teatal said: Woah,I just got Captain Crieff feels right now. Instead of a man with a van, you’re a dame with the fame!

Oh my god I am going to draw self insertion art of me hanging out with Martin Crieff and you all are just going to hate me but you totally have teatal to blame.

lady-pekoe  asked:

Would you have any idea where to find the MJN Airline pin like the ones that was used in the photo shoot? Or what prop company made it? Or where to make custom pins? I've found NOTHING. ARGH. Also, on searching for Captain hats, all the Airline captains have navy hats, and ship captains have the white ones like the photo shoot. Do you think they made a mix-up?

I’m sorry it took me a while to reply, but I’ve been trying to track down that pin for you…unsuccessfully :( Also, I’m not an aviation expert so I honestly have no idea about the Captain’s hats. That was really unhelpful, sorry…

Followers, can you answer this question? Where can you find a pin like those used in the photoshoot? And what is going on with those Airline-Navy-Captain’s hats? Thank you!