teasing each other and all


Apparently the dust from the episode is settling a little because now I’m getting fluff plot bunnies instead of just feelsy serious ones lol

Silence settled in. Both Sherlock and Molly said nothing, barely hazarding a glance at each other. It took a few moments before Sherlock finally jumped back in. 

“Regardless of everything else, the fact still remains that I did say it first!”

Molly sputtered out a laugh. “Sherlock, I made you say it. Not sure that truly counts. You thought I was going to blow up!” 

“Mm,” he hummed in a doubting tone.

“You did think so!”

“But perhaps on some level I had deduced that it was indeed foolish for Eurus to blow up your flat and kill you and therefore wasn’t pushed to finally speak the words out of fear for your safety alone!”

“That is not what you were thinking at the time, admit it,” she laughed.

“Unconsciously, Molly, my mind can do truly amazing things!” he stated haughtily.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because even if the words left your lips first, I was the one who felt it first. Years, Sherlock!” She gently elbowed him.

“Again, definitely debatable!” he stubbornly insisted. “I am excellent at repressing emotion; been perfecting the skill for years! I may have been in love with you since the very first moment I walked into Bart’s lab and demanded to borrow some chemicals.”

Molly chuckled lightly as she left his side and crossed the room. This produced a deep frown on Sherlock’s brow as he propped himself up on his elbows…against the pillows on Molly’s bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked in what was to Molly an endearingly desperate tone.

“I do actually have to go to work, Sherlock,” Molly reminded him as she discarded her sleep shirt, well, his tee shirt, and began throwing clothes on for Bart’s. “As appealing as it is to stay here and repeat this little argument, I can’t be late.”

“Ooh, I think you could a little,” he said, his lips lifting in a little smirk as he got up to wrap his arms around her from behind. He dropped his voice much lower and whispered in her ear. “I’ll say it again if you’d like.”

Molly turned around to drape her arms around his neck as she grinned up at him. “Oh will you? Like you mean it?”

Sherlock nodded slowly, his eyes gently caressing her face. He dropped his head a bit so their lips were near touching as he murmured the words. “I. Love. You.”

She scrunched up her shoulders a little and bit her bottom lip, very pleasantly effected by the sound of his words. “I could listen to that all day,” she whispered back.

“That can absolutely be arranged.”

He’d barely got those words out before Molly grabbed his lips with hers, tugging him in tighter against her and quickly deepening the kiss. Not even the Consulting Detective could have deduced that she was about to pull away abruptly.

“Ok, now I really do have to go,” she said with an apologetic little smile while slipping away to grab her cardigan on her way to the bedroom door.

“W-what? You really are leaving?” he questioned wide eyed.

“I’ll be back probably by six.” She pointed a warning finger at him. “No experiments in the kitchen while I’m at work, please! And I’ve got a busy schedule today so if you’re thinking of popping in you’d better call first.”

Sherlock raised a teasing brow. “Only if you promise to actually pick up the phone.”

Molly narrowed her eyes, twisting her lips to prevent her laughter as she gave him a playful warning glare. “Save it. We’ll try that argument again later.”

“Ooh good,” Sherlock agreed with a boyish grin. “I like where that one always ends up.”

Unofficial Home

Pairing: Luke & Female Reader (only because of the pet name princess other than that it’s genderless) 

Words: 1200+

Warning: sfw 

I’m making this into a series based on Luke getting his new apartment bc you guys don’t know how happy i am he’s settling down in Sydney !!!

Masterlist | Feedback 

(gif isn’t mine) 

Part two

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Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

love how i never notice this...

the three of them lighting up the fireworks, both victor and yuri look like they are enjoying themselves while yurio seems like he doesn’t like the sound they make the dork (considering this might be his first time doing something like this)…

now we see yuri with a face as if he’s trying to say something, and if you look closely you’ll see that yurio is now holding two fireworks while yuri seems to have lost his… yup, yurio just took yuri’s firework and it’s definitely teasing him with it! i can imagine them yelling at each other… all this while victor’s just watching from the sidelines without being able to contain his laughter and joy because of these two…

the frames keep going and now yuri’s actually chasing yurio in order to get back what’s his or just to get revenge on the boy haha, but either way, yuri being 23-24 and yurio being 15-16, depending when this takes place, they are both acting like a pair of little kids, chasing one another, and it’s adorable… of course victor is the same, just enjoying the moment, BECAUSE LOOK AT HIM, seems like he is pretending to fly or just running around making airplane sounds something which wouldn’t surprise me in the least

