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So it actually took me a long time to compile and draw my basic sketches for this idea, but basically this is my “pilot” idea for a “Sanchez Falls AU”. The idea was based off the Dipper/Morty and Mabel/Morticia Easter eggs found in Season 3 Episode 1, and I thought it would be really interesting to explore this dimension.

The basic plotline starts off when trying to adjust to a new single life after divorce, Beth sends Morty and Morticia to Gravity Falls to live with their Great-Uncle Ricardo “Rico” Sanchez. Beth hopes the new atmosphere might help them to overcome their depression over the divorce and become more happy again, and when they do arrive they find plenty of distractions. Morticia plans on overcoming her shyness and finding a summer boyfriend, and Morty finds a mysterious journal explaining the many strange things in Gravity Falls. Together, they go on adventures with their cynical yet clever Grunkle Rico, Morty’s new crush Jessica Corduroy, and others. In “Not What It Seems”, it is revealed that Rico is actually Richard “Rick” Sanchez, and Rico is the mysterious author who came out of the portal.

Rico’s and Rick’s live and personalities ARE loosely based on Stanford and Stanley Pines, but a lot of changes were added. Born in New Jersey, their father was a Mexican pawn shop owner, and their mother a white telephone psychic. Both of them were very strict and expected the best out of their children, so when both Rico and Rick were shown to have large IQ’s, they were immensely pleased. Rico, however, was more doted on. This was due to the bullying he faced outside his house due to his extra finger and his willingness to achieve good grades in school and go to a Ivy League as his parents planned for him. Rick, however, was born as someone a little more cynical - he was smart enough to see through the failures of the school system and the so-called American Dream his parents pushed on him. This caused his parents to be a little more emotionally abusive towards him, considering him a “disappointment”. Outside, Rico got severely bullied for his nerdiness, extra finger, and the genetic disorder in his family causing grey hair at an early age (Rick was also bullied for this factor). Nevertheless, the two boys were very close and did almost everything together. Rick would always protect Rico from the bullies and other people in New Jersey, and Rico always stood by with Rick at home. They never did share the idea of sailing around the world like the Pines did, but they did have a dream of becoming rich and famous and moving to Vegas.
When, later in life West Coast Tech came to inspect Rico’s perpetual motion project, Rick tried to show Rico that going to college was pointless and a waste of his time. Rico and Rick got into a huge argument. When Rico claimed that Rick’s was foolish and stupid, and that his parents were right to think of Rick as a disappointment, Rick got pissed. He snuck into the school and broke Rico’s presentation, exacting his revenge. However, the backlash wasn’t pretty, and his father disowned Rick forever for costing their family Rico’s success. Later, they would come to regret their actions and wish they could have had their son back.

From here, Rico’s story pretty much lines up with Stanford’s - going to Backupsmore, getting a PhD early with ease, studying his life’s work in anomalies, and eventually meeting Bill Cipher. Rick, however, was led down a much darker path than Stanley’s. In his desperation to keep himself upright in his homeless life, he struck up a life up in various gangs and mafias, running from state to state to avoid prosecution. This led him to start dealing heroin, and later becoming severely addicted to it. He lived in this hell for quite a few years. He started making a final attempt in setting himself straight once he met Diane Pines, believing her to be the love of his life. He got a job as a salesman, married Diane, and lived happily with her and their daughter Beth. Around Beth’s fifth birthday, however, money started to get tight, and Rick was forced to start dealing heroin again. Due to the stress, he quickly relapsed and became distant and generally unpleasant. Diane kicked him out of the house and filed a divorce soon after. Rick was swept back out on the streets.
When Rick got the postcard from Rico, six months after the divorce, he was filled with hope that someone was still able to help him, and that he was still wanted. He rushed to Gravity Falls to see his brother. When he arrived, he learned that the only thing his brother wanted from him was to leave again, and in his anger fought with his brother yet again and accidentally shoved him into the portal. And we all know what happened from here - Rick impersonated Rico, and made the Mystery Shack. He decided to cut off heroin and try to be clean again, instead becoming an alcoholic to cope without the heroin. Later on, a year before Morty and Morticia, Beth reconnected with her “uncle”, and started a relationship with her “uncle” as her last link to her “dead” father. Morty and Morticia were the first to find out Rico was actually Rick, their grandfather, and when they returned to their mother Rick decided to come back with them and reveal himself as her father. Afterwards, Rico and Rick spend a lot of time in Vegas on vacation.

As you can see, Rick is generally more cynical and rebellious, his genius showing more in reading people and seeing through the “system”, as well as being used while surviving on the streets. His cynicism grew as his parents became more emotionally abusive towards him. Due to the events in his life, Rick generally adopts the attitude of Rick from “Rick and Morty”, due to his cynicism of people and life in general. Knowing Morty and Morticia are secretly his grandkids, however, he does care about them a lot and does his best to be a good grandfather, though it may be unnoticed. Rico, being a little more appreciated at home due to his anomaly, etc., is more positive and believes he can make his mark as a scientist studying anomalies. Everyone outside his family didn’t really affect Rico’s dreams, for he always had support where he needed it. Nevertheless, Rico still carried a lot of insecurities and fears - more so after being betrayed by Bill and being sucked into the portal. These insecurities made him very introverted and a little harsh towards those not immediate family and friends. Those he cares about are treated with a little more kindness.

