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Looks like I got tagged by @verthantea.

So here we go!

Nickname: Nate, Maddie
Star sign: Aries
Gender: Male
Height: 5′9″
Time & Date: 7:25 pm PST June 4th, 2015
Average amount of sleep: I have pretty bad insomnia, so it varies from 5-9 every night.
Lucky Number: Uh…I don’t think I have one?
Last thing I googled: I don’t usually google things? I usually just use wikipedia. So the last thing I wikipedia’d was MILLION DOLLAR LEGS….what?! It’s a comedy from 1932!!
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
Fav fictional characters: Ha-ha! I’ve actually already answered this question in great detail over here.
Fav books: That’s a tough one. Can I just list my favorite books that I’ve read so far this year? They’d be Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street and Thorton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey.
Fav musician: Oh man, my musical tastes change all the time. There’s very little that I won’t listen to, y’know? But recently I’ve been going on a Modest Mouse and Primus binge.
Last movie I saw in the cinema:
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Opening night, baby!!
Dream Holiday:
Actually…verthantea’s dream holiday in a cabin in the woods sounds really nice……
Dream Job:
Writer. Of what? Whatever I want. I would love to write novels, comics, film reviews, academic essays on cinema. I just want to be able to make my living with my words.

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Got tagged by teasidesketches

Name: Nathanael

Nickname: Nate or Maddie (if you’re from /co/)

Birthday: April 13

Star Sign: Aries

Gender: Male

Height: 5′9″

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Average Hrs of Sleep: 5-7

Lucky Number: Don’t really have one

Last Thing Googled: Fast ways to make money in GTAV

First Word That Comes to Mind: Aardvark

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under?: Just one. Any more and the Florida heat would smother me.

Favorite Famous Person: Humphrey Bogart

Favorite anime(s): Trigun

Favorite Musician/Band(s): Uh…at the moment? The Wu-Tang clan.

Favorite Game(s): Don’t make me CHOOSE!!

Last Movie Seen in Cinema: A WALK IN THE WOODS. It was for a film review.

Dream Holiday: The mountains.

Dream Job: Film critic and/or comic book writer

Wearing Right Now: T-shirt and shirts.

Last Book I Read (or rather am currently reading): I’m currently working my way through a collection of Anton Chekhov short stories.