AND FINALLY WE COULD SAY YURI’S GOT HIS FIREWORK BACK (or he just lighted up another the poor boy), but the point is that the three of them look… happy… letting go, fooling around, being silly or careless, ALL THIS IS GOOD ONCE IN A WHLE, because they may not get another chance.

Just dancing at night, with the sound of fireworks all around them, with sand covering their feet while getting their fancy clothes dirty (i really hope they are doing this at the beach), they don’t care whose watching, because they feel good, and for them that’s enough.

on a side note… yuri’s final dance sequence, i wonder if he’s actually putting a show for victor and yurio, or maybe he is so entranced with the moment he’s no longer conscious he’s being watched

Dating Fred Weasley Would Include

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  • Teasing each other all the time but adding “I love you” and a kiss to the end of each little tease.
  • Snape deliberately splitting the two of you up and placing you on opposite sides of the classroom. He made the mistake of partnering the two of you up once, and he’s never doing that again.
    - Fred coming over and leaning on your table and giving you a wink, “Blow things up here often?”
  • Snape keeping you after class because you were one of his best students until you started seeing Fred and he’s “disappointed”. Fred kisses you as soon as you leave the class, which gets a very disapproving cough from Snape.
  • Fred meeting you outside each and every class, often surprising you by grabbing you and pushing you against the wall to kiss you.
  • Eventually you tell him you’re worried about yours (and his) grades so Fred starts trying super hard to impress you. He even told you he couldn’t go on a date with you because he had to study. That earned an eyebrow raise from you so he gave in and the two of you had a study date.
  • Fred’s eyes lighting up whenever he makes you smile. ESPECIALLY if you do that look-down-blush-smile.
  • Fred blatantly kissing you in the middle of the corridor just to annoy people and to make sure everyone knows you’re his.
  • “God I love you, (Y/n).”
  • Molly loves you and thinks you’re the sweetest thing. She makes you a jumper with your initial on it and invites you over every holidays. She just loves you.
  • Ginny loves you as well because you’re like an older sister to her. She asks you to braid her hair. She sits in front of you and Fred sits behind you and it’s a little train (except Fred sort of just plays with your hair and kisses you occasionally.)
  • George is a little bit jealous. Even though you and him are really good friends, it’s hard having his twin brother find someone perfect for him while he’s alone.
  • Lots of tickle fights
  • Going to the Yule Ball with Fred. He doesn’t ask you at first because he just assumes you’ll go with him. You end up teasing him and saying he hasn’t asked you yet. He asks you and you say, “Hmmm. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it, weigh in my options.” Fred laughs and kisses you, “I’ll eagerly await your reply.”
  • Both of the twins are incredibly protective over you.
  • If you play Quidditch, you’re a Chaser. If you’re on their team, Fred and George fiercely protect you, but if you’re on the other team (maybe you’re a beater), it’s war. “Whoops sorry Honey didn’t see you there.” As a bludger goes sailing past your ear.
  • Joking and confusing people who don’t understand your relationship; Are you dating? Enemies? Friends?
  • Fred getting jealous at little things when he’s in a mood. You have to hold him back from getting in fights.
  • Fred asking you to marry him a week before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The two of you try and keep it secret until after their wedding so as not to not steal their thunder but Molly finds out and is so happy for the two of you. (George already knows)
  • Dancing at their wedding until your feet ache and your cheeks ache from smiling so much. 
  • After a few drinks Fred lets it slip to Ron that the two of you are engaged. Ron loudly exclaims “What!?”.
  • Fred loses you in the crowd and drunkenly screams “Where is my wife?!” Then everyone knows.
  • You and Fred end up getting married and Fred is just so happy he can’t stop smiling and he is running around excitedly telling everyone he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you. 


