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Ya like video games?

In case you weren’t already aware, there is a Minecraft Mod, called Skyfactory, where you have to build the world from scratch, but it’s way more than just Minecraft. This mod also has *magic*. You can have a virtual alter, a wand, create runs, perform blood magic, and probably more. 

I won’t be able to play it until I finish school, probably, but I think it would be fun. And if somebody more technologically inclined than me created a server for witches, you could have a little virtual coven. 


Harold Halibut

Video game created by @slow-bros is an adventure whose assets were originally handmade to produce a stop-motion feel to the experience:

Harold Halibut is a modern adventure game, with a strong focus on storytelling and exploration. Set in a spaceship, stuck under sea on a distant water planet, you slip into the tiny shoes of Harold. As a young janitor and lab assistant to Professor Jeanne Mareaux, one of the lead scientists on board, he tries to help out in her attempt to find a way to relaunch the ship.

All that can be seen in the game is carefully built in a real-world workshop using classic sculpting, set building and clay and puppet fabrication techniques. We’re not even buying supplemental model train trees or anything.

Our love of stop-motion films, childhood nostalgia and respect for traditional craftsmanship are some reasons for this. Patience and taking a break from an ultra-fast paced digital reality are big factors as well. 

The project has just released a kickstarter campaign which has more information, which you can find here


Samus Edition New 3DS XL coming next month ⊟ 

This prestigious-looking model ships out to select retailers in North America, Europe, and Japan on September 15 with Metroid: Samus Returns, the 3DS 2.5D remake for Game Boy classic Metroid 2. The Polygon-esque patterned hardware will sell for $199.99, but it won’t include the game.

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