teasing is not even fun

Teasing and Surprises

Summary: Teasing your fiancé, Mick, has always been fun. Only this time it was even better considering you had some great news to tell him. Who knew someone ‘tough’ as him could get so soft. 
Requested by two Anons

Words: 731

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy Reveal, nothing else I believe.

A/N: I admit, this is kinda out of character. But it’s been one of the requests so I don’t care.

You and Mick were both watching Ketch fighting some Rugarus in the training area. He was using some new weapons as well as some new combat techniques he had learned from some of the American hunters.

The progress you had made in America was astonishing and even though you knew neither Mick nor Arthur would admit it, they thought so too.

The past month you had been feeling… a little bit off. But when you found out what the reason to it was, you were more than happy. Well, shocked at first since you never expected it to happen but you knew when Mick found out, he would feel just as happy.

But before you told him… you decided to tease him a little.

“I really admire Ketch, he’s so strong… and nice… and he can take on everyone. I’m sure if he was taken he would do everything to protect his girl. A true hero,” you smiled, trying your best not to laugh when you noticed the sad glance Mick gave you.

“I see…” he said before leaving without saying anything else.

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I Admit Nothing -- Tim Drake x Reader

Here’s another request! I had fun writing this one as a friend of mine just recently set me up with someone. This isn’t based off our interactions though, just so you know. Enjoy my lovelies!

The request can be found here.

Word Count: 785

You took a sip from your drink as your (E/C) eyes swept across the room once more.

The restaurant was one of your favorites. It was surprising to find a place that served good ol’ Southern cooking in a city like Gotham. You missed your home down South, so any forms of comfort you took full advantage of. You’d originally moved to Gotham for school. After graduation, you’d been offered a job at Wayne Enterprises and took it without hesitation. The pay was good and you were actually using your mechanical engineering degree. Which is how you found yourself in the current situation.

You had been good friends with Barbara Gordon since freshmen year of college. She had tried her hardest to get you out on the Gotham dating scene multiple times over the years to no avail. It’s not that you weren’t interested in dating, but you didn’t exactly make an effort to put yourself out there either. Babs had finally worn you down and got you to agree to let her set you up. She assured you that you’d like the mystery guy and that the two of you had a lot in common. You wanted to believe, but past experiences had taught you not believe everything you were told.

“Excuse me,” a voice asked cutting into your thoughts. “Are you (Y/N)?”

You glanced at the stranger. He was an attractive man, more than likely in his early twenties. He had gorgeous black hair that was slightly spiked. His blue eyes gleamed with curiosity as he stared at you. You let your eyes soak in his lean and muscular form. It was obvious he worked out in some capacity. He wore a plain grey t-shirt with some band name you had never heard of on it along with blue jeans and a belt. His hands were in his pockets and he stood slightly leaning to one side.

Realizing he had asked you a question and that you had been staring, your cleared your throat.

“Yeah, that’s me. You must be Tim. Nice to meet you.”

You stuck out your hand to him. He stared at it for a moment before reaching out and giving it a small shake. With that done. He slid into the booth across from you. You pushed the menu towards him. Tim nodded his thanks then opened it. He was still looking over the menu when your waiter came to take his drink order. Once the waiter had walked off, the dark-haired man looked up at you curiously.

“So, Barbara tells me you’re from the South. Which state?”

“The Volunteer State.” Seeing that he didn’t quite get your joke, you smiled sheepishly. “Uh…Tennessee.”

“Ah, I’ve never been there. Is it nice?”

This rest of your conversation took a similar route. You would ask him a question, he’d answer. He would ask you a question, you’d answer. You were pleasantly surprised to find out that your college friend was right, you and Tim did have a lot in common. Of course, you two did have some different tastes: he loved coffee while your preferred tea, he wasn’t big on country music while you loved it. The differences weren’t enough to chase you away though. Soon the two of you were laughing and having a good time.

“I can’t believe I almost said no to this blind date. Barbara has been trying to set me up for years.”

