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Barba Theories Part 3


For reference, here is the original teaser/spoiler, here are my original theories (Part 1), and here’s a longer rundown of the theories you guys sent me (Part 2).

The new information is from here:

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming Law & Order: SVU episode where the D.A.’s office is hacked? Any hint on what sort of secrets about Barba will be revealed? —LaShawna

Ausiello: Without spilling exactly what it is, I can say that a secret so big and career-threatening is in play that Barba can’t even turn to Benson for support. Instead, he’ll choose a course of action that is, arguably, quite ill-advised.



That has to involve some type of wrong-doing. A work-related incident. Something Barba did that’s so wrong, he could lose his career over it. Or something he’s accused of, of course, or something he’s being framed for. Could a personal secret have consequences that harsh? I’m not sure. unless, like, he’s having an affair with the DA’s spouse and his ass is soooo getting fired if that comes out

And he can’t turn to Benson for support? Why the hell not? Because it would implicate her, maybe? Because Barba wants to protect her, and maintain her plausible deniability in case the information is actually leaked?

Which would mean that Barba is guilty of something? Or maybe just involved in something shady?


The ill-advised course of action, that’s less shocking for Rafael “Here’s My Home Address” Barba. I wonder what it’ll be this time.

Seriously though, I’m genuinely excited for once this season. I was worried the secret would be boring, but it seems to be juicy!

Oh, please note that I am completely disregarding theories that Barba’s secret is purely criminal in nature, and his career is in jeopardy because this “secret” would ruin his reputation and destroy his character. If he is guilty of something, in my mind, it’ll be either:

a) a somewhat shady deal, something sneaky Barba figured he could get away with, because he thinks he’s slick,


b) a passionate, poignant decision he made in a moment of crisis, to help someone else (or himself?), something is legally sketchy but morally sound mostly lol.

I’m hoping for a Casey Novak moment, myself. Something (tampering with evidence, twisting a testimony) to help a victim. But I’d also settle for a political scandal. As long as it’s not something too salacious. As long as we can still respect Barba afterwards.

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So its not my otp but I did some digging and FOUND GOLD FOR AKAIWA okay so *drum rolls* Akaashi iS TALLER THAN IWAIZUMI imagine oikawas teasing omg I love how Aka is more lanky and tall while iwa is smoll and buff!!

IwaAka is a fantastic ship, and while Iwa gets salty sometimes that he’s shorter, he can’t fault Akaashi because it’s just part of his almost model-esque figure. But we all know who opens those pickle jars.

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Ed Sheeran said he's performing with someone at the Brits tomorrow... shape of you ft this town

Do not fucking tease me. Omg, plot twist - it’s ed, Niall, and Ellie and the internet explodes and all three of those rich fuckers laugh all the way to the bank. 😂