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could I possibly get some mcu Peter Parker headcannons? I love your writing so much! have a lovely day!

Thanks, anon, I hope you have a wonderful day too! I have a vault full of headcanons about this kid and I am excited to share some MCU ones with you. Here we go:

  • Did you guys see what this kid was wearing? A pizza Vitruvian man shirt. Like. MCU!Peter, confirmed dweeb. He probably saw it out at the shops and got all excited and Aunt May sighed over the sounds of her nerdy little nephew whooping in excitement, and bought the thing. 
  • Basically, he’s the biggest nerd. As big of a nerd as he was in the comics. I mean, Star Wars references to solve the day, science babbling at his enemies? Peter. Come on.
  • Also?? That thin cardigan???? I’m not sure if he wore it b/c it’s not too cold in NYC atm/his powers kept him warm, but my gut is telling me hipster Peter Parker. Accidental hipster Peter Parker, who wears eccentric graphic tees because he likes the science reference, and who’s jeans have ‘artistic’ rips because he backflipped off a building and got it snagged on a barbed wire fence, and who shops at thrift stores and wears baggy, faded things not because it’s trendy, but because he’s dirt poor and goes through clothes stupidly quickly (being a growing teenager and a reckless superhero and maintaining clothes is impossible). So Peter constantly looks like a tiny hipster with his old fashioned camera and his tassled mask hair. Tony hates it. Look at this hipster garbage child. His protege cannot look like that, obviously the only solution is to buy him an entirely new wardrobe. Tony totally says he’s buying him a new wardrobe next time he comes over to whisper about superhero stuff, and pulls out his phone and everything. Peter shrieks and tries to wrestle the billionaire and they fumble with the phone until someone’s flailing elbow loudily knock over a lamp. The crash rouses Aunt May, who suspiciously calls, “What was that?” To which Tony and Peter shout back, “Nothing!” like a pair of misbehaving kids, good lord
  • Peter doesn’t have much shame in TASM, but in MCU his shame is NONEXISTENT. Like. He gets embarrassed very, very easily, but dumpster diving for tech? Done. He needs that shit. A falling apart costume that looks more like it was built by a 10yo cosplaying an evil anime character? He’s poor and he needs to conceal his identity somehow, if Daredevil can wear that beanie-mask thing for so long Peter can wear shitty googles and footie jammies.
  • In the comics, I always believed that one of Peter’s primary heroes was Cap, but in MCU I don’t think he is at all. It’s a generation gap thing, see. When Iron Man come out, Peter was what? 9? A science loving 9yo who immediately adored Iron Man (Aunt May has the halloween photos and will DEF show a thrilled, secretly touched Tony; the billionaire will then make the photos his home page, partway to remind him why he puts the armour on everyday, partway so he can film Peter’s reaction when he comes into the lab and sees his CHILDHOOD SHAME on display). Cap is a great hero, sure, but to MCU, Cap would appeal to people who are elderly, or who are about 10 years older than Peter. I can see college students loving Cap. But teenagers? Teenagers who love science and are invested in street level heroes, fighting in between alleyways and bus stations in ratty, falling apart costumes, looking up at the shining beacon of light that is Iron Man, flying high and untouchable above him? Yeah. Iron Man. Adults remember the time before superheroes, when the Cap comics where the closest thing they had to heroes. Peter doesn’t. Peter has Iron Man.
  • Peter - even this itty bitty Peter - is a badass. He was throwing cars and catching assassin’s metal arms and felling giants. He’s still new to his powers, like a wobbly baby deer who hasn’t worked out how to run on its legs, but he’s strong. He’s a powerful opponent, even to the big name Avengers, but his inexperience and personality (not ruthless in the slightest and a bit naive) hold him back a lot. Grown up, he could prob take down Iron Man or even Cap 
  • He’s a total Mommy’s Boy. I mean, Peter Parker has always been Aunt May’s baby boy, but this 15yo Peter? He’s all big eyes looking up at her sadly from behind his lashes, pouting, complaining in a way that makes her roll her eyes, willing to hug up to her and sway them around and beg in that whining, sickly voice. You know the voice. The “Muuuummm~” that makes your mum look at you with suspicious and ask, “What do you want?” Yeah. That one. Aunt May sees through this little, untrustworthy shit. She knows he’s up to no good - hell, my money is on her already knowing he’s Spider-Man - but he is super cute and she’s willing to fondly indulge him, even though she knows exactly what he’s up to. Peter was incorrigible in that second after credits video, milking his injuries and taking the ice pack, while Aunt May smiled knowingly and called him ‘tough guy.’ Homecoming is going to kill me.

The mask, dubbed Triton, acts like a fish gill to extract oxygen from water so that the user can keep on breathing while under the sea.

The scaly texture on the arms conceal small holes in the material where water is sucked in.

Chambers inside separate the oxygen and release the liquid so that the user can breathe comfortably in the ocean.

Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, the concept system would compress oxygen and store it in tanks.

The entire gadget is powered by micro battery which is around 30 times smaller than a current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.

But you may have to wait a little longer before placing an order as the product is still at concept stage.



Robot Explorer Swims Under Antarctica

An instrument-packed unmanned swimming robot called Icefin has successfully traversed more than 1,600 feet of frigid water under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf to reach the seafloor. The torpedo-shaped robot built by Georgia Tech is the first to visit the area, and beamed back videos of sea stars, anemones and other life surviving in extreme conditions.

Researchers will be using the new Icefin platform to learn how climate change will impact polar ice sheets from below and to study the hardy creatures that call dark areas below ice home. They are also investigating how to build and deploy something like Icefin to explore frozen alien worlds. 

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