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Demand for alternative energy sparks need for General Electric to cut 12,000 jobs

This is kind of serious, but some perspective:

1. ‘The cuts represent 18 percent of all jobs at GE Power’

2. The cuts will largely take place outside of the USA (which makes sense since the US is taking a longer time to transition to renewables than many other developed countries.

[3.] Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in October suggests the top-growing job classification over the next nine years will be solar photovoltaic installers. Wind turbine service technicians came in at No. 2.

So, a serious sign of how alternative energy is changing business across the world - but as old jobs are lost, remember, there are many, many more jobs being created in the fields taking over, helping to make the world a better place.


7 Real Transforming Vehicles You Didn’t Know Existed in Real Life

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Name: Alysha
Age: 18
Country: USA

I’m a college freshman who’s studying theater tech in hopes that I’ll work in film and television some day. Though I’m grateful for the life I have rn, I’m lonely and would love a friend to talk to on a somewhat regular basis. I’ve met a great penpal through penship before and I’m trusting that my next perfect match is destined to see this and respond!

I’ll disclose here and now that I’m a huge astrology believer and I sort of fantasize about meeting another venus retrograde person and/or another person with 0 water signs in their birth chart. If you know enough about astrology that you can comprehend that, we can probably have some fun conversations! And if not, I’m also huge on typology and would love to talk about MBTI, etc. I’m an INFP and a 4w5 sx/sp. Psychology’s a fun subject too; and on a lighter note, 80s music and horror movies are great.

I’m definitely not good with small talk and I’m always chasing the real meaningful connections, so if you’re looking for the person to philosophize with and share your deepest darkest secrets, I can be that person!

Preferences: Preferably 17+, though I won’t discriminate if you want to be friends. I only fluently speak English so hopefully that won’t be an obstacle.
Microbes by the ton: Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise
North Korea was once regarded as too backward to make biological weapons. No longer.

tl;dr : It looks like N Korea is really ready to do a bioweapons campaign if they decided to.

I posted an article recently (x) about how DARPA is investigating gene drives - which is certainly one avenue for bioweapons, as well as biodefense - and felt a bit uneasy about it. I still do. But reading this article has made me a bit more on DARPA’s side - though I still think incredibly strong regulation and oversight is needed.

Appreciation post for everyone who works backstage on a production

The set designers, the costume designers, the theatre techs, everyone who cleans up between shows. Everyone who works just as hard as the actors and without whom there would be no play, but who get no credit.

What a year it’s been. I figured I’d make a master post of all of my ML comics. You can find them all on this page, but here’s a post you can save/spread around :)

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Unplugging your wireless internet router does not actually “reset” it, allowing it to work again. In fact, it takes your router temporarily offline and out of view of your ISP’s (Internet Security Protocol) network, tricking them into thinking you are no longer a customer. As soon as it is plugged back in the ISP recognizes the fresh signal as a “new” customer, which will always get top priority over existing customers.