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I worked with a French designer once. Nice guy, but during focus he told me to “get hard and come on my face”. I mean, I knew what he meant, but any other combination of words to get me to focus that light wouldn’t have resulted in me doubled over laughing in the catwalks.
—  Fun times with foreign designers. 

Mutuals who are playing Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC and are too shy to play multiplayer on their own should hit me up when the game comes out! I’m OK at combat, usually, but if you’re just looking to have fun I am more than willing to play a few games with you if you need help easing into playing multiplayer. My timezone is GMT and I will probably be playing more in the evening and nighttime (so… late afternoon/evening EST if you’re in the US).


The Heralds of the Future

As seen in the latest Call of Duty:  Black Ops teaser

First image:  Lee Baugh uses two mind-controlled modular prostheses from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  I’ve posted about him before

Second image:  unknown (help me out here)

Third Image: TED talk by the great Hugh Herr on his fantastic BiOMs inspired by nature, and why his prosthesis are not a replacement, but an improvement over its organic counterpart.  I’ve posted about him before too

Fourth Image:  From this video of a girl getting a Cochlear Implant upgrade for her hearing

Best of Backstage 2016


February: Look at ‘em go…

March: It looks like someone had a real bad time

April: Stagehand Motto

May: Difficult to Corral 

June“…And then we get a gobo…”

July: Technically Correct

August: Two Liter of Coke

September: Collective Noun

October: Dead Audience

November: Looking for Spikes

December: *Dramatic Pause*

Thanks everyone for as great a year on the blog as we could ask for. Here’s to an even better 2017.

–The Mgmt.


Somewhere along the way, the new basecom has gained somewhat of a reputation. He had become Someone-You-Don’t-Fuck-With. Because if you do, you can be sure there would be people after you. It didn’t matter who. If you were lucky, you got a group of Thirds still learning the limits of their new strength. If you were unlucky, you got a thorough lecture from Zack Fair, followed by a visit from one of the Generals.  

For the fics: up-sideand-down’s Cloud with Glasses

Other characters with glasses:



That’s right. That’s the stagehand motto: We’re all assholes. Especially sound. Well, unless there’s a video crew. Then especially video.
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on today’s addition in the middle of a live performance my light op leans over and says ‘we have run out of cues. i am now going to improv and make up as we go’ and I, being the sm, nervously laugh and nod. my light op completely improvises the second 'act’ and it went perfect. we were all amazed