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So how would the aliens react towards watching some of their human crewmates favorite movies ranging from horror to fantasy to comedy to romance?

This is a beautiful idea! I absolutely love movies, though I tend to steer clear of horrors, but trust me, because of how much I watch Cinema Sins, I think I can do at least one horror movie!

By the way, spoilers ahead.

They wanted to have a movie night.

Of course Xylion had heard rumors of these things, but he had little idea what they were. On his planet, entertainment had not been something they focused on. His planet steered more towards hard work and education, but of course there were a few individuals who preferred the fun route, as they called it. His second brother was one of those people.

Xylion was currently seated in the break room, watching the humans argue about which one to watch first. He sighed.

“Mine is better! Who even wants to watch a horror movie?” Human Jenny proclaimed, the colorful case in her hand seeming to be shine under the light.

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “Hey, who wants to watch yours?”

“Mine is a classic!”

“Hey, you two, please don’t fight.” Human Quinn said, attempting to stop her boyfriend and Human Jenny from fighting.

Human Fredrick sighed. “Let’s let Xylion decide first. He is the guest, after all.”

Xylion was suddenly handed a bunch of cases. He looked down and flipped through them. That’s when he held up the one Human Quinn had handed him. “Let’s do this one.”

All the other humans groaned, but didn’t say anything. Human Quinn shook her head. “All of you are rude, you hear me?”

Xylion said nothing as the movie began to play. As he watched, he memorized parts of the plot.

Poor guy falls in love with rich woman. The two date, then get separated. They then meet again and fight, yet still love one another. Then, it shows two old people in the hospital reading a notebook, and then they both die.

Xylion did not enjoy it. He found it strange, yet Human Jenny and Human Quinn were in tears.

“I hate watching this movie because it makes me cry so much!” Human jenny exclaimed, blowing her nose.

Human Quinn agreed with her and the two wrapped their arms around one another, sobbing. The men just stared at them.

“What was that movie called?”

The Notebook.”

Next, Xylion chose Human Mason’s movie. He stared at the pink cover. “You really want to watch this one, Mace?” Human Isaac asked, looking up at him.

“There’s no blood.”


Xylion sighed as the movie started to play.

It started with a young girl looking up at the sky. He older sister then came out and the younger sister asked about the swan constellation up in the sky. The movie then began with a girl who was turned into a swan, but she was able to turn into a girl in the day. She has to stop an evil fairy, falls in love with a prince, the fairy tries to stop her, she starts dying, then the two get hit with a spell and their hands are intertwined, and then everything is well and they get married.

When it was over, Human Jenny was sobbing while Human Fredrick absentmindedly patted her back.

“What movie was that?”

Barbie’s Swan Lake.”

“Okay, that was…interesting.”

The next one was Human Jenny’s. She was excited about this one.

The movie started off with a girl projectile vomiting over a crowd while singing, which Xylion found very disgusting. It then showed a girl going to college and joining with the singing group. They went to competitions, won a few, got embarrassed a bit, fell in love with people, etcetera. Xylion was kind of bored of it.

Human Jenny was trying to get everyone else to sing along with the songs, and Human Fredrick joined in out of sympathy, but the others didn’t sing.

“What was that one called?”

Pitch Perfect.”


The next was Human Isaac’s.

It started off with a girl getting a call from someone, but then she learns her bofriend is kidnapped and she ends up being murdered. Then it goes to another girl, who is dealing with the one year anniversary of her mother’s death. She is attacked by the same killer, but survives. She then starts suspecting her boyfriend, and stays with her best friend. The school is closed down and the principal is killed. And then a dude throws a party, she and her boyfriend consummate their relationship, her friend gets killed, and soon later the killer is revealed to be her boyfriend and the dude who threw the party.

Xylion was actually kind of shocked by this one. He wasn’t expecting that one.

“It wasn’t the worst one. What was it called?”

Scream, the 1996 version.”

“It wasn’t the worst one.”

However, Human Jenny was not happy about this, as she was still ignoring Human Isaac.

The last one was Human Fredrick’s, and everyone seemed interested in this one.

It started with a group being attacked by some dude with a spear, and they were turned against one another. It then went to a dude who had been frozen in ice, a girl who beat up a bunch of guys, a dude who was a doctor, and a guy who had a tech suit. They all gathered together and went to kill that spear guy, but the dude was taken by his brother. They then fought, became friends, and then the spear guy turned them against one another and separated them, but they got the arrow dude back. They then fought off a bunch of aliens and then won.

Xylion liked it, but he was sort of offended about the alien thing, but they didn’t look like him so he was okay.

