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I worked with a French designer once. Nice guy, but during focus he told me to “get hard and come on my face”. I mean, I knew what he meant, but any other combination of words to get me to focus that light wouldn’t have resulted in me doubled over laughing in the catwalks.
—  Fun times with foreign designers. 

“Kara putting rainbow flags everywhere in the DEO and says it’s like mistltoe, you have to kiss under if you’re queer. She got herself played when she happened to be under one with Lena.” from @mrtevloar

She doesn’t do it for herself.

She really doesn’t. 

She does it for Vasquez and she does it for Yve.

She does it for that med tech in ops and she does it for Pam from HR.

She does it, mostly, for her sister.

Not for herself.

She doesn’t conspire with Vasquez to litter the DEO with rainbow flags like Vasquez had littered it with mistletoe last winter for selfish reasons.

Really, she doesn’t. 

She splatters the halls and the labs and hell, even the command center, with rainbow flags because it’s Pride Month, and Maggie keeps going off about how corporate and geared toward rich white cis men the whole thing is, and she agrees, she does – but she also sees Maggie light up whenever she sees rainbow flags in random places this month, because god, for once it’s good to be seen. Good to be heard.

So she and Vasquez cover the place in the dead of the last night of May, Kara using her powers to fly and hang things from the higher ceilings, Vasquez using their DEO training to climb up to doorways and hallways to hang flags in the lower high spots.

Their Pridely mischief is worth J’onn’s groan and facepalm – he’s smiling, of course, under his hand – when Kara declares to everyone the next morning that “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags will be your mistletoe this month!”, and Alex immediately drags Maggie under the nearest flag and kisses her until they’re both breathless, until the entire morning shift of agents is cheering and wolf whistling, until Maggie’s fingers tighten in Alex’s hair and J’onn has to beg them to please, please, please, finish this elsewhere.

Their Pridely mischief is worth is when Winn melts and stammers and nods his way through Superman walking under a flag with him, telling him that Lois won’t mind a small kiss if Winn consents, giving him a soft, tender, appreciative, brief kiss, making sure he doesn’t fall from weakened knees by bracing strong hands on Winn’s waist; afterwards, Winn can barely speak for days, and they’re all mildly concerned his face will stay permanently red, his gaze permanently dazed and blissful and so, so dreamy.

But one part of their Pridely mischief that Kara wasn’t prepared for?

Is Lena coming to the DEO.

Lena coming to the DEO and smiling brightly at all the flags, and asking a stammering Kara about them as they’re standing directly under one together, and Maggie jumping in and repeating Kara’s rules – “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags are mistletoe for Pride Month! – with a shit-eating grin on her face, and Alex watching with wide eyes and a slack jaw as Lena turns to Kara, and Kara’s entire world outside of Lena melts away.

“Are you queer and comfortable and consenting, Kara? Because I’d very much like to kiss you,” she asks soft and tentative and beautiful.

Kara’s breath hitches as she licks her lips, as she takes Lena’s face into her hands and kisses her soft, kisses her slow, kisses her tender, kisses her passionate.

Lena swoons and Kara steadies her, both of their lips turning up into soft, shy smiles, and the applause that greets their ears is soft, respectful, full of knowledge of the significance of the moment, support and affirmation for the intensity of what is happening.

“You owe me that flash grenade,” Maggie mutters in her girlfriend’s ear.

Before Alex even has the chance to answer, to process, to catch up, J’onn sighs and shakes his head.

“Not a chance, Detective,” he tells her, but the smile on his face – both of his daughters, so, so, so happy – weaves a different picture.

Dance Tech Week AU’s
  • “You’re my carpool but you picked me up way too early and now we get to play the fun game of ‘is the door open or are we stuck out here for an hour alone?’” AU
  • “One of our pieces is a duet and you’re great but the choreographer/director is making us stay late to be more ‘passionate’ ahhhhhh.” AU
  • “My costume is covered in glitter and now there’s glitter EVERYWHERE including your face because for some reason you wanted glitter on your face but now the directors are mad because it’s unprofessional and half the company thinks we made out WHY.” AU
  • “It’s tech week and I have eighteen quick changes and there are twenty dances and I’m slowly dying but you brought me coffee and are yelling at me to take a nap and are you an angel?” AU
  • “I kicked you in the face and just started hugging you in the middle of dress rehearsal and I’m sorry that I hurt you!” AU
That’s right. That’s the stagehand motto: We’re all assholes. Especially sound. Well, unless there’s a video crew. Then especially video.

personally i’m also a big fucking fan of tony stark’s outrageously OP portable tech ie his watches. tap that watch face twice? highly specific door opens. tap twice press button? whoops just commandeered the security audio feeds in a secure government facility! badass tap swipe ba-doom? NON-LETHAL GAUNTLET. let’s not even get started on the phone, which is more like a direct hacking line into the pentagon and shit. my god i love it. can’t believe tony sits there in his workshop like coding these highly specific near-impossible functions into his accessories. sunglasses? yes, but also, literal eye armors. can probably play video games without people realizing


One of the greatest videos @buzzfeed has ever made.