You laughed. “Same here! I honestly didn’t think I’d have this much fun.”

“Me too! I’ll never tell her that though.”

“She can get kind of full of herself at times, huh?”

“You can say that again!” Tim smiled at you. “So, do you want to do anything after dinner?”

You spent the next three hours walking around Gotham with Tim. He was very knowledgeable of the city, even more so than you. Of course, you had been somewhat of a hermit while in college. He pointed out good places to visit and areas to avoid at all costs. All in all, it was an enchanting evening.

You had just stepped into your apartment after saying goodnight with Tim when your phone rang. You knew who it was without even looking at the caller ID. Sighing in annoyance, you begrudgingly answered the ringing device.

“What is it Barbara? It’s been a long night and I’m exhausted.”

“So…” She hesitated to speak. “The date didn’t go well.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Oh! Then it did go well!”

“I didn’t say that either.” You replied with a bored tone.

“C’mon (Y/N)! Give me something here! At least admit you had fun!”

You smirked at her childish behavior. “I admit nothing. Night Babs!”

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Olicity Prompt: Cramped Spaces

@captainolicitysbedroom you I think have more faith in me than almost anyone I know. Thank you for being such an awesome friend!

Prompt: Here it is: Oliver is the grumpy flight attendant. Felicity the rich guest is sitting in first class, she notices him being grumpy and teases him even more…Well just because she thinks it’s fun. If you could throw in some heat high up in the sky that would be great. Also a kiss is never wrong. 

As you know my friend I always seem to deviate from the plan…

Read it here or on AO3

“Cramped Spaces”

They just had to call him in today…

Oliver turned the faucet on and let the cold water fill the hollow, white basin before him. He glanced up at his reflection and mumbled awkwardly to the mirror, “You look like utter shit.” 

Thankfully the mirror didn’t utter back. His bloodshot eyes weren’t the only tell tale signs of his sleep deprived state. He trailed his long, dexterous fingers over the small lines at his crinkled eyes sighing heavily before he reached down to turn the water off. He dipped both hands into the ice cold pool of liquid; he took a deep breath then splashed the ice water over his unshaven face. He shivered involuntarily before repeating the action once more. The phone on his nightstand table buzzed as he reached for the washcloth beside the basin. He rolled his eyes and hollered, “Honestly!” 

The towel dropped to the floor with a silent thud when he moved to open the clear, glass shower door. He reached in and gently pulled on the sparkling silver knob and waited for the light spray to change from ice to luke warm liquid. He silently mused as he glanced around the shoebox sized space. The grey shower tiles were cracked from years of use, the paint around the baseboards was peeling and that was just the bathroom. His countertops needed to be replaced; his floor tile was old and outdated much like the rest of the cramped space. 

He placed his hand underneath the warming spray and muttered, “three more minutes,” then proceeded to glance around the living space. His floors were grey laminate that was popular about three years ago. The kitchen and living space were one giant room with a bedroom off to the side. He sighed then tested the water again finding that the water was finally bearable for human skin. He quickly removed his shirt and boxers before stepping into the cramped stall. His scowl of sleep deprivation shifted when he saw her half empty shampoo bottle sitting innocently on the ledge just beneath the shower caddy. His eyes fell in disgust, “I’m betting the rich windbag has a massive shower,” he mumbled while the water ran in wet rivets down his sculpted torso. 

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a little thing I’ve noticed

People love claiming that Noctis doesn’t really love Luna that his marriage to her is forced but i can’t help but notice how Noctis acts really tsun when it comes to being teased over his love for her.

Even Ignis poked fun of it. the ‘convenience’ part is more on the empire rather then each other. and Prompto teased him bout it and Noctis went ‘shut up’

 Just…. Noctis is so in love with his wife Lunafreya but so tsun bout it at the same time. 

These two dorks just make me so happy 

Olicity Prompt: Cramped Spaces part 2

So ummm yeah a few people really liked this one and asked for more so guess what…

You got it! 