Morty and Morticia are basically Dipper and Mabel with a heck ton more of social anxiety. Morty, having no friends to hang out with or do anything with except his sister, gears his interests to cool sciency and mythological stuff such as aliens and ghosts. He’s not the smartest kid due to his learning disorder, but keeps a lot of passion for these topics.
Morticia is like the shy, girly-girl - she’s the type of girl who likes pastel aesthetics, and of course has the love for stickers and glitter Mabel has. She knows a little knitting, and on special occasions wears her favorite homemade shooting-star sweater. She, too, has very few friends due to her shyness. She’s more regarded as the shy, mysterious cute yet weird girl. When she meets Candy and Grenda, she learns to overcome her shyness and be more outgoing. These hopes can be quickly shattered by Pacifica, however, who does undermine Morticia and gets on her insecurities.

So that’s the basic wrap of the whole AU. If anyone likes it I do want to draw more for it in drabbles and maybe even short comics if I do get a drawing tablet, one-shots if I don’t. But I do want to explore these characters and I kinda admit I’m already starting to love them.

(also this is my first time drawing Candy, Grenda, and Soos, so sorry if they don’t look so good haha)


Sebring 1965: A couple of more shots of Cobra Daytona coupes. The first one of the #16 is at tech inspection. The last 2 aren’t the greatest, especially with th…e chain link fence in the way, but the 2nd one shows the LeMans start. The last one is neat because the #12, with Ed Leslie driving, would stall, possibly at the same time this photo was snapped. He was shunted by the #51 Volvo P1800 right at the start. Even though the backend was heavily damaged, the #12 would go on and finish the race in 13th overall.


In answer to the age old misunderstanding of ‘Why not use an asteroid for Exterminatus? After all-rocks are free’

“Rocks are NOT ‘free’, citizen.

Firstly, you must manoeuvre the Emperor’s naval vessel within the asteroid belt, almost assuredly sustaining damage to the Emperor’s ship’s paint from micrometeoroids, while expending the Emperor’s fuel.

Then the Tech Priests must inspect the rock in question to ascertain its worthiness to do the Emperor’s bidding. Should it pass muster, the Emperor’s Servitors must use the Emperor’s auto-scrapers and melta-cutters to prepare the potential ordinance for movement. Finally, the Tech Priests finished, the Emperor’s officers may begin manoeuvring the Emperor’s warship to abut the asteroid at the prepared face (expending yet more of the Emperor’s fuel), and then begin boosting the stone towards the offensive planet.

After a few days of expending a prodigious amount of the Emperor’s fuel to accelerate the asteroid into an orbit more fitting to the Emperor’s desires, the Emperor’s ship may then return to the planet via superluminous warp travel and await the arrival of the stone, still many weeks (or months) away.

After twiddling away the Emperor’s time and eating the Emperor’s food in the wasteful pursuit of making sure that the Emperor’s enemies do not launch a deflection mission, they may finally watch the ordinance impact the planet (assuming that the Emperor’s ship does not need to attempt any last-minute course correction upon the rock, using yet more of the Emperor’s fuel).

Given a typical (class Bravo-CVII) system, we have the following:

Two months, O&M, Titan class warship: 4.2 Million Imperials
Two months, rations, crew of same: 0.2 MI
Two months, Tech Priest pastor: 1.7 MI
Two months, Servitor parish: 0.3 MI
Paint, Titan class warship: 2.5 MI
Dihydrogen peroxide fuel: 0.9 MI
Total: 9.8 MI

Contrasted with the following:
5 warheads, magna-melta: 2.5 MI
One day, O&M, Titan class warship: 0.3 MI
One day, rations, crew of same: 0.0 MI
Dihydrogen peroxide fuel: 0.1 MI
Total: 2.9 MI

Given the same result with under one third of the cost, the Emperor will have saved a massive amount of His most sacred money and almost a full month of time, during which His warship may be bombarding an entirely different planet.

The Emperor, through this – His Office of Imperial Outlays – hereby orders you to attend one (1) week of therapeutic accountancy training/penance. Please report to Areicon IV, Imperial City, Administratum Building CXXI, Room 1456, where you are to sit in the BLUE chair.

For the Emperor,

Bursarius Tenathis,

Purser Level XI,

Imperial Office of Outlays”.


1965 Sebring tech inspection: The #11 Ford GT40, that Bruce McLaren & Ken Miles would drive to 2nd overall in the race. The high school was right next door to tech inspection downtown so you can see several of the local teenagers checking out the car…..

Camera Robot Made For Disney Now Inspects Bridges

by Michael Keller

Bridges are made to transport vehicles, not to make it easy for inspectors to do their job. That’s why inspecting the undersides and support pillars of tall ones is no easy task, either requiring people looking for problems to perform feats of contortion or the structure to go without review.

But infrastructure left without scrutiny is infrastructure bound to fail. In the case of the reinforced concrete that makes bridges, the test is a fairly straightforward one.

Inspectors use a device that checks for unseen corrosion within the concrete. The tool is an electrode attached to a wheel that detects big differences in electric potential within the material. This is a sign that corrosion–either from deicing salt that eats away the steel inside or atmospheric carbon dioxide that seeps in and changes the concrete’s chemistry–has set in and needs to be monitored. 

The question is just how to get to those hard-to-reach spots. Now engineers and roboticists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) have developed a solution. 

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