tecate mexico

Postal de la década de los 50s: ¡Mira como me siento en Tijuana, Mexico!. En esta epoca Baja California se volvio parte de un nuevo estado (legal) de la República Mexicana y el sector turístico el mayor promotor económico.

Postcard from 50s decade: Look what i fell into in Tijuana, Mexico. At this time Baja California became part of a new state ( legal) of Mexico and the tourism sector promoter Economic mayor.

Fuente: http://theniftyfifties.tumblr.com/post/6360391135/advertising-postcard-retro-vintage-graphic-design-art-il


MY FIRST THE 1975 CONCERT. // October 7th - Torreón,MX //

Last night i saw them live for the first time,after 3 years of being a fan,I did a 6 hours road trip,but it was all worth it.

i was in second row,it was beautiful,an experience i will never forget.

they are amazing,another level,i’m so proud to call them my favorite band.

(pictures are not mine,credit to de owner)

Hi! My name is Cassie and this is like my favorite part of my room the rest its kinda lame. Im 15 years old and i live in Tecate ,B.C Mexico i have had this room since last year and its like my paradise.Im into the  virgin suicides vibes but im still working on that i also love the 80 and have all this movies and boookkkssss i just love to read