Original Prompt:  Prompt: Here it is: Oliver is the grumpy flight attendant. Felicity the rich guest is sitting in first class, she notices him being grumpy and teases him even more…Well just because she thinks it’s fun. If you could throw in some heat high up in the sky that would be great. Also a kiss is never wrong.

Tagging @captainolicitysbedroom because you never give true one shots! 

Part 1

Read it here or on AO3: and yes there’s smut…lots and lots of smut…

Chapter 2

The picture outside her window was grey with dark, low hanging clouds that seemed to cling to every sparse rooftop of the city below. She sighed quietly and leaned back into the lightly padded chair. She caught his shy, boyish smile as the people slowly lumbered passed. Seeing that the line was moving slowly she shifted her gaze to the small window. The smattering of rain drops on the fogged glass reminded her of her tiny, sparsely decorated loft. The water droplets moving down the mirrored surface made her reflect upon the events that led to this very day…

3 months ago…

“The merger shouldn’t take more than two days tops,” Felicity mumbled with her phone shoved between her ear and the sharp bone of her shoulder. She folded the last of her shirts while the conversation continued on mostly without her input.

The annoying voice crackled through the poor reception with a distorted request, “You still think this is going to go swimmingly don’t you?”

Felicity rolled her eyes darkly, “Don’t start,” she muttered before her crackled cohort swiftly cut her off. “You’re about to become a millionaire overnight. This merger isn’t some tinker toy venture. You’ll be expected to attend each meeting for the next three months do you understand Miss. Smoak?”

She flung the rest of her clothes into the rumpled duffle bag with a loud huff before venturing down the road to a swift reply. The phone crackled loudly, “Felicity! Do we have an understanding or not!”

Clinging to the remaining shreds of dignity she had left she breathed, “I’ll see you in a few days Mr. Palmer.”

“Good,” he answered curtly before the line went dead. She let the phone slip down the line of her shoulder as she growled, “I agree…”

Felicity shoved her bag off her tattered bedspread. She smiled proudly when it landed with a loud thud onto the destroyed hardwood floors. “At least he can’t stop me from doing that,” she huffed at the small victory before pacing around the small, cramped space. Her loft was small but adequate. She had her bed pushed against the wall of windows that began at the base of the floor and stretched to the wooden boards of her arched ceiling. She did that because at night the bay of Star city was lit with the various boats that took up residence in the harbor. The lights from their ships made her small ceiling seem like a makeshift midnight sky with millions of lights reflecting off the aging beams. She’d stare up at those twinkling lights and dream of a life where the lights were really stars twinkling through her glass skylight.  Her bathroom was separated by the only door the apartment had with a semi-large closet off  the space next to the shower. Her kitchen and living space were truly one in the same. Her kitchen was set up along one wall which left the remaining square footage for her two loveseats. She shifted on her heel; her hands fell to her hips, while her lips curved into a slight frown. Two years ago she was just some tech geek with big dreams and an IQ to match. Now she was about to become the CEO of Smoak Industries with that jerk Ray Palmer as her partner and CFO.

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Scent Swap Pt. I

Alternatively titled “It Was an Accident Pt. 2″ XD, here it is! This is the first part of my two-shot inspired by the Seduce Me Otome CD, which just so happens to be on sale *cough* bless you Michaela and Fae *cough* Let me know whatcha think, and the second part will be up soon!

As the rapidly dwindling hot water ran down your back, and the familiar, heady smell of a conditioner that definitely was not yours swirled around the shower, you couldn’t help but laugh at the irony to the situation.

It hadn’t been too long ago that Sam had accidentally used your shampoo, resulting in an adorable confrontation in the bathroom. Watching him in a flustered panic was just too good, and you’d had your fun teasing him, even kissing his cheek.

But now, the shoe was on the other foot.