“What was that one called?”

The Avengers, one of my most favorite franchises.”

Xylion attempted to smile. “I liked it.”

Human Fredrick chuckled. “It’s pretty good. They have more too, we can watch them all some other time, yeah?”


Xylion liked movies. While some were better than others, they all were relatively entertaining.

He couldn’t wait to watch more.

I don’t know.

Was it good?

I hope so. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! And don’t worry, I’m starting on your other ask in just a second!

Remember, if you want to ask me anything, then go on ahead! I am going to be working on it as long as I can tonight!
US Muslims Noticed Something Missing From Trump's Speech — Themselves
President Donald Trump's speech on Islam delivered in Saudi Arabia wasn't as bad as some American Muslims had expected, but it's not likely to win them over. 'It was definitely awkward.'
By Hannah Allam

In the week before President Donald Trump’s Islam-focused speech in Saudi Arabia, American Muslims collectively cringed over the big question: Just how bad could it be?

Not as bad as imagined, it turns out, but still unimpressive.

US Muslims said Trump’s address Sunday at a summit in Riyadh was remarkable mainly for its blandness – shopworn lines about good versus evil from a president who once blamed his Saudi hosts for 9/11, who floated the idea of shutting down mosques, and who said, “I think Islam hates us.”

American Muslims also noted a glaring omission in the half-hour speech: themselves. There was no acknowledgment of the contributions of the athletes, doctors, actors and tech entrepreneurs who are among more than 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States.

“You don’t mention them once in your entire speech?” said Adnan Zulfiqar, a Philadelphia-based Truman National Security Project fellow who studies foreign policy in the Muslim world. “What that tells me is that Trump’s conception of America is not only Muslim-free but, in many respects, minority-free. He easily engages with Islam as a foreign ‘other,’ as opposed to Islam and Muslims as part of the American fabric.”

Trump, a day after a lavish royal welcome that was scrubbed of women and protesters, waxed poetic about standing together against the killing of innocents and the oppression of women. Trump said he hadn’t come to lecture (though he did) and said he was interested only in gradual reforms, not interventions – a reassuring message for authoritarian Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

Trump ditched his base’s preferred terminology of “radical Islamic terrorism” and, in most places, used less inflammatory terms such as “radicalism” and “extremism.” It was the kind of language Trump used to attack his predecessor President Barack Obama for using.

“We welcome President Trump’s recognition of Islam as ‘one of the world’s great faiths,’ but that recognition does not wipe out years of well-documented anti-Islam animus,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council On American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement. “The president should also recognize the contributions American Muslims make – and have made for generations - to the betterment of our nation.”

To many US Muslims, the about-face showed that Trump considers the faith of 1.7 billion people as just another negotiable, his public stances on Islam changing whichever way the wind – or a $110 billion weapons deal – blows. He bashed Islam in front of anti-immigrant US voters he needed to win the election; he embraced Islam in front of Middle Eastern autocrats whose help he needs on counterterrorism and trade issues.

“Trump doesn’t have any inhibitions in terms of exaggerations, so he laid it on thick,” Zulfiqar said. “But in a room full of a lot of autocrats, exaggeration plays incredibly well. So, while he’s heaping praise on them and their potential and accomplishments, he can sneak in ‘Islamic terrorism’ and nobody even cares.”

Trump’s muted speech stood in contrast to the rest of his over-the-top visit to the kingdom, his first overseas travel as president and a closely watched – and mocked – event for American Muslims.

Much of the color from his trip spread in memes and gifs, the disjointed scenes conjuring a dystopian Arabian Nights. There’s Trump, bouncing along during a traditional sword dance. There’s White House strategist Steve Bannon, who’s long spewed anti-Muslim venom, looking ill at ease in a swarm of men in traditional Saudi thobes and headdresses. And there’s Trump again, this time in a golf cart with the Saudi king, headed to a Toby Keith concert.

It became a cliché to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

“It was weird. It felt strangely like an echo of the Bush era, where most of our foreign policy was determined by the economic interests of the defense industry. The sword dance kind of brought that back for me,” said Shayan Ghajar, an Iranian-American agricultural researcher in Virginia.

And all the Bannon memes? “Priceless,” Ghajar said with a laugh.

Sakeena Rashid, a tech developer in Ohio, was among those bracing for the worst. She recorded her reactions to Trump’s speech using images from her newly launched app, Islamoji, which sells emojis that represent the wide diversity of American Muslims.

On her Facebook page, Rashid started with an emoji of a Saudi man with a pet cheetah, a nod to the opulence of the royal welcome for Trump. Next came one of a woman in a headscarf looking skeptical as Trump talked about “friendship, hope, and love.” A pile of cash for the announcement of an arms deal.

