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169: “ What a pretty sight. ” for Jon x Sansa please!! 😁

Trigger warning!!! Ramsay and sexual abuse and humiliation. I consider this pretty dark so be warned!!

ps!! shout out to you girl I love you and your fic!!!!!! and this is what I’ve written to reward you, I’m actually the worst … 


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I was not prepared for this tonight.

The first female (wild) roadkill I pick up… and she has babies.

In the same spot where I picked up a large, dead male opossum just a few weeks ago, I come across another opossum. I turn the truck around and my headlights fall on her mangled body. I actually wasn’t going to take her home, just move her off the road…. then I saw the babies.

Babies were strewn around the road, smashed and mangled. One clung to her chest and I gently pried it away and frantically searched for something to put it in. I dumped my “roadkill kit” in the back seat of my truck and put the little guy and two dead siblings in the container. I could see another baby wriggling around still latched to a teat, but by this time I had been in the road far too long to feel comfortable… so I gently picked up the mother and placed her in my truck bed and rushed home, frantically calling my friend who does rehab.

When I got home I got a call from my friend Melody, who clearly got my three or four messages (phone and facebook) and was happy to help. I could barely see through the tears.

Not long after, I got a call from wildlife-rehabilitator who was more than happy to help even though it was almost midnight. THANK YOU. (My name is Vickie, by the way… haha.)

Three babies are tucked in a box filled with towels and warm water bottles. I’m going to check them again shortly and see how they are doing, and check them throughout the night until I can get a hold of a licensed rehabber in the morning. There’s a guy local who does it, so I will try to find him first because he’s literally ten minutes from me. If that fails, I’ll contact others.

I don’t know what to do with the mother and the dead babies. Right now they are in the freezer, together… I stroked the mother’s head and held her paw and told her I would do my best to help her living babies… but there’s so much out of my control.