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I’m a little emotionally worn, so I’m going to shut off the internet in favor of some peaceful editing. But here’s an excerpt before I do. 

The frigid mountain wind whipped about the strands of hair that had fallen from Vasha’s braid. He surveyed the door. In any other environment, it would have long rotted away, but in the dry cold above the tree-line, it managed to endure. He gave it a heavy push and it opened with a creak.

At least I something’s gone right today.

Suuki brushed past him, strutting into the room beyond. “I would not be surprised if Ilya’s incessant bouncing is what slides the rest of this forsaken place off the cliff side,” she muttered, taking each step as though the ground might give way under her feet.

Ilya opened his mouth to object, but Vasha grabbed the top of his head and rustled his hair. “It’s been here this long, I don’t think even my brother could knock it down.” He glanced at Suuki, his eyes purposefully narrowed. “But watch him. You can never be too sure.”


Aaaand this is why Netflix is amazing. 

10 Minutes of Infinite Teaser Earporn Glory
  • 10 Minutes of Infinite Teaser Earporn Glory

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 “世界からヴィクトルを奪った男・勝生勇利”が挑むグランプリシリーズ中国大会! 興奮が止まらない勇利を見て焦り出す選手たち……!!


Episode 6 teaser

Title of article:
Yuri shows the world the love he fostered with Victor. As Yuri’s fever spreads to those around him, how does Victor react?


The man who stole Victor from the rest of the world, Yuri Katsuki, takes on the Grand Prix Series preliminary in China! When the other athletes see Yuri and his burning passion**, they can’t stay calm….

When Victor sees a side of Yuri he’s never seen before….

(oooohhh I can’t wait. Is he blushing in the pic above? Other skaters better back off, Yuri is taken.)





…is a word for excitement that is often also used to mean turned on. They could have said wakuwaku, but no, they chose the word “turned on”

A closer translation is “Yuri’s excitement that just won’t stop”