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Seeker was born blind, and grew up listening to pretty ah.. dark stories of the world. But time made it clear that one set of stories isn’t enough to form an opinion, so he set off to hear more stories and figure out this world he can’t visually witness.

Now… that being said, Tech is rather passionately opinionated and Pisca is just.. opinionated. So Seeker has ways of being a sort of.. pop up therapist. 

Cuz hey, no licence means once you go ‘right, that guy you told me hurt you is most DEFINITELY a wanker’, then nothing can be revoked to stop you listening and helping folk after busting in someknee caps

Hip-Hop / R&B

1. The Weeknd - Party Monster
2. Migos - Bad and Boujee
3. Rae Sremmurd - No Type
4. Kevin Gates - I Don’t Get Tired
5. Drake - Back To Back
6. Schoolboy Q- That Party
7. Tech N9ne - Erbody But Me
8. Clyde Kelly - Magic
9. The Weeknd - Nothing Without you
10. Kevin Gates - Really Really
11. G-Eazy - Bone Marrow
12. Post Malone - Patient
13. Kid Cudi - Baptized In Fire
14. Jazz Cartier - Tempted
15. Tyga - Feel Me
16. Big Sean - Halfway Off The Balcony
17. G-Eazy - Calm Down
18. A$AP Rocky - F**kin’ Problems
20. Eminem - ‘Till I Collapse
21. Jay Z - No Church In The Wild
22. Warren G - Regulate
23. Andy Mineo - You Can’t Stop Me
24. A$AP Rocky - Wild For The Night
25. Stormzy - Scary

mumu (multi-muse) plot ideas

pt 1: 

  • Band members on tour
    • A four or six part band, on the road playing shows for adoring fans. Radio appearances, staying in hotels, hiding from paps or over-obsessed stalker fans. Recording sessions in the studio whenever humanly possible. A ton of ot4/ot6 vibes because there’s nothing quite like doing what you love on stage with your best friends, or exploring the world with them. 
  • Youtube friends
    • Doesn’t really matter how big your group is for this, it’ll work. It started with some mutual subscriptions. Some friendly youtube comments. Eventually there was social networking on other sites, and then a few video collaborations here and there. Fast-forward, your characters’s channels have gotten mega popular. There are joint meet ups, taking selfies with subscribers, trips all over the world (youtube videos at disney world, or on the London eye anyone?) The group are all great friends, and what’s best is that they’re having the time of their lives just recording the fun! 
  • Boarding School 
    • There are so many ways you could go with this honestly. Study groups are cute, maybe have your muses in one of those - studying super hard to keep their scholarships? Or you could have them in separate cliques, having to defend each other to their friends who have never liked that other group. Or you could have a some of your characters as scholarship kids, and the rest as rich kids, a ton of clashing and a ton of pining to be accepted into the rich circle. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Witches 
    • A modern coven maybe? I’m just thinking like some teenagers who’s grandparents had magic, but it skipped a gen or so. As a consequence they’ve got to figure out how to use it, and how to incorporate it into their modern lives. Have them convert an old abandoned apartment into a meeting place. Have them write their spells on ipads. Explore the which craft hierarchy. Have them enchant common things like their house keys (so they’ll never loose them), have them store their supplies in tupperware containers. Modern witches man, so rad. 
  • Apartment Block
    • A Friends-esqe group who all live in the same apartment block, who basically share each other’s places anyway. Really cute friendships and relationships and the sort. Everyone getting together for christmas or new years or whatever because these people are family now. It’d just be really cool okay. 
  • Sports Teams/Cheer squads 
    • A few muses on each team/squad. Lots of rivalries, lots of games where the whole team comes out to watch the match. Maybe two of the muses secretly like each other and a Romeo + Juliet subplot emerges. 
  • Secret Agents/Heist group 
    • This might be best with a lower number of muses, I’d stick with four. Lots of planning out bank heists and running from cops and celebrating once the mission’s complete. Rappelling from glass ceilings and sneaking through air vents in skintight black suits and ah the disguises they’d have, the cover stories you could explore!
  • Gangs
    • This might be good if you’re feeling a bigger group. You’d need a ring leader, your muscle men, the followers, ect. Maybe they dabble in selling drugs, maybe they have fun with them themselves. Maybe there’s a lot of power abuse, a lot of acting as if they own their city – because honestly the gang does own the city. A feeling of indestructibleness from the head honcho and utter helplessness from the ones who just want to get out. 
  • Drama Club
    • Again this could be as big or as small as you want, but I feel like this would be great for a larger group. A ton of staying late to rehearse even though they’ve been over their lines hundreds of time that day. Stages kisses not feeling like stage kisses at all, wardrobe malfunctions, fighting over roles, trying to make everything work at the last minute because holy shit we were not prepared to take on a show this big. Exploring the relationships between actors, backstage tech, costume design. Cast parties after really successful shows, hanging out and killing themselves laughing doing improv. I don’t know you could do a lot with it okay. 
Jingle Bell Rock Indeed - One Shot

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For you anon - Hope you don’t mind me making it Christmassy, kinda in the spirit.

Summary - Christmas is a special time for everyone. But it’s not the 40s anymore, and Bucky isn’t quite sure how sexy a Santa outfit could be. Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut smut and fluff of course.
Too many words.

And I can’t listen to Jingle Bell Rock anymore, It was on repeat whilst I was writing certain parts. >.>

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Characters of Gotham stranded on an Island

Jim Gordon: Would some how find a female and fuck up her life.

Harvey Bullock: Would not give a single fuck until he ran out of booze. He would wait for Jim to come save him.

Edward Nygma: Would find his way off the Island with his new friend, a coconut named Oswald. Well he says friend, but the coconut has a knife stuck in the back of it. Apparently the coconut killed his girlfriend.

Oswald Cobblepot: Would cry about Edward the whole time and wait to be saved by him. Even though he’s stuck on the island, because of Ed. He won’t accept that fact though.

Jervis Tech: Have a tea party and make hats.

Bruce Wayne: Fall unto a cave and become king of the bats.

Alfred: Use his skills and get off the Island.

Selina Kyle: She’d survive, living on the island is better than living in Gotham.

Ivy: Becomes a plant goddess.