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Axon VR promises realistic haptic feedback for virtual reality

“Then, the deer starts to lay down. Its legs fold up beneath it and its furry belly rests in the center of my palm. I can feel it breathe, and the spot on my hand where it’s resting starts to warm.” 

“The experience of holding a tiny deer in my hand and feeling its hooves is a neat trick, but the ability to actually feel it breathe and sense the warmth of its furry body brings on an entirely different dimension of emotion. It feels like my pet, and I want to keep it.”

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Mansplaining: Fitness Edition

On my way out to the gym this morning in running shoes and tech fabric clothing including Captain America’s shield shirt, a neighbor asks me again about the weight I have lost and how much further. I mention my end point depends on my fitness goal and if I do the powerlifting BMI isn’t necessarily accurate. Then leering up and down my frame, he opines what my goal weight goal should be: his number is on the low end of healthy BMI which left me with ribs showing and weak the last time I was at that weight. Then he chides me that diet is key and I should watch what I eat better. Even worse, he knows that I just finished making the funeral arrangements for a family member and this is my first weekend free since then.

This fitness guru was dispensing his wisdom smoking as usual and likely hasn’t run since high school and has been hospitalized for major health problems.

And then my family wonders why I am not interested in this “nice” guy.

Wednesday’s happy post:

Today was a good day. I’ll deny I ever said this, but… PT was kinda fun today. It was hot and horrible and tiring, but I actually sorta, maybe, perchance enjoyed it. Podolski scored in his final game for the German national team (sadly, I missed the goal because of PT). I passed my second room inspection, so I get ITP next week. I’m officially on the roster for my class, so I start Friday (I was a bit concerned, because some people have been having issues with starting classes). And to cap off the day, I’m watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix.


Project Jacquard

Project from Google ATAP looks into ways to turn textiles into interactive interfaces:

Project Jacquard is a new system for weaving technology into fabric, transforming everyday objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces. Project Jacquard will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products. This is just the beginning, and we’re very excited to see what people will do with it.

You can find out more at the project page here

Anxiety isn’t your lover rubbing your back whilst you rant about your problems. It’s feeling trapped in an open room, not being able to stop shaking and hating yourself for getting worked up about nothing. Depression isn’t your mascara running whilst you lay your head on their shoulder. It’s sobbing in your room just before you go out because you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed. Bulimia isn’t a petite girl bent over a toilet once a week. It’s every fucking time you eat wanting to stick you hand down your throat and puke until you faint. Bipolar isn’t changing your mind once or twice. It’s days of your lowest low then suddenly having so much energy that you spend on doing the wrong things. Mental illness’ aren’t just how your feeling that moment. Their a real fucking thing that haunts the Possessor every fucking minute of every fucking day.
—  Stop