Fast Thinking

‘Oh, shoot! It’s Amy!’

‘Aw, she doesn’t even notice I’m here.’

‘Like… usual.’

‘Uh..uhh, okay be cool! I’ve got the element of surprise! Now I need to think of a good pickup line..’

‘You look..! Uhh…ahh… no. Too many words to think of.’

‘Come on, Sonic! Think-think-think-think!’

‘Okay! Here she comes! Hit her with the ol’Sonic Charm~’

<His mind’s eye> “Oh, hey Sonic! I didn’t see you there.” -Amy.

<what he really looked like>


‘Heh, nailed it!’


TITLE: Escape From The City 2016

ARTIST: Mesmerist

It’s time for some unbridled electro, techno, dance fan! Here is a remix of Escape From the City. It keeps the original vocals that we all know and remember, but the backing instrumentals are completely new. The music video is nice, but the version on SoundCloud is extended! It’s a long one, but worth every second.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.