fun day wifft my boo. got some boba @tea spirit, this pretty cool restaurant where asians play cards. that was different. then we went to the asian market and we got junk food aha. we got ramen & shrimp flavored chips and yan yans. I still have to open the shrimp  chips. pretty good time for a sunday ;9

Hello to all my new followers!

To welcome everyone I thought I should draw another fawn.

Well…it started as a simple fawn but it slowly transformed into a kirin-ish thing with pears? There was a lot of sugar in my system from chocolate oranges at the time. 

Tea Spirit of the Month - February - bed time blend

This herbal blend goes by many different names, but generally includes peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile, lavender, hops, etc.

I really like this type of herbal tea. While I rarely have trouble sleeping it’s nice to take a break from being caffeinated some times. c:

Tea Spirit - Houjicha 

A type of Japanese green tea that is roasted instead of steamed. The flavor is mild and toasty, great for after a meal or the evening as the roasting process lessens the caffeine content