The bottles did look almost identical, and you’d been in a rush - Suzu and Naomi were going to be here to pick you up for school any minute. Stepping out of the shower, you quickly wrapped a towel around your body. Walking to the vanity, you picked out your usual perfume and tried applying it to your wrists and neck, but it did nothing to diminish the smell.

With a sigh, you resigned yourself to dealing with it for one afternoon - you could always wash your hair again when you got back home. Flicking on your hairdryer you started to work, and as your hair slowly dried, the potent smell of Sam’s shampoo surrounded you. A pleasant shiver ran down your spine, and his panicked words echoed in your ears.

“I smell manly as hell! Like a demon… and stuff!”

You giggled, chewing your lip. He was honestly too dorky for his own good. That was probably one of the reasons you’d fallen for him in the first place, not that you could ever admit that. The only people you’d confided in about your crush were Naomi and Suzu. You hadn’t told any of the other boys obviously, but the suggestive comments and teasing smirks were leading you to suspect they’d probably figured it out.

In a strange way though, Sam’s goofy words were right. While the earthy tones and musky scent of his conditioner were familiar, there was something else too. You’d noticed it over the course of time the boys had spent in the mansion - the aura of natural power and energy they gave off. Did demons have different scents based on their abilities or strength?

Shaking your head, you decided to think more on the idea later. With your hair now mostly dry, you pulled it back into a low ponytail in the hopes of drawing less attention to it, and secured the towel a little more tightly before heading to change in your room.

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“Not your type” jokes I like/accept: An inside joke between Percy and Nico. Something Percy jokes about to tease Nico, and Nico just sighs or even teases back. All in good fun.

99% of “Not your type” jokes made by the fandom: Percy being legitimately offended Nico doesn’t want to bang him and pestering him about it. Nico being so annoyed at this he screams at Percy in frustration.

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“I won’t be that person for you anymore” | Aomine angst part three.

You folded the towel tightly around your body. You were the only one remaining — everyone had already go home and the girls locker room was empty. You opened your locker to take another towel when you heard the door opening. “I need to talk to you.” , a hand suddenly slammed your locker closed. Aomine. “W- what are you doing here ? Are you crazy?? Get out!” , you yelled as you hugged yourself. This pervert. You could be naked! You were expecting him to mock you or tease you or even make fun of your words but his face remained deadly serious , his eyes still fixed on yours. “You’re avoiding me.” , he said as he leaned back on the lockers. “This was the only way to get to you.” , he admitted.
“I don’t like this way. What do you want? ____ left already.” , you calmly told him as you pretended you were folding a towel , his eyes looking away from you in the sound of his girlfriend’s name.
“I was hoping i could see you.” , he muttered as he looked down again.
“Why ? I mean , you — you shouldn’t want to see me.” , this was very wrong. He shouldn’t sneak like that to ‘see you’ after what happened. You needed to move on , somehow , and this didn’t help to your situation. You needed him away. You took a deep breathe and stood in front of him , facing him for the first time after very long. 

“Aomine i —” , 

“Dammit ! Stop calling me that!” , he yelled as he stepped closer to you. His eyes betraying his anger and all those mixed feelings he had. At this moment it was almost too much to take — you thought you would cry or scream or even yell at him for doing that to you but after all you realized ; you were empty. You had cried enough tears. “I can’t be there for you..” , you finally told him. “Because you already have her. I - I can’t do it. I can’t stand to see you , not anymore.” , you whispered. 

There was a long pause. He seemed calm but his eyes were looking at you with anger. His hand suddenly came to rest on your cheek and oh that moment you realized his touch was something you needed , badly. You missed it. “Aomine. no.” , you finally spoke while shaking your head slowly. You teared your eyes off his you stepped back. “I won’t be that person for you.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to.” , he moved his hand away and placed it inside his pocket. While pulling back from you he nodded and looked away before turning around to exit the door.
“It’s just— ____ , i did loved you. That’s a truth i wouldn’t deny.” , he muttered as he walked away - leaving you completely alone.

