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Kano Computer Kit

We believe in a new kind of computing. Simple, affordable, fun. Where anyone, anywhere can create with technology. The Computer Kit comes with everything you need, including a Raspberry Pi 3, step-by-step story book and hours of coding challenges. Our kit is trusted by over 700 schools worldwide.


Amazon Echo Look

If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re glad to bring you up to date with this cool new gadget. The Amazon Echo Look is like Amazon’s Alexa that will help you look better- essentially it’s a hands-free camera and style assistant in one. So, what features does it have? 

Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16 GB

Keep your digital stuff secure in style!

Available on Amazon

  • Mechanical combination lock stores 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive. Only those who know the password can use it.
  • Size: USB flash drive 6.5x2x2 cm; pocket 10x6.7x0.5 cm; box 18x5.7x5.7 cm
  • A great way not only to protect the information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life.
  • Solid build quality. Velvet pouch included.
  • Designed by Stanislav Tatarinov

The World’s First Smart Electric Skates

These cool and innovative electric roller skates propel a wearer at up to 12 mph! Two sets of step-in footplates secure most types of footwear with strap bindings similar to those on snowboard boots, accommodating small and large feet. Supporting riders up to 250 lbs., each skate’s twin 6”-diam. wheels has a 55-watt motor integrated into its fiber-reinforced nylon frame. Tilting forward on the toes accelerates while tilting back on the heel gently brakes. The footplates also pivot down to put your foot in contact with the ground for walking or going upstairs. Each skate has a removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 1 ½ hours of continuous power (up to a 6-mile/45 min. range), ideal for travel across a school campus, to a local cafe, or while roaming a neighborhood festival!

Available for purchase on Amazon


Gotenna | Carrier-less  Mobile Telephone Antenna

We’ve all been there while out camping, hunting, hiking or just somewhere out of town and, you need to use your phone, alas, you have absolutely no signal. However, with the progression of technology, that is no longer a problem. Thanks to the creation of a nifty little device, aptly called, the goTenna, you can stay in touch no matter where you are.


Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

We present you the Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System. Besides 6 drivers, this Bluetooth speaker also features a built-in equalizer that increases the overall sound quality. The 6 speakers on this Bluetooth music system by Fluence include two 8-inch subwoofers, two 5-inch woven glass fiber composite midrange drivers and two 1-inch Neodymium Ferrofluid treble speakers.


Desk Organizer - By Cyanics

This desk organizer, suitable for iMacs, laptops and desktop computers, is developed in Korea. It is made from tempered glass and comes with a whole array of gadgets that will make your work space organized, efficient and tidy – i-Bridge Board, USB cable, S-HUB (two-in-one 3 port USB / HUB and stand), a Smartphone stand, a paper holder / a note clip, and two cup holders. 

Feed and Go - Automatic Pet Feeder

If you have a pet at home, and are afraid that your busy schedule might keep you away from taking proper care of it, then turn to modern technology for a solution. Modern technology in the form of an automatic pet feeder called Feed and Go. This automatic pet feeder features a Wifi connection so that you can control it from anywhere in the world and it even has a webcam installed so that you can see what your pet is up to and if it’s eating the delicious snacks you left in the feeder.


Polaroid  Z2300 Instant Camera

With this camera you can take great pictures, and what is more, you can print them on the spot. Sounds fun, right? Well it gets better. Not only that this camera produces actual photographs instantly, but at the same time it produces the coolest stickers. That’s right, your photographs will have self-adhesive properties thus enabling you to put them in all sorts of creative and helpful use.


NEW! Anti Gravity Smartphone Case

If you are tired of the old selfie stick and are looking into alternative ways of making equally good selfies, then look no further than the Anti Gravity Smartphone Case by Mega Tiny Corporation. The back side of this smartphone case was made with nano suction material which sticks to, literally, any flat surface.


GoPro’s Fetch Dog Harness

Have you ever wondered what a day in a dog’s life really feels like? Well, you may get down on all fours and give it a go if you’ve got way too much spare time on your hands – or you can try GoPro’s Fetch dog harness. Designed especially for canine lovers, Fetch is a camera mount that easily attaches to your pet’s harness, allowing you to get an insight into your dog’s view of the world.


Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman

You are travelling and witnessing amazing things, and you decide to capture those moments. Every time, you have to stop and ask someone to take a photo of you, or you end up taking a selfie and that might become a bit embarrassing. With our new and improved Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman, everything is way easier.


NEW!  PowerUp 3.0 Smart Paper Airplane

What this awesome little device does is turn your paper airplane into a flying drone which you can then control with your smart device.


NEW! Fly6 HD Bike Camera

We have seen a lot of safety gear for cyclists pop out of the woodwork and you really have no reason not to get yourself one because it just might end up saving your life. A pretty interesting one is the Fly6 HD Bike Camera, a device which serves a similar purpose to that of a car dash cam and has a very bright taillight used to increase your visibility.


Logitech K480 Keyboard

The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or smartphones, it will not matter if they are iOS, Android or Windows. The Logitech K480 works with them all.