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@outside-the-government!! Here is your fic! Congratulations again on winning my 100 follow contest, and THANK YOU for playing, and generally being awesome and welcoming. 

Word Count: 1759
Author’s Note: The request was: “Could I please get a fic where reader is Bones’ right-hand woman in med bay, the best nurse he’s ever worked with. They’ve been dating for a while. One day, she gets sick or injured somehow and he finds out that while she’s fantastic with patients, one drop of her own blood and she’s out like a light and he’s like WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!”. This was SO much fun to write. Even the part where I nearly triggered myself fainting thinking about seeing myself bleed my own blood :D

You’d realized Doctor McCoy might be something special about four months after you’d finished nursing school. You were in the middle of dressing down a doctor for a particularly stupid mistake that he was trying to pass off as yours when Bones had walked into the clinic on the Starbase. He’d taken a seat and watched the show, right down to you poking the doctor in the chest with scanner to emphasize your point.

When the doctor in question turned to his undoubted colleague for backup, Bones cocked his eyebrow in that special way that only he could and wanted to know if your accusations were true. That set the doctor into another fit of screaming, and soon he was throwing instruments across the clinic at you. Bones was just about to step between the two of you when you executed a brilliant take-down and put him on the floor, your knee in the centre of his back.

You hadn’t noticed the guy in command gold behind him when he’d entered the clinic, but when Bones turned to him, you realized your life was about to change.

“Her. That’s the nurse I want to replace Chapel.” He’d pointed directly at you.

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i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show


FUN HOME on Broadway - Building a Home. The tech behind fun home


Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, a benign trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs or trunk, are heavy burdens in their own right.

But add to that the moments when sufferers try to enjoy a meal with friends or family. The frustration attendant with being unable to keep food on the fork or spoon becomes another consequence of the disorder.

Now a San Francisco startup called Lift Labs is selling a piece of assistive technology that counters hand tremors and lets users have a meal without embarrassment or annoyance. The device, called Liftware, mounts utensils on an active stabilizing platform that diminishes uncontrollable jerking movements. 

This month, Lift Labs is matching donations to its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to send Liftware to people in economic hardship. The company will send the devices to the International Essential Tremor Foundation for distribution to those in need. Click through to see the campaign video.

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okay I may not have been the only one to notice this but I haven’t seen it floating around tumblr, so I was watching a tales from the bordelrands play through and I happened to catch this when Rhys is hacking into the Atlas tech to get the lift working:

and after my initial reaction of ‘wtf what a dork’ I went back to check something and

this dork named his ‘hacking’ systems or whatever RHYSWINZ:P.EXE and RHY5-W1NZ.EXE