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i'm a little off. can you tell me the refereces to the batboy's?

Sure! They’re only about Jay, btw.

1. In BvS, we see his Robin costume. That was the most evident one.

2. In Suicide Squad, Harley is described as “accomplice to the murder of Robin”. That was fast, if you blink you don’t see. I noticed and almost screamed at the movie teather lol

3. Also in Suicide Squad, one of the Joker’s tattoos is a dead bird!

Vox Machina as lyrics by Fern Teather (seriously guys check her out on Spotify)
  • Grog:Washed away with the water/ I dragged myself back to the shore/ well I’ve been there too many times now/ I couldn’t bear it anymore/ You left them behind so you could be free
  • Keyleth:the perfection is poison/ the peace leads to violence/ you're lost in the noise when you just wanted silence
  • Vax:too early to sleep/ too late to think/ one last drink might keep the ghosts away for another day
  • Vex:we're puzzle pieces you and I/ and I need you by my side/ don't worry about anything/ everything is going to wash away like rain
  • Scanlan:if I keep walking down the road I've been on for so long/ never changing direction/ well I guess there's something wrong/ so I'm tempting my fate/ letting magic push me on
  • Pike:when I was a little girl I never understood/ why things would never go the way I thought they should/ and now after all I've seen/ the world still makes no sense to me at all/ but I won't fall
  • Percy:happiness is fake/ and it's sadness you can trust/ oh then make me out of plasticine it's more robust/ I'm never gonna break

Watched Suicide Squad yesterday - LOVED IT! It is very light, easy to follow, actually funny (whole teather was laughing on every joke ON TIME unlike Deadpool where you had to be 12 and able to process 56 jokes per minute), action packed… a.k.a NEVER ENDING FUN. It was a blast. One of the best movie experiences ever and imo it is by far the best and most comicbook-y movie I’ve ever seen.

Friendly advice: do yourself a favor and go see it. it is an amazing experience. You won’t regret it, promise.