BTS Ships

I did this to show you all the ships in bts and because…im also very bored :p Starting with :

Minjoon/Nammin (Jimin x Namjoon)

One of the cutest ships i’ve ever seen tbh

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2seok (Jhope x Jin) 

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Sugamon (Suga x Rapmon) The height difference between them is so cute >.<

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Yoonkook (Suga x Jungkook)

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Namjin (Namjoon x Jin) Do not argue with me when I say this is one of the realest ships in bts.

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Vmon (V x Rapmon)

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Vmin (V and Jimin) <—— (Goals. Don’t argue with me)

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Vkook (V and Jungkook)

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Jikook (Jimin x Jungkook)

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Vhope (V nd Jhope) Another one of the cutest and dorkiest ship in bts

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Yoonmin (Yoongi x Jimin) The love hate though. The ship that will tease and pick on each other all day every day. *Jackson’s voice* ‘Cute’

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Jihope (Jimin x Jhope)

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Taejin (Taehyung x Jin) The ship that needs to come back from their vacation

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Taegi (Taehyung x Yoongi)

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Well damn, I didn’t think it’ll be this long and I think I left off a few too. Sorry for the long post though :-) <3

I can never relate to all those couple clichés: the same boring kiss every time they come home from work; the Facebook spam of baby photos; His & Hers mugs, pillows, toothbrushes, everything; the blueprints for future houses; the make-up/break-up sex. I couldn’t relate, for the longest time. It was the loneliest time.
What a cliché then, but also, how new. To lie next to her and hear her fall asleep. To order secret gifts for her because I know her well. To play games with her family and let them tease me all they want. To warm each other’s hands and complain of freezing legs. To read her texts sneakily during work, and beam whenever I get the chance to talk about her.
Everything happens so fast, yet it all makes sense. Joined Christmas cards, an album for all our cat pictures, exchanging house keys - Hers & Hers? I’m so ready, more ready than I’ve ever been. Because I’ve met this girl, and I swear this one’s for keeps.
Dating Bellamy Blake Would Include..

- Bed privileges in camp  

- Repeating what you say a lot because he was staring at your breasts 

- Not being able to leave camp without having to sneak out 

-Teasing him about how he’s a big softy with you 

- Kissing his shoulder from behind when he’s talking to someone about camp orders 

- Being secret nerds together 

- Both of you being jealous easily  

- Being friends with Octavia and supporting her relationship with Lincoln 

- You being there for Octavia in the Sky block when she was discovered shortly after you were arrested 

- Calming Bellamy so he wouldn’t kill anyone 

- Massages 

- Sex 

- Singing him to sleep when he was stressed 

- Being leader for a day when Bellamy is sick or too stressed to be working 

 - Rough sex 

- Teasing each other all day long before fucking each other’s brains out

- Lots of hickeys wherever they were visible for both of you 


when the interview mispronounced mood-maker as mood-makeup ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


I want to talk about this…

We all know they like teasing each other especially Mingyu, right? Minghao can be savage but he’s a really sweet guy (I love him so much)!! Minghao was the one who brought up the topic and proceeded to ask the fans about who’s darker (between DK and MG) and he was asking the fans to be honest. I mean, I actually noticed that Mingyu became much reserved after this (I mean, can we blame him? DK and Minghao kept roasting him). BUT!! Minghao then told him what does it matter if he’s dark? He’s still cool and handsome anyways.

Minghao talked about Mingyu’s insecurity but he immediately followed it up with a compliment and that he shouldn’t feel bad about it. That he should be confident about it! 😭 Then he ended it with a statement that it’s not a matter to be dealed with anymore. You can see that Mingyu looked really thankful because he heard these supportive words from his friend.

I mean, I noticed how Minghao focused more on his friends than himself even if it’s his birthday broadcast.

Xu Minghao is really precious and we must protect him at all costs!


