Nicole Sessarego (21) was the first in her family to go to university. She was a journalist student from Chile that won a scholarship to spend a few months in the public University of Buenos Aires in 2014. The joyful occasion became a tragedy when in that city she became the victim of a strange murder.

Around 6 AM of July 15th, 2014, the young woman was found dead in the hall of her building, her keys still in her hand, all her possessions with her, which meant it hadn’t been a robbery. She had been stabbed 11 times, right outside in the street, and she had stumbled inside where she’d passed away.

After following some fruitless leads, police studied surveillance cameras in the area and discovered that Nicole had been followed by a young man dressed in black for a couple of blocks. Another video showed the same man walking quickly away from the scene, after the murder, wiping his hands.

The images were too blurry to make out any faces, and for almost four months the killer was free. Then the video was released to the public, and a man called Roberto Azcona recognized his son Lucas from the clothing and the way he walked. He confronted him and the 23 year old confessed he was indeed the killer. He didn’t know why he’d done it, he said. His father drove him to the police, where he turned himself on November 2014.

Although Lucas Azcona is in custody, the crime is still pretty confusing, especially when it comes to motive. There are no indications that Nicole and Lucas knew each other, and if he’s revealed anything to the investigators, it’s not public yet. But in October 2015, argentinian justice said they were also investigating turkish immigrant Janberk Teber (32), a man who had briefly dated Nicole. The relationship, according to her mother, ended because he was too jealous and possessive, but he claims it was all very casual. There’s a theory that he might have hired Lucas Azcona to kill Nicole, but so far nothing has been determined with certainty.

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por eso los cispakis no me caen bien, ni googlear saben. cis= que no es trans. paki= hetero.

Oh!! Perdoneme usted, persona COMPLETAMENTE mas importante que yoooo debido a que soy Hetero!!

Y que mi heterosexualidad no me permita teber ignoracia o falta de conocimiento!!

Disculpeme, pero esto se volvio ridiculo.

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El anon triste de hace un rato se reporta :'v Muchas gracias, realmente me siento mejor :D

Me alegro! Espero pueda teber dias mejores!!! ヽ(´▽`)/