This high-tech farm can grow perfect veggies anywhere in the world

  • The kale of the future will be grown in warehouses. And these warehouses might be anywhere in the world: Antarctica, the Atacama Desert, you name it.
  • Bowery Farming has modernized the foundation of standard farming to create a more sustainable food future. The first farm of its kind, located in an indoor, commercial-sized warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey, can grow produce twice as fast as the traditional outdoor field no matter the weather.  Read more

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[BRDG025] Pulse - 3D Audio for Headphones

Project from BRDG is an interactive virtual space featuring objects that generate 3D sound, a VR music visualizer.

Video : Aqueduct (made with Unity3d)
Music : Katsuhiro Chiba (made with MAX7) youtu.be/G8sB3ym1CO4
Produced by BRDG



‘Overwatch’ colorblind mode sucks, says a top player — and the community agrees

  • Blizzard has a good reputation for constantly making tweaks and updates, but there’s one area it seems to be dropping the ball: Accessibility options for players with disabilities.
  • In the past, Blizzard has come under fire for its lack of subtitles for hearing impaired players.
  • This time around, Overwatch’s colorblind players are asking for some much needed improvements.
  • According to one of the world’s top Bastion players, Overwatch’s colorblind mode makes everything look like a psychedelic fever dream but isn’t actually all that helpful. Read more (2/24/17 2:28 PM)

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This '70s Artist Painted Our Future in Space - Science Friday
Forty years ago, artist Rick Guidice teamed up with NASA scientists to envision the space civilizations of the future.

Before computer-illustrating software, aerospace engineers and astronomers turned to the skillful hands of technical illustrators to depict future space missions. Los Gatos-based artist Rick Guidice was among them. In 1971, he went from drawing earthbound buildings at an architectural design firm to painting celestial bodies and space settlements for NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

Guidice was born and raised in San Jose, California, not far from the tech start-up companies sprouting across Silicon Valley. He began doing architectural illustrations when he was just 16-years-old, later studying fine art at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Between stints illustrating game advertisements for Atari and military maneuvers for the United States Air Force, Guidice worked for more than a decade alongside NASA scientists, illustrating missions and research so that their work could be shared with the public…


We have customers for years now use our Luxury Shoes Care Service. The great advantage of this is that after a long time Dandy Shoe Care know very well the tastes and needs of the customer. This help to achieve a color that characterizes the personality of the client. 

Like this Patina “Roberto” . A color created by Alexander Nurulaeff especially for our historical client and friend of mine: Mr.R.V.