-him treating you like his princess

-he’d try to be tough but your attention (at first) makes him blushy and shy

-but once he gets used to you, he’d be fiercely loyal and protective

-Greywind would follow you anywhere Robb couldent go with you, to make sure you were safe

-everyone would know who you are

-Robb would stare at you with complete adoration

-he’d play with your fingers under the table

-you’d help advise him on everything 

-horse back riding together

-he’d get you a new horse

-stolen kisses in deserted hallways

-he’d pamper you with clothes, jewelry, fine rugs, anything to see you smile

-staring deep in your eyes and stating he loves you, so there’s no question on how he feels

-teasing each other

-’my love’

-him getting you the most beautiful ring in all the lands for when you marry

-him actually having the sweetest most heart felt wedding vows ever

-complete love because he loves with all his heart


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She Always knew.

Fic Request: Stiles is off in Mexico on a guy’s trip helping Scott get over his break up with Kira. Lydia is in Beacon Hills missing her best friend Stiles. They text each other everyday during the trip (all the guys tease Stiles about it) The last day of the trip (the boys are partying on a beach) Stiles face times Lydia drunk and admits his feelings for her. He goes back to BH the next day and Lydia asks him if he meant what he said and they both admit they like each other and yea :)

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: mrtnlyds

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My thoughts on tops and bottoms in BTS

To be honest almost all of Bangtan would be considered both… they could either top or bottom or even be one of those ships that just flips almost all the time.

*this is my opinion*

Jeongguk: With him the fandom literally makes him out to be a top only. In my opinion I think it depends on who he’s shipped with… like with Taehyung they would be the type of ship to flip often. Them being close friends and all and teasing each other to the core there is no certain titles that they would go by. People tend to forget that he’s very reserved as well. For me he tops in Jikook but bottoms in Kookiemonster (Rapkook).

Taehyung: I seriously don’t get why in almost every ship he’s always played out to be a bottom that can’t ever top. When in reality when he’s on v lives and such he isn’t anything like how he’s written in fanfics. He’s often portrayed as this ditzy guy who acts childish in fanfics. Now I know TaeTae is playful but he is very smart as well and can be snarky I mean Jeongguk and him learn alot from one another XD. For me he could be a top and a bottom. I think he would top in Taegi… and Bottom in Vhope.

Jimin: Does anyone think this boy can power bottom because I sure think it’s possible ^^. Anyways with him I think for the most part he’s a bottom. Except for Vmin which are that one ship to practically flip.

Namjoon: for the most part in fanfiction he’s topping and it’s really hard for me to see him as a bottom but I’m open to anything for him.

Hoseok: the only ships I read with him are Vhope and sometimes Namseok. I’ve seen fics where he tops and ones where he’s a bottom and I have to say that he’s very well written in any way,shape or form.

Yoongi: I don’t understand the whole “he’s the cold one” and “ He tops in everything because it’s right” kind or arguments. I mean if your searching for bottom Yoongi you literally have to dig to find it. I think Yoongi is both a top and a bottom. It depends on who he’s shipped with. For me he tops in YoonMin and YoonJin, flips with Hoseok and bottoms to everyone else. But hey I’m alone on that one XD.

Seokjin: For the most part the most fanfics I read of him are NamJin (literally don’t know how someone can not ship it). I personally see him as a bottom but like I said with the others I’m open to just about anything with him.

Just hate stereotypes that some of the memebers have especially Yoongi’s I mean come on he’s very generous and caring.

It's weird how I feel like I know the Avengers cast, but in different ways

RDJ is the cool uncle that pulls pranks with you and hands you a 20 every time he visits

Tom Hid is the teacher you have a crush on but it’s kinda weird cause he’s your teacher

Chris E is the big brother who’s gonna protect you no matter what

Scarlett J is your kickass best friend that you’ve known forever

Tom Holland is the cute kid across the street

Fluffalo is the nerdy friend that tries to stop you from doing something dangerous but eventually he just goes along with it and you can talk to him about anything

Jeremy R is the sports coach who pushes you really hard but at the end of the day you’re buddies and tease each other all the time

I dunno about the rest yet this just came to me


“Hug, guys, hug! - Tighter!”

My opinion of popular Korean language learning resources and some tips

Talk to me in Korean: Some of their grammar explanations are very helpful, as well as their Iyagi series. I’d really recommend them for learning elementary~intermediate grammar. However, they use a lot of English and their content often isn’t serious enough (stock full of jokes that are not necessarily related to Korean at all, the hosts constantly teasing each other) and it can be cringe worthy and annoying. Would recommend but not as a prime resource. 