Star Crossed Myth Headcanon - What the gods do when MC drinks a little too much


(When I first posted this Ichthys was not included due to his story being unreleased, but Wishes have heard us loud and clear) - enjoy. :)


He was unimpressed, but he couldn’t deny the tickle in his chest that was warning of a laugh. Raising a glass or two wasn’t an ideal way to spend his evening, exactly, when he would sooner prefer to spend his time absolving his sin. And though he was planning on working on such the following day, there you were, downing drinks like—like a goldfish drinks water, he thought, as the barest of smiles curled his lips.

But his amusement was cut short when you got a little too touchy with him. And though he might have normally teased you—taking the chance to please you, even—it wasn’t fun this time around with you clinging to his arm like a little girl trying to place a clumsy kiss on her crush. So he carried you to your bed, a tad bitter—but strangely warm in disposition, when you were too sleepy to see the tenderness in his gaze.


He was glaring at you the whole time, though he’d be lying if he said he had tried to look away. You complimented Mr. Smart Guy on his alcohol, gladly accepting drink after drink, oblivious to your delicate capabilities as a weak little human. It made him sick.

He stood, finally resolving to mind his own business, but you saw him leaving. You called out his name, and at first he ignored it, but then you called it again. Of course, he yelled at you, adding an insult that he knew would go in one ear and out the other since “idiot goldfish” was apparently becoming all more common a phrase around the mansion.

You were following him like an annoying puppy, but then you clutched your stomach, and suddenly you were so visibly ill he wondered how he hadn’t noticed earlier through all his glaring. Before you could be sick, he reluctantly grabbed you and led you outside for fresh air, because hell—he knew how often he needed a change of scenery after dealing with the problem gods. He waited for you to feel better under the guise of impatience, but he honestly didn’t mind standing on the balcony, in the easy silence of the night. You just…happened to be there, is all.


Typically you’d have been reluctant to let the god even flirt with you, but in your drunken stupor Teorus found you very eager to flirt with him. You’d wrapped your feminine arms around his neck as if to ensnare his lips and claim them for yourself, and you were even successful—Teorus struggled to maintain any sort of rationality he might have had before the influence of alcohol and the advances of a pretty girl.

Teorus picked you up and held you close after sharing a brief kiss, and he almost took it further as he slid his hands eagerly down your waist—but then Huedhaut interfered, forcing the aroused god to put you to bed (under the wiser one’s supervision, of course). You fell asleep quickly, leaving Teorus slightly stunned and more than a little pouty.


He had started off the night’s festivities watching you, though the reason behind that was a bit blurred—perhaps it was out of concern, because you seemed so tiny and innocent to him, and so frail. But he was proving to be rather frail himself—at least in the clutches of alcohol. You seemed to encourage him with your blissful behaviour, a side effect of the drinks; your happiness was contagious, as he found himself laughing alongside with you, consuming drink after drink simply because you were.

His other self managed to control Dui’s behaviour. It were as if Shadow Dui guided their shared body responsibly, though it certainly wasn’t for your sake, he had convinced himself. It was just for Dui’s, of course. But you were the first priority in Shadow Dui’s mind, as, when Dui became a little too inebriated, he was the one who led you to bed and sought after your comfort, even leaving a glass of water on your bedside.


He refused to serve you alcohol of his own making in the first place—would it be his fault if you got drunk, making a vulnerable human all the more exposed in the lion’s den? When you pouted, clearly disappointed at having been forced to stay at the gods’ sides without even a drink to ease it by, Huedhaut slid over a glass of wine, clearing his throat and tossing you a look of warning: Be careful. As if taking his command a little too seriously, you straightened your back and took a modest sip of your drink.

He couldn’t help but laugh at that. Your reactions were so cute to him, in a sense he wasn’t fond of recognizing—and he found himself craving more of them. Your little smiles were his doing, after all. So he slid you drink after drink, even pausing to consider what mix might suit you best. It wasn’t like it mattered, really. Not at all.