Rashid wrapped it up with a riff on the Kermit the Frog meme, an emoji of the skullcap-wearing Kareem the Frog sipping his tea because Trump had delivered a lecture after saying he wouldn’t.

“It was definitely awkward,” Rashid said, describing the image of Trump, of all people, speaking in Saudi Arabia after a Quran recitation.

Apart from the funny emojis and memes, Rashid said, there was a line in Trump’s speech that reminded her of the seriousness beyond the spectacle. It was when Trump said that “young Muslim boys and girls should be able to grow up free from fear, safe from violence, and innocent of hatred.”

She said it instantly took her back to two weeks ago, when she was standing in a grocery store with her baby in her arms and a stranger who saw her headscarf yelled at her to go back to her country. Never mind that she’s an African-American who was born in Michigan.

Rashid, like many other American Muslims, said a half hour of conciliatory remarks wasn’t going to make up for the many years Trump has smeared Islam, such as spreading bogus claims about Muslims in New Jersey cheering when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11 or insinuating that ordinary Muslims could prevent terrorist attacks that even trained intelligence officers failed to spot.

That kind of rhetoric, Rashid said, contributed to an irate man feeling bold enough to loudly accost a woman shopping in public with her children.

“When Trump said that about safety for boys and girls, I was, like, does that count for American Muslims?” Rashid said. “As Muslims in the United States, we have to also feel safe and free from fear, and we don’t.”

I’m watching #realityhigh (yes that’s how it’s spelled) on Netflix and these “teenagers” have to all be at least 25.

Also this Sexy-Latina-Bitch thing is a trope I was hoping would be dead by now.

Nobody is embarrassed about braces/retainers any more.

No, social class is not determined by what sport/extra curricular you’re into (unless you watch anime)

“Wimpy white boy that’s too immature to talk about his feelings and thus ruins his crush’s every chance of talking to her crush” trope applied heavily in first 10 minutes.

Dog the size of a baby eats half a bar of chocolate, doesn’t die. (like seriously absolutely nobody was stressed at all and the vet was like “ooh oh! he’s so strong!!” and did literally the same thing that MC, a vet tech/volunteer, did)

Woman who played a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy seems to have fallen far lmao.

Half the shit these people are posting on social media about their classmates would actually get them suspended.

The Model S Tesla is also equipped with nods to Spaceballs (“Ludicrous Speed” is now a thing), can quote The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy to you if you name it “42,” and if you enter the “007” secret access code, it will even morph on its display into James Bond’s underwater car “Wet Nellie” from The Spy Who Loved Me. This car is that one friend you keep trying to outnerd, only for him to shoot back with an even more obscure reference every time.

However, in true Doc Brown fashion, the Model S’s coolest feature (also shared by the Model X) has to do with roads. You know those boring roads that boring automakers put on their boring GPS maps, for boring reasons like “making sure you don’t die”? Well, if you press your Tesla’s autopilot four times, you’ll hear a cowbell ring, transforming your map into a dead ringer for the Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart. If only they’d let us lob digital turtle shells at the Volkswagen with the Trump sticker in front of us.

6 Amazing Easter Eggs Lurking In Places You’d Never Suspect

Rant on representation

I see so little representation of Asian women that i don’t even know what it even feels like to feel represented. sometimes I feel something that feels like it, but idk.

I liked that Asian doctor Chi Park on House, but nobody liked her and they kicked the character. The Asians in orange is the new black are stereotypes (forever foreigner and model minority). Fresh off the boat…let’s not go there. Sometimes I watch it anyways though because there’s just nothing else.. 3% had an minor char Asian and she died. The show Humans had a significant Asian char and she spent the whole time being a robotic (literally) servant to a white family (and she still fared better than the 2 black guys in that show). Asians in Strange Empire and the Knick were total stereotypes. There’s just no Asians, even in things where ppl say they’re diverse. I heard that the Asian guy in the Walking Dead got killed off. In the first few eps of How To Get Away With Murder the filipino guy was just being used by the white guy for his computer tech skills (stereotypical). The only Asian “companion” in Doctor Who was a villain and a (wannabe?) gangaster in San Francisco. The Asians in Pitch Perfect are stereotypes.

Star Trek announced Michelle Yeoh, but then it turns out she’s a minor character on a different ship than the main ship. There were 3 Asian men in Star Wars Rogue One but (SPOILERS don’t read any further if you haven’t seen it yet. Just skip to next paragraph.) they all were killed off by the end because that’s just how things go.