Koreanclass101: They have a lot of interesting features where you can actually track your lessons, record your pronunciation, use specific vocab lists for each lesson etc. But again, most of their lessons are filled with idle talking in English and come off as a bit cheesy. 

Livemocha: Livemocha is like a free version of Rosetta Stone with more community interaction. After each lesson, you must write from a prompt and record a paragraph which is given to you. It’s really cool that native speakers listen to and judge your pronunciation and correct your entries for free. However, the content is rather limited and doesn’t go to an advanced level (nor is it very practical content). Still, it tracks your progress and covers all aspects (listening-writing-reading-speaking) in every lesson. I’d still recommend if not just to get your pronunciation corrected personally.

Rosetta Stone: I’m not a believer in their products. Not for serious learners who want to reach a high level. No explanations for anything. Assumes adults learn like babies, which they don’t.

Quizlet: This is a website only for vocabulary, but I highly recommend it because you actually have to be able to recall the vocab instead of simply looking at it. Especially like the ‘learn’ tool. It may be a bit tedious to constantly input new terms and doesn’t necessarily help in long-term memory if you don’t put the vocab to use in another way. If anything, it will be tremendous help in practicing Korean typing.

Memrise: This is like Quizlet but with a more ‘scientific’ approach to help with long-term memory of vocabulary words. It keeps track of which words you need to review so you’re not forced to also shift through the words you already know. Their process can be a bit long and tedious for some people though. If you’re impatient, quizlet might be better. But as a whole it is a more structured way to learn vocab and I’d recommend it.

Lang-8: This is one of my favorites because it’s pretty unknown to the western world despite how useful it is. It’s not really a learning website; just a tool where you can write anything in your target languages and native speakers will correct it for you for free. I’ve even had people correct parts of my school assignments on this website. The community there is nice and helpful and there are lots of Koreans willing to correct your entries quickly. Recommended for people who are self-motivated in writing entries. Not particularly helpful for low-level learners. ALSO a lot of native learners writing english posts include the Koreans translation so you can study off of that.


1. There is no reason you should pay to learn Korean on the internet. If millions of free resources are not enough motivation for you and you’re too lazy to study without strict online lessons telling you how to do everything, you might not be motivated enough to learn a language. 

2. NEVER use google translate. Naver english dictionary is the best, closely followed by daum. 

3. If your motivation for learning Korean is to understand TV shows or music without subtitles, you’re probably underestimating how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Waiting a week for some subtitles to come out on your favorite drama is exponentially easier than dedicating thousands of tedious hours to your life to learning a language. Language learning should not be fun and it should not be easy. But there’s nothing wrong with having a hobby and exercising your brain. 

4. Do not blindly trust Korean language learning tumblr blogs. Especially the ones with very light content that use lots of pretty graphics and have hardly any non-reblogged content. I have seen SO MANY spelling errors, incorrect vocabulary, and tons of other things that are just straight-up wrong and made by people who don’t know what they’re doing. 

5. Nothing will stick if you don’t make an effort to use it yourself.

6. Use penpal sites to interact with Koreans in Korea. Chat with people on kakao talk. A lot of nice people will help you learn.

7. Whenever you watch anything with subtitles, take notes on how things were translated. I would recommend you look for Korean subs every time you want to watch a movie in your native language. Also, most TED talks have Korean subs!! Watch some!!

8. There are apps you can download that stream Korean radio. Turn them on while you’re doing something else or when you go to sleep at night. Even if you’re a beginner and can’t understand what is being said, it helps to acclimate yourself to the flow and pronunciation of the language. 


- Spending hours cuddling on the couch.

- Playing with his hair a lot.

- Him smirking whenever he catches you checking him out.

- Neck kisses.

- Teasing each other at all the time.

- A LOT of sex.

- Always protecting each other no matter what.

- Calling each other random nicknames.

-  Forehead kisses.

- Laughing at jokes he tells you.

- Watching movies together and stealing popcorn from each other.

- “I love you loser”.

- “Love you more babe”.