Naturally, the alcohol wasn’t handled well on your end, though it wasn’t entirely your humanity’s fault. Huedhaut had handed you different varieties, mixing wine with vodka with whiskey. On the contrary, he handled his alcohol very well, which was to be expected of the most rational and composed of the gods, so it was up to him to take care of you after you drank a little too much. And when you attempted to kiss him as you reached your room, he couldn’t have been out of there faster.


He encouraged you with every sip, excited by the fanciful idea that you would aid him in his pranks with a little bit of alcohol to guide your judgment. After all, Zyglavis shouldn’t get mad at you, the former goddess, should he learn of a rule being broken. He could punish you since you were a mere human—but you were an important human—so, naturally, this logic made Ichthys all the more eager to test his limits.

But you surprised him when, instead of your usual bout of directionless giggles, you cried. Hard. Your human problems seemed somewhat trivial to him, but he would never tell you that—after all, he concluded, your problems were different from his, but not any less problematic. To brush off somebody else’s problems would be to act as if he could fix them, which he couldn’t.

But he could try to make you smile.

He didn’t need alcohol to inspire silliness within him—he simply went at it, singing songs with no tune, dancing to no beat. And not only did you smile, you laughed and joined in, beating Ichthys’ initial plans for entertainment.

Flirting and Feelings

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None, Flirting

Word Count: 2,436 (oops)

Summary: imagine with Peter where you are Stark’s daughter and you are little older than Peter (2 years like so) and when you meet him he gets a heart shaped eyes. But you just teasing him and flirt with him for fun. Even Tony tells you to stop ‘cause you just hurting him. Then you realize that you actually like little Pete.  (Sorry this took so long, sweet anon).

Part 2

The common area of Avengers HQ was not a place you usually hung out. You liked the comfort of your own room, where you could shut the door and not have to worry about anyone looking at your computer over your shoulder, they didn’t need to know what you looked at on tumblr. But here you were, half laying-half sitting on one of the couches, the Olympics playing in the background as you played games on your phone, waiting for something exciting to happen.

Summer break had not been much for you this year. A rising junior in college, you had originally hoped to spend your summer doing something fun with friends, or taking some extra classes, maybe even get a job to pad your resume. Tony Stark had other plans. Your father didn’t want you to get a summer job because “it’s not like you’re hurting for money,” and he had asked that you not take summer classes because “I would like to spend a little quality time with you that isn’t a holiday.” Which is all well and good, if you actually follow through with it. However, he and Bruce had hit some big breakthrough and were constantly in the lab, leaving you wondering why you had come home for the summer in the first place.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so Taekwoon and Ravi these days are??? At some point around BL promotions and chained up, I feel like Ravi realized it's fun to tease and dote on Taekwoon even more (as did the other members) and eventually he realized that oh, Taekwoon is hella cuter than he thought. And tbh, bless that little hamster, the man who ranked him fifth cutest member is constantly calling him cute and petting him. Finally.

2nd part:

Also, Taekwoon is so soft and cuddly nowadays. That potential inside of him has been awakened (and exploited a little by his members)

ugh yes YES YES! There’s definitely a before and after BL in their dynamics and by extension, Leo’s dynamics with the other members. Leo’s always been fun when teased, but everything was coated with the fright he used to inspire in the rest, now they all discovered that he’s much ado about nothing 

But the times he does get violent, there’s always Ravi to hug it out and tame the lion

Originally posted by jongtaekwoon

he’s just a big pinkeu pinkeu tsundere teddy bear hamster so soft and all cuddly ekfjqnelkjf

I’m just really happy we got to see this side of him and that he’s becoming more and more confident in himself on camera

I just wanna see him doing all sorts of cute things adkhfgqhgwr I’m so sure the members and us starlights will be very pleased lol

Beautiful Voice

Request: Can you make an imagine where y/n is singing in the shower, and Dan and Phil walk past and they hear her, but she sings really well so she comes out wrapped in a towel with wet hair and shiz and what Dan and Phil say? Thank you <3

Warnings: None

I quickly grabbed my shower caddy and my towel and headed for the bathroom. Dan and Phil were out shopping and I knew they would return soon, so I wanted to shower while they were still out.

