whoa little guardians,
Do you remember that layout I did for my friends blog Winx & WITCH?
Sooo, he asked me to do more layouts like that one aaaand I accepted, of course.
Then I started to do the other Winx and witch girls. The pairs was my friend request. I hope you like it, now I just need to choose a color palette and update the layout. 


Found this photos on my pc. My friend ask me to take pictures with my WITCH stuff. So a took these photos last year: with a book, the manga and an random magazine. 

I actually think this is a good idea. If you want, you can send me your photos by submit. It would be a great opportunity fandom know themselves better ^^

btw, that beautiful cute thing over there in the corner is my cat, her name Marrie, but I have another called Irma <3


Part of my New Year’s resolutions is to do everything I planned to do for 2014 and didn’t.

2014 was a very bad and very goodyear for me. The high were very high and the low were very low. Traveled, made new friends, some special people <3 :D
But almost got kicked out of my university, I was almost kicked out of my house, I was depressed for a few weeks stuck in bed. I messed up with my group of comics translations. In short, horrible!

But 2015 is not 2014, and in 2015 I will not give up of my plans, no sir!

To begin, I made a new visual identity for SOS WITCH group. A new logo, new covers to twitter, facebook and youtube (which has no videos, yet). A new template pro forum and for SOS blog, a page with “about us and partners”. And finally, a gallery where we will post all WITCH issues. In addition the project, WITCH revival. The brazilian magazines scans have low quality and are full of tags, we want to improve the quality and so we are  rescanning everything! WOWWWW!


Today I took some time before my coral class, and walked around Rio’s downtown looking for “Sebos”. Sebos, is how we call bookstores that only sell used books, some very old, with a super advantage: they are very cheap.
I don’t know why I had never been interested in searching for this kind of bookstores, but today I decided to look for something about Witch (4 years after the cancellation of the magazine here)
THEN I FOUND!!! It was a floor just for old magazines, and I was lucky to find some Witch. Bought 13 issues, 3 books and a huge poster. I spent  $ 30, but worth every penny!

So I made a new template for the Brazilian Witch forum, and when I finaly finish it (after some hours doing montages) I see what I really made…
I guess I’m getting dyslexic or I’m just tired! Crying uninterruptedly …