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A friend told me she was doing Leeloo and that it would be funny if I joined them and did Ruby Rhod. Before I knew it we were thinking of ways to do his voluptuous wig and his unique outfit.

This cosplay first started with the leopard suit. Pretty simple except I had to make the head opening (forget what its called) a bit wider. After doing that, I started working on his puffy collar. To make it puffy I added batting to the inside of it. His staff was actually made by the same friend who suggested doing him in the first place, it was a pole covered with leopard print fabric and has a spray painted speaker on top so I can terrorize people with my robot voice and horrible music. As for his hair I cut up a old wig an inch away from root then added layers of batting to cover a wig, then took a bottle and rolled up many layers of batting to make his pompadaur.

Well right of the bat, I didn’t expect to have such a positive reaction from the attendees. The Fifth Element is an old movie and I didn’t think anyone has seen it, but I was very very VERY wrong. I got stopped for a picture before even entering the convention (which was awful because it was so cold) by a man I was sharing an Uber with. When I started seeing the parents who were chaperone or even people who didn’t even come to the Gaylord for Magfest recognize me and tell me how much they love the movie it makes me feel really great. This is going to sounds sappy but seeing people smile and scream Ruby’s lines from the movie made me really happy and it never got old

I got quite a few, but I’ll keep it too the 4 best ones haha. First one, I was walking through the lobby trying to get to the escalator and I heard a guy say something like ‘oh look a Ruby Rhod’ which was normal I heard that a lot, but right then and there this one guy ran up to me, pointed at my face, and just screamed. I, to this day, don’t know if he was screaming words or what was happening, but he didn’t ask for a picture or say anything after that he just left as soon as he came. The people around me who witnessed this were just as confused as I was. It was hilarious, really. For the second one, Somewhere there’s a video of me singing Yeah by Usher on a stage as Ruby because I was an idiot and raised my hand when Professor ShyGuy asked if there was anyone in the crowd who could say 'Yeah’ like Lil Jon. Apparently he’s a fan, who knew? Thirdly, One fan carried me up 2 flights of stairs as Ruby, which was awesome and I felt it important to share because I never get carried haha. At one point I broke the bluetooth speaker that was on top of my rod and to fix it I went to Tech Ops to see if I can solder the wires back to get it to work and Voi-la it did end up working and somewhere out it there someone has a picture of me as Ruby soldering my rod.

– CometCarter

How To Improv In Iambic Pentameter

SM: Where is Lysander?

ASM: Naked.

SM: Where?

ASM: Serious wardrobe malfunction, blood involved, stand by.

SM: ETA? (estimated time of arrival?)

ASM: 1 minute. One full minute. Using Bottom’s pants.

SM: Stage right, please send Puck on to improvise.

Props: Copy, stand by.

Puck runs onstage like a pro.

Puck: My dearest Hermia, for whom do you wait? Thyne Lysander is but a full minute away! (Winks)

Hermia: I–what?–oh!–Um–(deep breath)…Okayyy.

SM: Hahahahha ohmigod! Best Shakespearean improv ever. Good thing she has a whole minute to think of something better.

ASM: Lysander’s on his way.

SM: Copy that, and thank the theatre gods.

Lighting: “Bottom’s pants” is my favorite pun of the evening.

*Submitted by  themagicnumbat


The Heralds of the Future

As seen in the latest Call of Duty:  Black Ops teaser

First image:  Lee Baugh uses two mind-controlled modular prostheses from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  I’ve posted about him before

Second image:  unknown (help me out here)

Third Image: TED talk by the great Hugh Herr on his fantastic BiOMs inspired by nature, and why his prosthesis are not a replacement, but an improvement over its organic counterpart.  I’ve posted about him before too

Fourth Image:  From this video of a girl getting a Cochlear Implant upgrade for her hearing


Somewhere along the way, the new basecom has gained somewhat of a reputation. He had become Someone-You-Don’t-Fuck-With. Because if you do, you can be sure there would be people after you. It didn’t matter who. If you were lucky, you got a group of Thirds still learning the limits of their new strength. If you were unlucky, you got a thorough lecture from Zack Fair, followed by a visit from one of the Generals.  

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