tech pirations

I’m under the impression that Earth is already a part of the galactic Milky Way community and that our world leaders are, in fact, in direct communications with alien representatives but are keeping it secret from us because these aliens are not ambassadors from other planets but instead are pirate and mercenary leaders who come to earth to procure black market goods like nuclear warheads and the like. 

Basically Earth is a “No-go” backwater zone that’s been sanctioned by Space UN and that makes us a hub of criminal space activity and our leaders are profiting off it by trading nukes for salvaged pirate tech.


Kanye West caught pirating music software

Tuesday night, West tweeted out the above screengrab of a Sufjan Stevens track. But take a close look at the top of the page, and we can see Kanye has a Pirate Bay tab open. The same Pirate Bay he reportedly considered suing. He’s apparently looking for the digital synthesizer tool Serum — which comes at a price he can definitely afford.

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  • Killian: Swan showed me how to make portraits with my talking phone!
  • David: That took you a while...
  • Emma: Yeah, he's good at buckling swashes and, like, hoisting the mast and all that, but not so good with technology.
  • Killian: Excuse me I am great at technology, I can even make the magic box do the Net Flicks now.
  • Emma: It's called the internet.
  • Killian: Well one typically hoists sails, not masts, love.
  • Emma: Hush or I'll make you swag the deck.
  • Killian: SWAB the deck, and the joke's on you because I'll just borrow the noisy dust-eater that lives in Snow's closet and be done in no time.
  • David:
  • David: yeah I can see you two are great at this.