’s stories

Community Art

  • I’m not entirely sure what this is
  • Passionate about social justice and teamwork

Disclaimer: No offense to any of them (except architecture majors)

*At California College of the Arts from my relativley limited perspective as an animation major who frankly has only had minimal interactions with the others

- Chris, would you like to say a few words about Mr Stan?

- Of course I will...

From the Beijing CA:TWS Press Conference [x]
Your Un-Tech Savvy Mom Is Now A Meme

Have you ever got a call from your mother to come fix her computer only to find she has a virus invested machine? Maybe she told you her Internet was down but come to find out she just deleted the IE6 icon. Better yet, maybe she forked over a ton of cash for that awesome gadget you’ve been wanting but just lets it collect dust…yeah, we all have those females in our life…here are 25 examples:


“You’re lucky you didn’t burn Y/N’s friggin’ eyeballs out. You can’t mess around with that crap, Cas,” Dean said from nearby, lowering his own arm from his eyes. Cas either didn’t hear or didn’t care to answer, his sight fixed on you only. He walked forward, slow, until he was standing just before you.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”

“I’m fine,” you said. You couldn’t tear your gaze away, even though he was back to normal now. You wanted to tell him how beautiful he’d been, how you’d never seen anything like it before, but with tears still in your awestruck eyes, you couldn’t find the words.

“No one’s ever been able to see me like that before.”

“So what does that mean?” you asked.

“I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head. “But I think I’d like to find out.”

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