I loved to sing in the shower, but never did so while they were home. I was simply too embarrassed. I loved singing, especially in the shower but I didn’t want them to hear me. I didn’t think I was very good, and I didn’t want them to tease me. Even if it was in good fun, it was a passion of mine that I didn’t want them to poke fun at.

I decided She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 was a good decision. It wasn’t in the top charts but I still loved it. I washed up and sang my little heart out while doing so. I had probably sang the entire song through three or four times, the lyrics were now stuck in my head. 

I finished up and dried my hair in the bathroom and got changed in the fuzziest and warmest pajamas I had. It was only then I heard the boys in the lounge, I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I put my things back in place before heading to the lounge where they were seated, talking. They both immediately stopped and looked at me when I walked in, so I instantly knew they were talking about me.

“What is it?” I sighed, they really weren’t good at hiding things from me.

“It was nothing, seriousl-” Phil had began, but Dan cut him off bluntly.

“Y/N, you’re seriously amazing at singing. Like, really good at it.” 

I felt my cheeks burning, had they really heard me? Two years of living with these goofballs and they had now found out my secret.

“Dan, that’s not funny. I actually really like singing in the shower, and I’ve kept it a secret because I knew you two would pick at me.” I tapped my foot, I didn’t have the patience.

Phil now cut in. “No, Y/N, we’re serious. You’re actually wonderful, you’ve got a beautiful voice.” Phil looked down at his hands, obviously slightly shy at the mention of my voice sounding ‘beautiful’.

“What? So you’re not making fun of me?” I was still suspicious; I had always loved singing but I never thought I was actually good.

“Yes, we are serious. I’d actually like you to sing a song I wrote, and I’ll play the piano to it.” Dan casually mentioned. Since when did he start writing songs?

“You’re dead serious?” I was still shocked they actually thought I was good, much less that Dan wanted me to sing a song he wrote. 

Dan groaned playfully. “Jesus, yes Y/N. I am serious, we are serious, this isn’t a prank. I can give you a copy of the song.”

I smiled the brightest smile I had in me.

“I’d love to. Thank you guys for supporting me.” I hugged them both tightly, but they just looked confused. They didn’t understand how much this meant to me.

We spent the rest of the night cooking while I sang out loud.

The best part was they always clapped after I finished a song.

They’re my dorky boys, and I love them to pieces.

I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, I just kinda went with what felt right, but if you want me to redo it I can, it’s not a problem.

Service with a Smile CH2

A/N: I should be finishing up my homework, but I’m too invested in this fic. It’s going to consume so much of my time- my apologies in advance for everybody who left me requests… I’ll get to them eventually, I promise. :’)

Since some people have asked, and I’m just going to estimate that Astrid’s fresh out of high school and Hiccup graduated the year before. It’s Hiccup’s POV this time around! [Jazz hands]

CH 1

Next: CH 3

He couldn’t fight the overwhelming urge to smile. Maybe ‘smile’ wasn’t quite the word to describe it- it was more like the result of an affair between a grin and a smirk. Either way, Hiccup was wearing it. He wasn’t a spiteful or mean spirited person whatsoever- he simply didn’t appreciate being yelled at and wrongfully judged by strangers, regardless of how pretty they were. And even then, the Haddock was teasing Astrid in all good fun.

He just… didn’t think that she understood that. He had received his fair share of disrespect as a pubescent teenager, but time and exposure to such had toughened his skin. Hiccup had no problem with supplying snappy, sarcastic retorts in retaliation to that kind of treatment. He could already deduce that this Astrid character was used to being taken seriously twenty four-seven; it was the only explanation to her apparent lack of humor. He briefly contemplated what that would be like, but chose to rapidly dismiss the thoughts.

So maybe he regretted that dad joke. At least it was an ironic dad joke.

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