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For anyone that’s been feeling down lately and for my followers who’s support has encouraged me to actually make this video, here’s something that can hopefully bring some laughs to your day! 

I hope everyone likes it~ <3 and do follow me! It really helps motivate me to do more videos similar to this since it my first time hahahaha! And thank you for those who already did!!! Lots and lots of love!

The audio is from John Mulaney’s The Salt and Pepper Diner :DDD

I spent a while on this and its unfortunate that i have to cut it til 5 minutes due to tumblr’s limited timing for its videos!!! So if anyone wants to watch the whole thing, the links here at:



Gen Fic Rec List

okay some of these aren’t exactly gen but I did my best to find as many quality fics as I could that don’t have heavy ship-leanings that instead focus on team bonding and friendship and shenanigans

In Good Faith We Swap Our Aces (15k, G)

So many questions. Will Oikawa break down first, or Akaashi? Is Bokuto the bigger alien, or Ushiwaka? Who really sent a lamb for slaughter - Daichi or Kuroo? Are bonds being made or broken? What exactly is Karasuno scheming? What kind of purpose is this activity meant to achieve? And just who does this sort of arrangement please?

Jump the Gap (G, 1.2k)

Being 191 centimeters tall with a resting face like a slab of granite is just fine when you’re the cornerstone of the “Iron Wall.” For going out in public, not so much. No one wants to sit next to Aone on the train, so Futakuchi, who can’t resist a captive audience anyway, takes matters into his own hands.

and they never really leave us (G, 1.8k)

Karasuno doesn’t need official cheerleaders with the group they’ve earned.

(( or: a set of seven times when hinata finds various people cheering on their side of the stands ))

Sunburst (G, 4k)

Karasuno’s volleyball team through the eyes of Hinata. Genfic, character studies. Slight Kagehina.

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virulent-creation  asked:

I really love the soulmate thing where oikawa's and kuro's first words to their soulmate was mean and it ended up all angsty... Could you write more of that plz... (I don't care which characters so you choose plzzz)

For two characters that I feel as though they’re first words to their soulmate would be rude -Hope 

Tsukishima Kei

You really are stupid aren’t you?” Tsukishima says and you feel a prick on your arm. Your eyes widen at the blonde haired boy and you glance back at your arm.

Yes you were having a little bit of trouble with something in maths so you decided to ask Yamaguchi for some help, yet getting his sarcastic remark hurt your heart especially from the prick on your skin that came with it. 

“You shouldn’t be mean Tsukki, she is just asking for help.” Yamaguchi says to his friend and you sigh. 

“It’s simple though, she should know it just as well as we do.” He says and you huff.

“Well for some people it’s not as easy okay? Stop being a dick for no good reason, you’ve never even talked to (L/N)-chan before.” He adds and Tsukishima rolls his eyes.

“She’s still stupid.” He says and you stand from your seat and slam a hand of Kei’s desk. 

As if I’d ever fall in love with someone as rude and heartless as you.” You say and Kei’s eyes widen as he feels the prick of your words form. Yamaguchi’s eyes widened as well realizing that the two of you were soulmates. 

Tsukishima rolled up his sleeve seeing the words that you just said to him printed in cursive on his arm. “Maybe you should watch what you say sometimes. You never know who you may be talking to.” You say sitting back down in front of Yamaguchi. Now it was Tsukishima’s turn to stand. 

“Can you leave for a minute Yamaguchi.” Kei says and Yamaguchi gives you a small smile before leaving the room. The blonde looks at you, a blank expression on his face before he starts. “I didn’t know you were my soulmate you didn’t need to say anything rude back.” He says and you almost laugh in his face.

“Are you kidding me? You call me stupid twice and then you don’t expect me to say something just as rude back? I’m not going to stand for your harsh, soulmate or not.” You mutter turning in the desk not wanting to face him.

On the outside you were infuriated but on the inside, his rudeness just made you upset. Kei didn’t say anything, he just sighed and pulled up the chair in front of you sitting down on it. “I’m sorry.” He says simply his voice barely above a whisper. 

This time you do laugh, “You think I forgive you? I don’t want to be with you in general I don’t care if you apologize or not.” You say and his eyes widen. He really thought that his apologize would make you forgive him. Yet that wasn’t the case. “You’re rude Tsukishima, and I think that you need to realize that your words hurt.”

Futakuchi Kenji

Why are you so useless?” The words dripped out of the captain’s mouth like venom. You felt the prick of them starting to form on your arm, you automatically look at it seeing that his words has just appeared. 

