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Sorry asking you serious stuff out of the blue, but, I'm also an animation student, and sice I started searching for others students on tumblr I realized that my drawings are really worse than theirs. I know that comparing is not good, and the aswer is always effort. But I'm worried that even with all the hardwork, I'll end college in a bad level at arts (since I prefer 2d animation, thats bad). So I wanna aks you any tips you could give? How do you manage to keep training? What do you do? (>_<)


When i started studying Art for real i too compared myself to all the other students and professionnal and i reallized i wasn’t good at all, contrary to what i thought. It’s a big shock and it makes questioning yourself.

But you have to know your learning is not over yet and you’ll definitly see major improvements.

I saw this graph i find very true :

basically your technical abillities come in period, it’s not linear and there’s time you’ll think you don’t progress. But if you work regularly, there’s no way you won’t progress. Draw everyday, even if it’s for 20 mn and you end up with an ugly sketch.

Everyone is different when it comes to motivation. The easiest way, i guess, is homework : you can’t escape the work you have to return to your teatcher :)

Otherwise, there’s no miracle, practicing academic drawing (portraits, studies, copy) is what makes you improve your skills. Don’t underestimate references, there’s no way you can improve in anatomy for exemple by drawing characters from imagination.  It can be unpleasant but you have to do it many many times : if you choose to focus on portrait, you have to make dozen of them. Don’t hesitate to start again a drawing you think is not good, it’s sometimes better to make a clean sweep.

What I do : doing live drawing whenever i can, sometimes i sketch people i see on TV. Don’t press the pause button, if people turn their heads or disappear from the screen you’ll just have a shapeless scribble but it’s ok.

What i find pretty motivating is create a little story to illustrate : create characters and their environnement, you have to make charadesign, costume, props, landscape, the whole world around them.

I hope it can help ! And good luck :)

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my teatcher was impressed by how much I knew about the history of Japan and the warlords, little does she know I know all that stuff from playing Otome games 🙈😅

haha That’s awesome! Just don’t pull your mobile out, in the middle of class, to check your “sources.” 

I can imagine the first screen that’s sure to pop up, if you accidentally open the app in class:

“Teacher, no! I swear I only play it to read about the cultural upheaval of a common chef living amongst feudal lords! Purely to increase my historical knowledge of war-torn Sengoku era Japan. I’m telling you, I didn’t even realize that half these lords were booty naked until you pointed it out. Also, will there be a quiz? Because I wasn’t paying attention. Masamune had his cakes out.”

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Kaminari are your classmates or more inportant, is the school aware of your mental state. Do the teatchers know about your fears and dark thoughts. I think if they do they sould help you. You're only 15. You are all just children. Don't forget that and don't be afraid to ask help. Diffenently when you neef it.

Teenage years are definitely a weird and unstable time, but I’ll be okay!! Sometimes you just gotta let out the bad things to make way for the awesome things

A little update for y'all

In France we don’t fight for freedom, equality and human rights.

In France, our President Emmanuel Macron promises that no men or women will sleep in the street by the end of 2017, and then we put migrants in a train and send them out of the country a few days before Christmas.

In France the deputies from the majority (many of them come from the private sector where they worked for big companies before Macron was elected) complain that they don’t earn enough money and have to eat a lot of pastas. Poor them, they earn only 5000€ per month ($5922.50) when they used to earn sometimes up to 3 times that amount in the private. Do not worry for them, last week the deputies voted to get 1200€ ($1400) each month to afford their rent in Paris intra muros of course. God forbid they find a place to live a bit farther and take public transports. Hahaha.

Meanwhile we cut the budget for accomodation assistance that many student and poor people rely on.

In France, the number of pupils and student rises every year and will keep rising according to demographic forecast. But we cut the number of teatchers. We also lower teatchers pay.

Meanwhile, deputies vote to suppress the solidarity tax on wealth on very very high incomes (if what you possess is more than 1 300 000€) because it makes rich people “flee the country” even though economists shown through studies that only 300 people who pay this tax leave France each year, that we don’t even know if they leave because of this tax and that it’s not worth loosing 40 billion euros of this tax just to avoid these 300 people leaving. They weigh basically nothing in the total. Let me tell you this cute little story: the solidarity tax on wealth is the one our dear and beloved Président Emmanuel Macron avoided to pay by declaring a fake (and lowered obviously) amount of property to the taxe office (it was before he was elected but appartly people don’t give one fuck about it).

Also, in our governement in France, there are 14 out of 39 members that are millionaires. It’s a good thing our governement is representing the people. So many of us are actually secretly rich. Want another cute story? Our Minister of Ecology owns 6 cars, a van, a scooter, a motor cycle and a boat. Who thought beeing green was difficult and asked for sacrifices??

Anyway, that’s just a tiny tiny part of what’s happening in France. I love that people love my country, and I love my country and I am very proud. But don’t think France is any different (or better) than any other country. We have to deal with the same bullshit. Don’t even get me started on the true face of Paris.

One last thing, sorry. Our Premier Ministre (head of the governement) spent 350 000€ of public money to fly 60 people of his delegation in a private first class plane a few days ago. But they made it 20 minutes earlier in Paris than what was planned with the original plane so… #worthit

Quand la prof d’arts du spectacle se balade dans tout le lycée avec une caméra pour un projet mais a oublié d’enlever le cache.

When the Performing Arts teatcher is wandering in the highschool with the camera but forgot to uncover the lens.