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Trump just banned EPA employees from posting on social media

  • Trump has instituted a social media ban for employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the AP reported on Tuesday.
  • EPA employees are now banned from posting updates on social media or giving updates to the press.
  • News broke on Monday that the EPA is under orders from the Trump administration to freeze its grant programs, which include funding for education, water testing and air quality monitoring.
  • The Huffington Post reported on Monday that it’s unclear whether the freeze will be indefinite. Read more

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Glock 17 Gen 4

Parts List:

  • Trigger: Zev Tech Fulcrum Drop-In Trigger Kit | Black Trigger & Red Safety
  • Mag Release: Zev Tech Small Mag Release
  • Magwell: Agency Arms Magwell (No Backstrap)
  • Magazine: Glock Factory Mags or ETS Mags with 10-8 Mag Plates
  • Barrel: SilencerCo G17 Threaded Barrel + SilencerCo Thread Protector w/ O-Ring
  • Sights: Trijicon Suppressor Height Sights
  • Holster: Bravo Concealment RTT Holster
  • Frame Work: Done by myself

I want to explore Merlin so much

Does he have ties to MI6′s Q division? Does he hate them? Does he see other spy agencies’ tech departments as rivals or allies (in UK at least)?

Is he straight? Gay? Bi? Other? Does he have a strict ‘no workplace relationships’ mentality for himself? Does he have a partner who has a normal job and greets him with a cup of tea and shoulder rubs when he gets home? Is he single? Does he have a thing for Roxy? Does he have a relationship with one of the other knights?

Where does he live? Is it a house like Harry? A near-by apartment he treats as a locker? Is it modern? Classic? Does he express and love his Scottishness or downplay it? Does he have a kilt? Does he have his coat of arms hanging in his house?

What does he like to drink? Do we assume it’s tea or is coffee his favourite? Irish coffee? Does he drink as much as the rest of them? What does he like to eat? Does he eat well, with grilled chicken and steamed veggies? Does he make soup once and eat it through out the week? Does he swing by a drive thru whenever he can and just eat whatever he can get down? Does he have a massive weakness for chocolate with peanuts?

Does he know what he knows because of Kingsman and necessity? Does he sit and learn piece of information after piece of information on the offhand chance it will come in handy? Is he fluent in every coding language? Did he learn this outside and bring it in to Kingsman? Was he a pilot who taught himself how to code and was proposed because he found and hacked a Kingsman plane’s signal? Was he just a nerd who was in the right place at the right time? Was he confident or dorky?

It’s the general consensus that Merlin and Harry are good friends - is that true? Did they meet and become friends through Kingsman? Before? Did one of them help the other? Did they always like each other? Did they ever have disagreements when they were young because they hadn’t fully found themselves yet? Are they just professionally friendly? Or do they leave work together to go out to dinner and complain and laugh with each other?

I need to explore who Merlin is so badly


Comet lander Philae wakes up: How it happened and what’s next

By Lauren Raab

Philae, the first spacecraft to land on a comet, surprised and delighted scientists this weekend by waking up and reestablishing contact with Earth, seven months after running out of power. It “spoke” for more than a minute, according to the European Space Agency, and it’s expected to be able to continue gathering information and sending it home.

Here’s a look at what the lander has done so far and what will happen next.

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