teasing us with unapologetic

anonymous asked:

(1) God, Cesilie, I'm so thirsty for Harry. I'm a twentysomething with goals and dreams and a future and great people and love in my life, and yet I'm so hopelessly in love with this boy I've never met and who doesn't even know I exist, it takes over my entire being sometimes. He is the epitome of everything beautiful and sexy. He is unabashedly himself and unapologetically confident and sexual sometimes just to tease us, but is also reserved and exceedingly polite, kind, humble and genuine. He

(2) gives us what we want, and even what we don’t deserve. He’s so perfect and beautiful, I would just do anything for him sexually. I know it sounds silly but I can’t help thinking about it. I would do absolutely anything to that boy and let him do anything in the world to me. I weirdly want other boys to be jealous of how willing and desperate we all are to do unspeakable things for Harry, not only because of how attractive he is but because he’s an authentically good person. He is the only (3) boy I’ve ever had a daddy kink for… HELP ME he literally turns me into an animal I want to make him feel good so so so badl