Selfie starred John Cho and I loved that show to death and they killed it after one season. I miss Abed from Community. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has lots of Asians but those movies are also a total orientalist fantasy.

Shows that call themselves diverse never have Asians in them, or its piecemeal rep. All the white people are playing Asians in movies today. All the stories set in Asia star white people. Mako Mori is like…the only thing going for us. I’m sure that’s also majorly frustrating for non-east Asian Asians. There’s also Lucy Liu in Elementary but I heard the latest season was garbage. I never got into it. I wish it was like… Lucy Liu and another WoC, rather than that guy playing Sherlock (not that he’s not good).

I saw the Allegiance musical and it was just ok. I was mad it wasn’t as good as Hamilton. I didn’t like it nearly as much. Which is silly, because you can’t expect everything to be that sensational, and Allegiance being not-amazing isn’t Hamilton’s fault.

Everything just sucks is all. You know I look in the mirror and it never looks like me. I don’t see me, I just see an Asian person, or a woman, or an Asian woman. I can’t be “just me”. I’m always a demographic at the same time, at best. I can never embody the aesthetics I enjoy because they’re always embodied by white men. Being a white man is built into the aesthetic. Like what’s the point in even trying to buy the kinds of clothes that give me the aesthetic I want, when my face will always be wrong for it. That’s the same reason there’s no point in cosplaying any of my favorite chars. Racism just fucking ruins everything down to the littlest things.

Cranquis Mail: What do you think about lab techs?

@beta-hydroxybutyrate asked:

I’m sure you get thousands of messages and I doubt you will see this, but when will your ask box be open again?! I’m a Medical Technologist at a local hospital (I work in Chemistry and Hematology) and I’d love to hear your opinion on med techs and the lab… in addition to the unspoken “battle” between nurses/lab techs/doctors (ie: when we call to cancel a test due to not enough sample/hemolysis/incorrect specimen collected, etc). I once had an outpatient doctor who refused to take a critical result from a “lab rat” and it made me very sad to hear he thought of us in that way.

Med techs! Clinical lab specialists!

“Oh ye tireless workers, blessed with the mental and emotional fortitude to perform a wide array of ridiculously complex, perfection-requiring tasks OVER AND OVER with little acknowledgment from the people who depend on their work (except when those people feel a test took too long or didn’t come out right). Ye who do a job which I personally would hate to do, but for whom I am so grateful that you are willing and able to do it!”

Look, I’ve said something similar to this before: in any profession, there are jerks – and it is usually the way that the jerks from one profession interact with another profession that determine the reputations each profession carries around. So listen – I want to apologize for the doctor jerks who have forgotten that lab techs (JUST LIKE DOCTORS) are human, capable of making mistakes, and possess emotions which can be battered and broken by harsh words and actions. Those doctor-jerks have lost sight of the main reason that they themselves endured toil and abuse by superiors and self-deprivation in order to become doctors: “Solving problems and helping people”. Instead, by behaving like spoiled brats when a lab tech “dares” to approach them with an issue, they are CREATING problems and HURTING people!

So the next time some jumped-up jerk-king with a long white coat feels snooty enough to royally degrade you and your profession, just remember: without your tireless toil down in the lab dungeons, the entire healthcare castle would grind to a halt.
Thank you for what you do!

(OH, and re: my stubbornly-closed Ask Box – see my explanation here.)
Person of Interest full series review

How many episodes pass the Bechdel test?

56.31% (fifty-eight of one hundred and three).

What is the average percentage of female characters with names and lines for the full series?


How many episodes have a cast that is at least 40% female?


How many episodes have a cast that is at least 50% female?


How many episodes have a cast that is less than 20% female?


Positive Content Status:

Typically far better than you’d expect from a show of this sort, as well as far better than what the statistics imply. It’s not a full-blown revolution, but it is daringly rebellious (average episode rating of 3.04).

Which season had the best representation statistics overall?

Season four had the highest percentage of female characters, and a not-particularly-impressive Bechdel score which was unfortunately the second best of the series. Season five comes in second, with statistics that are consistently good but never the best in any category.

Which season had the worst representation statistics overall?

Season two’s stats are also consistent - consistently low, that is. It scraped in the least amount of Bechdel passes, the second lowest percentage of female characters, and the second lowest content rating. Boo, hiss.

Overall Series Quality:

For the most part, as brilliant as it is fascinating. Somehow an almost perfect union of crazy action, near-future science fiction, and intellectual discourse on a broad spectrum of moral and existential dilemmas. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but damn, it really really does.

MORE INFO (and potential spoilers) under the cut:

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