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Birthday Celebration

Summary: It’s your birthday, and Kira and Malia are determined to make the best of it. 

Pairings: Kira x Reader, Malia x Reader, Kira x Reader x Malia

Warnings: lesbian threesome, oral (female to female), face-sitting, spanking, strap-on goodness, birthday sex

A/N: This is a gift to my lovely friend, Mar, who mentioned how much she would love to be in a threesome with Kira and Malia. I’m certain she isn’t the only one, so I wrote this for her - and for anyone else with that fantasy.

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Just Sorry? (Chapter 2/??) (M)

Summary: The Seven Boys throw a party to welcome back Jackson and Jaebum to the Mansion. You decide to tease both boys by flirting with their guests but neither of them are too please

Chapter 1: (x)

Warning: Smut ahead, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Explicit Language, Threesome later on.

Word Count: 2044 

Your nails dug into the soft threads of the carpet beneath you. Hearing Jackson’s question, you already knew the activities planned for you were not going to be for your benefit tonight. Then again, to go against the Seven Boy’s rules would always end up with a punishment. No excuses were allowed. Either you obeyed or they’d find another way to make you regret your decisions. Nodding your head at Jackson’s request, you kept your gaze on Jaebum, once again thanking the heavens the younger was doing the reprimands instead of him.

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The Christmas We Never Had [Part 10/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive themes, sexual references, explicit language

Word Count: 972

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You didn’t want to wake up, at least not anytime soon. Steve had you wrapped up in his arms, your head resting comfortably in the space between his neck and shoulder, and your legs loosely tangled together. You nuzzled closer to him and lightly traced patterns onto his side with your index finger when you felt him breathe deeply before returning to his slumber. You could get used to a life like this. Turning your head, you pressed brushed your lips against his arm that you were currently using as a pillow. His arm twitched and a wicked smirk suddenly appeared on your face. Barely 8AM and you were already planning something.

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