tech drawings

Keith and Lance: *Bickering about the last McZarkon fries*
Coran: *internal screaming*
Shiro: *snoring*
Hunk: *doing stuff on his phone*
Pidge: *Reading*

For Voltron Anniversary the 10th of June
I love this show, I love everything about it! The animation, the story, the characters. I’m in Voltron Hell and I ain’t leaving XD

original DTS made by @humnyn 

flame decals!

some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 

happy birthday you wonderful kid, thanks for being amazing all the time. hope u have a great bday!! sending lots of love and hugs your way ❤️❤️❤️ @danielhowell


In my day job I work at a music tech firm who make cool software/hardware for musicians and DJs. This series of illustrations is for a community related project a couple of colleagues are doing in their spare time.

i’ve only drawn angelite like 3 or 4 times so i drew her again

i changed her hair because i have too many gemsonas with floofy hair, also i gave her a color palette 

An idea: Rhys gets an assignment to deliver some echo recordings to Handsome Jack but when he is actually face to face with his ultimate man crush, he’s unable to let go of the recording and makes everything awkward for everyone.

plagueutopia asked some Rhys and Jack a while back and one anon asked Rhys and Jack meeting up before Jack died so ta-DAH, here ya go!


I’m posting my Steph gift separately because I’m a lil shit because there was TOO MUCH TO PUT IN THE OTHER POST

I’ve always wanted to do a lyric thing! And I thought Dream On might be a really fun one to do for all of Steph’s characters. Or most of them. The main ones. I tried. 

Hey guess what nerd I love you lots and lots and consider this a really tight internet hug and a heck of a lot of smooches just for youuuu~