You were just a first year, thinking that because you liked volleyball you would apply to be the boys manager. Yet since you were just starting to get the hang of it, it seemed you didn’t do things the way the older boy liked. 

This can’t be happening.” You say softly and he winces and looks at his arm, his eyes widened as he looks back at you. Your eyes were filled with tears, why was he being so mean to you? And now finding out that he was your soulmate on top of it made everything worse. 

“Please don’t cry, I’m sorry, I didn’t know!” He exclaims grabbing onto your arm and pulling you toward him. “(L/N)-chan I’m sorry please.” He continues and you shake your head a couple tears falling from your eyes. 

“Just let me go please Futakuchi-senpai.” You say and he does so, letting go of your arm as you shoved the clipboard in his chest. “I don’t want to be manager anymore.” You said walking away wiping your tears with your the palm of your hand, almost leaving the gym you run into someone. 

Looking up at them with teary eyes, Koganegawa grabs your shoulders. “(L/N)-chan are you okay?” He asks and you give your fellow classmate a weak smile. 

“Yeah I’m fine don’t worry Kogane-kun.” You say but he shakes his head.

“No why are you crying? Where are you going? You said you would be our manager.” He continues to press at it until he sees the words on your arm. “Why are you so useless?” He questions and then his eyes widen. “Who is your soulmate?” He asks his expression getting extreamly serious. 

“I don’t want to talk about it Kogane-kun, I’ll see you in class tomorrow okay?” You ask and he nods as you give him another smile and walk out of the gym. Once he made sure you were out of the gym he stood on top of the bench.

“Okay who is it! Who is (L/N)-chan’s soulmate!” He yells anger very present in his voice. Futakuchi’s eyes widened as he instantly put his arms behind his back. Probably not the best idea on his part because Koganegawa jumped off the bench and walked over to him. “Why did you say that to her?” He asks grabbing onto his shirt. 

“I didn’t know she was my soulmate.” He says.

“So? You don’t say something like that to a girl anyway, (L/N)-chan’s feelings are very fragile and it took a lot out of me to even get her to become the manager because I want her to have friends. And now you, her soulmate, are treating her like a major dick and called her useless? Are you kidding me? No wonder all of the other senpai’s call you problematic, it’s because you are.”

hq birthdays masterpost

Azumane Asahi: January 1
Shimizu Kiyoko: January 6
Ittetsu Takeda: January 10
Tanaka Ryūnosuke: March 3
Tsukishima Akiteru: March 8
Ukai Keishin: April 5
Tanaka Saeko: May 5
Sugawara Kōshi: June 13
Hinata Shōyō: June 21
Yachi Hitoka: September 4
Tsukishima Kei: September 27
Nishinoya Yū: October 10
Yamaguchi Tadashi: November 10
Kageyama Tobio: December 22
Sawamura Daichi: December 31

Yamamoto Taketora: February 22
Kai Nobuyuki: April 8
Yaku Morisuke: August 8
Fukunaga Shohei: September 29
Kozume Kenma: October 16
Haiba Lev: October 30
Inuoka Sō: November 1
Kuroo Tetsurō: November 17
Shibayama Yuki: December 16

Aobajōsai High:
Hanamaki Takahiro: January 27
Yahaba Shigeru: March 1
Matsukawa Issei: March 1
Kunimi Akira: March 25
Watari Shinji: April 3
Kindaichi Yūtarō: June 6
Iwaizumi Hajime: June 10
Oikawa Tōru: July 20
Kyōtani Kentarō: December 7

Date Tech:
Koganegawa Kanji: July 9
Aone Takanobu: August 13
Sakunami Kōsuke: August 30
Moniwa Kaname: September 6
Kamasaki Yasushi: November 8
Futakuchi Kenji: November 10
Obara Yutaka: December 15

Komi Haruki: January 23
Onaga Wataru: April 14
Sarukui Yamato: August 2
Washio Tatsuki: August 29
Bokuto Kōtarō: September 20
Konoha Akinori: September 30
Akaashi Keiji: December 5

Yamagata Hayato:
February 14
Kawanishi Taichi: April 15
Shirabu Kenjiro:  May 4
Tendō Satori :  May 20
Ushijima Wakatoshi: August 13
Goshiki Tsutomu:  August 22
Ohira Reon:  October 30
Semi Eita:  November 11


“Koganegawa’s basically still a baby as a setter. So, you need to help him out, Sakunami.” - Coach Takurō

ll Haikyuu!! Season 2 (Ep. 19) 

CUTIE BB! why didn’t I notice him before?!?! SO ADORABLE :3