Must-read books - Star Wars edition

• A Tale of Two Sides - An adaptation of Anakin Skywalker’s journal, by his son Luke Skywalker, who also shares his life lessons of struggles with the force and how not to give in to the dark side. It’s now a mandatory reading for all Jedi younglings.

• The Fault in our Beards - A novel by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who shares his wisdom about missing the signs of a Padawan’s fall. It also features a revealing epilogue by Luke Skywalker.

• The Lost Lightsaber - On this thrilling novel, J.J. Abrams tells just how exactly Maz Kanata got hold of the old and long-lost Skywalker blue lightsaber.

• Fantastic Pilots and Where They Came From - A must-have for the enthusiasts, this is a collection of stories about the origins and the flying skills of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, Rey, Han Solo and Poe Dameron.

• Chewbacca’s Guide to the Galaxy - In this collaboration with Han Solo, our favorite Wookiee shares everything he learnt while travelling the galaxy with the Millennium Falcon.

• The Once and Future Vader - A passionate biography by Kylo Ren. One should take notice that neither the ghost spirit of Mr. Anakin Skywalker, nor his son, endorsed this work.

• The Senator - A political teatrise by the man himself, Sheev Palpatine! We now present an updated edition with notes by General Hux, of the First Order.

and finally, our most antecipated title…

• We Need to Talk About Ben - A novel by Leia Organa Solo. No further description required.